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Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel has so much power that most users never take the time to learn. I realize there are numerous features that are not needed by most users. Still, most people limit themselves by not taking advantage of what Excel has to offer.   

Our Personal page has a fantastic calculator  that is free. It will compute mortgages, auto loans, savings, and credit card.

Microsoft Excel Books

A search on Amazon for Microsoft Excel books today yielded 1040 to choose from. Which one is the best one for you? I have generated the list below to help you decide.   

I have divided the Microsoft Excel section into the following categories: general, development, specialty

General Excel Books - This section should cover most peoples needs. I have included three types here: graphical, reference, intermediate. The graphical book includes lots of pictures for beginning users. The reference book will cover most general functions that Excel offers. The intermediate books begin to unleash the power of Excel that most users are oblivious to.
Beginning to Intermediate
Intermediate to Advanced  

Excel Development - These books are for if you want to automate procedures. The techniques learned in these books translate seamlessly to other software programs such as Microsoft Access and Visual Basic.
VBA / Power Programming

Excel Specialty - There are various books that are specific to a profession. I find these to be complements to a solid reference book not a replacement. Often these books are designed as much or more to teach the related topic as opposed to Microsoft Excel. 
Finance / Business
Statistics / Math 
Chemistry / Science

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Beginner

General Books - Beginners to Intermediate

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Easy

Microsoft_Excel_Easy_2000Easy Microsoft Excel 2000
by Nancy Price Warner
Publisher: Que

Paperback: 209 pages
A color packed and highly visual approach to learning Excel. This book covers the basics, 130 topics covered. 
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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Bible

Microsoft_Excel_Bible 2000Excel 2002 Bible
by John Walkenbach, Brian Underdahl
Hungry Minds 

Paperback: 936 pages
The author John Walkenbach is superb. If you looking for a comprehensive Microsoft Excel resource this is the one to get. 
Order / Info  Amazon  or Excel Bible 2000

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Intermediate to Advanced

General Books - Intermediate - Advanced

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Formulas

Excel 2002 FormulasMicrosoft Excel 2002 Formulas
by John Walkenbach
Publisher: Hungry Minds, Inc

Excel 2002 formulas by John Walkenbach is the best book on Microsoft Excel that I have seen that is of a general nature. If I had to have only one book on Microsoft Excel this is the one. This book covers a lot of specialty topics that whole books are devoted. It is intermediate level so it is helpful to either have some background in Excel or be able pick up on software quickly. The CD has great ready to use templates  and make the learning easy. 
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Amazon   or   Excel 2000 Formulas Microsoft Excel 2000 Formulas

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Functions

Excel 2000 FuncitionsMicrosoft Excel 2000 Functions in Practice
by Patrick Blattner
Publisher: Que

Paperback: 350 pages
This is a well organized solid reference book. This book covers many of the same topics as Microsoft Excel 2002 Formulas, though less well. I have both of the books and keep one in the office and the other at home. 
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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - MOUS - Microsoft Office User Specialist


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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - (MOUS) Microsoft Office User Specialist

MOUS_Prentice_Microsoft_ExcelPrentice Hall MOUS Test Preparation Guide
by Emily Ketcham, Carolyn Monroe
Publisher: Prentice Hall College Div

Paperback: 431 pages
A great guide for those who want to take the Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS).
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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Charts


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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - (MOUS) Microsoft Office User Specialist

Microsoft Excel ChartsExcel Charts
by John Walkenbach
Publisher: Jossey-Bass (Wiley), 2002,

Paperback: 518 pages

Target Reader:
This book is intended for intermediate to advanced users who want to master Excel's charting feature.

Comments: This book starts with the basics of chart-making, and ends up with extensive coverage of creating charts with VBA. In the process, you'll find hundreds of useful examples, and learn insider tips and techniques that will enable you to make Excel do things you may not have thought possible. 

CD-ROM Contents:
More than 150 example workbooks
An electronic (PDF) version of the book
A gallery of more than 250 charts (in the form of GIF files)
Four add-ins written by the author
"Bonus material" 

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - VBA and Power Programming

VBA / Power Programming

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Power Programming

Power_Programming_with_VBA_Microsoft_ExcelM. Excel 2002 Power Programming with VBA
 by John Walkenbach
Publisher: Hungry Minds 

Paperback: 869 pages
A guide to Microsoft Excel application development an task automation by
renowned spreadsheet authority John Walkenbach.  Order / Info  Amazon  or  Excel 2000 Power Programming  

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Model for automation

VBA_for_Modelers_Microsoft_ExcelVBA for Modelers: Developing Decision Support Systems Using Microsoft) Excel
by S. Christian Albright / Publisher: Duxbury Press

