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Computer resources

Computer Software
Our site analyzes select software topics. We give suggestions and recommendations of some of the best books, web-sites, and other valuable resources related to each category. 

We have currently cover the following subjects. 

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Computer software is an invaluable tool for the office. It is undeniable that an electric hammer decreases the time it takes and improves the results of shingling a roof as opposed to tackling the same job with a regular hammer. Similarly, a spreadsheet is a much more effective tool than a calculator and a word processor is much more productive than a typewriter.  Effective implementation of the right software tool increases your speed, reduces the number of errors, and gives you better results. This is true whether you are a data entry processor, administrative assistant, accountant, or chief executive officer. 

You'll benefit immensely by knowing what the different software packages are capable of. Knowledge on a basic level will enable you to decipher which tool or software package is best suited for a specific job. To get to higher skill levels you must put forth more effort than most people are willing to.  

What is the advantage of being an expert at generic software packages? You will be able to achieve better results in less time. When you learn the power and capabilities of a program like Microsoft Excel you'll even come of with real business solutions that you didn't know existed. If you are self-employed this will translate into a better-run business to free up more time to work on other endeavors or perhaps spending more time with your family and friends. If you work for a company you will be in a position to turn in exceptional, or at least better than average work that will give you in edge in receiving promotions and generous company bonuses.

Why study software 

I have come across users of different skill levels of software and most can be grouped into three categories. The first are software users that are satisfied knowing barely enough to get by. They believe if they need to know more that their employer will teach them. Others may have taken a course or two and know a few tricks, but they do not really understand the power of the product. The last group read books and perhaps has taken courses and they put forth effort to being better than capable users. Which camp do you fall into? Where do you want to be? To get to higher skill levels you must put forth more effort than most people are willing to.

You can learn software by taking a course or exclusively by reading. Either way, there is no substitute for having a solid guidebook.  You do not read software books like a novel from cover to cover; they are reference books. So how do you know the inside contents?  You need to skim through them and be able to visualize the potential. Then, when issues arise you will know which tool to use and you simply pick up the reference book and follow the steps.

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