Paperback: 576 pages
A fairly thorough well organized book for those looking to learn Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) with an emphasis on Microsoft Excel.
Order / Info  Amazon  

Beginnings - Allman Brothers Band

Excel 2002 Visual BasicMicrosoft Excel 2002 Visual Basic for Applications Step by Step
by Reed Jacobson / Publisher: Microsoft Press

Paperback: 386 pages
A guide aimed at beginners in an easy to follow format. 
Order / Info  Amazon  

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Finance and Business

Finance / Business

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Finance Models

Advanced_Modeling_in_Finance_Microsoft_ExcelAdvanced modeling in finance using Excel and VBA by Mary Jackson, Mike Staunton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons   

Hardcover: 276 pages
An outstanding specialty book for financial professional.  The topics cover equities, options, and bonds. The book includes instructions on how to use Excel macros and  VBA techniques.
Order / Info  Amazon  

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Finance Models Investments

Financial_Modeling with Microsoft ExcelFinancial Modeling
by Simon Benninga, Benjamin Czaczkes
Publisher: MIT Press   

Hardcover: 640 pages
This book combines finance, Excel functions, and VBA programming.
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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - MBA Guide - Investment Models

MBA Guide to Microsoft ExcelMBA's Guide to Microsoft Excel 2002
by Stephen L. Nelson, David B. Maguiness
Publisher: Redmond Technology

Hardcover: 624 pages
This book combines business concepts with Intermediate Excel concepts. 
Order / Info  Amazon  

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Math and Statisitcs

Statistics / Math 

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Statisitics

Business Statistics with Microsft ExcelA Microsoft Excel Companion for Business Statistics by David L. Eldredge, Ken Business
Publisher: South-Western College Publishing 

Paperback: 288 pages
An Excel specialty book on statistics.
Order / Info Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Statisitcs

Statistics with Microsft ExcelStatistics With Microsoft Excel
by Beverly Jean Dretzke, Kenneth A. Heilman
Publisher: Prentice Hall

Paperback: 164 pages
An Excel specialty book on statistics that assumes you already know statistics and are looking to see how to apply it to Excel. 
Order / Info Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Applied Math

Applied_Math_with_ExcelApplied Mathematics with Microsoft Excel
by Chester Piascik
Brooks/Cole Pub Co

Paperback: 150 pages
Designed as a supplement to any combined Finite Mathematics/Applied Calculus course.  
Order / Info Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Data Analysis

Data_Analysis_with_ExcelData Analysis and Decision Making with M. Excel by S. C. Albright, W.L. Winston, C. Zappe
Publisher: Duxbury Press

Paperback: 1024 pages
A comprehensive resourse for 
Order / Info Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Chemistry and Science

Chemistry and Science

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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - For Engineers and Scientists

Excel_for_Engineers_and_ScientistsExcel for Engineers and Scientists
by Sylvan Charles Bloch
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Paperback: 280 pages
A specialty book for engineers and scientists using Microsoft Excel advanced techniques.
Order / Info Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Engineers and Scientists

Applied_Statistics_for_Engineers_and_Scientists_ExcelApplied Statistics For Engineers and Scientists
by David M. Levine, Patricia P. Ramsey, R K. Smidt
Publisher: Prentice Hall

Paperback: 625 pages
A specialty book for engineers and scientists using Microsoft Excel's advanced techniques.
Order / Info  Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Chemistry

Excel for ChemistsExcel for Chemists: A Comprehensive Guide
by E. Joseph Billo
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Paperback: 512 pages
This book covers a lot more basic Excel functions than most niche books that may be valuable if you do not have a reference guide. 
Order / Info  Amazon 

Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Foodservice


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Buy Microsoft Excel Books - Foodservice Cost Control

Foodservice_Cost_Control_ExcelFoodservice Cost Control Using M.  Excel
by Warren Sackler, Samuel R. Trapani
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Paperback: 256 pages
A specialty book for food service professional using Microsoft Excel. 
Order / Info  Amazon 

Microsoft Excel  -  related web sites

Excel Web-Sites 

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Microsoft Their official Microsoft Excel web-site.  
John Walkenbach John Walkenbach's books on Excel are my favorite. Especially Excel Formulas. Therefore, it is no surprise to find his web-site on my list.
Excel FAQ This has a lot of information and many very good Excel links and user group references.
addinsoft This firm has add in utilities for statistical and data analysis, XLSTAT, and they can customize programs too.
Matt Evan's Finance Page This page has many good templates and resources.  
Johnís Finance page He has some very good financial solutions using Excel.
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