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Personal Finance - Investment - Web Sites

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Personal Finance - Investment - Web Sites

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Personal Finance - Investment - Web Sites

Personal Finance / Investment Links

We have compiled a list of Investment related web sites and resources for you. Our intention is not to have a comprehensive list, rather a carefully selected one. We have broken down our list by category, though, some  may fall under more than one group and may be listed twice.

Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds

Personal Finance - Investment -  All Star Web Sites

Personal Finance - Investment -  Taxes

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IRS A great site for tax information. 
Tax Software Order tax software at Amazon
Yahoo's Tax section

Yahoo has a well organized section for taxes.

Bloomberg Bloomberg has a good tax resource section.
Nolo Nolo is a resource for Law in general that includes a tax law section.
Fairmark Press Fairmark Press is an outstanding resource of reference guides, current events, and more.
Personal Finance - Investment -  Business News Web Sites
Business News

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Certainly there are several different vehicles for keeping up with business news whether by newspaper, radio, the internet, television or other means. Not surprising many great newspapers and radio hosts also have quality content on their  web sites. As a result several organizations are listed in more than one category. 

We have some suggestions for getting business in the following groups: newspapers, radio, and internet.

Personal Finance - Investment -  Newspapers

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Even in the internet age newspapers are still a great place to get business news. 



Barron's comes out weekly and is available on Saturday's wrapping up the past weeks activities.  One nice thing about a weekly publication is that they bring together the most important stories saving a lot of time if you had to do it yourself. 

The publication has four sections. The magazine is the main portion; it includes editorials, numerous featured columns, and many in depth stories with analysis too detailed for a daily paper. The other sections are superb too, they  include a Market Review, Mutual Funds, and Technology.

Wall Street Journal This daily newspaper publishes the latest in news from the business and finance world. Additionally, it strives to connect current domestic and international news events to business fluctuations and market changes. 

New York Times

The New York Times does a superb job with world events, major national news, in addition to having an outstanding business section.  
Personal Finance - Investment -  Business News Radio

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Money Talk The starship Money Talk has been on the air since the late 1980's preaching solid investment principles. It airs live each Saturday and Sunday from 4:00 to 7:00 eastern time. Check their web-site for program listings. The number to call into to the program is (800) 934-2221.
Personal Finance - Investment -  Newsletters

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Newsletters can be a source of obtaining specific investment recommendations. Most other means provide general information. We do not plan to analyze newsletter writers, Hulbert Digest does that quite well, but we have a few comments about a few that we are familiar with. 

Most newsletters will send you a sample of their work that you can request and analyze prior to subscribing.

Hulbert Digest This newsletter rates the performance of newsletter writers. Before subscribing to any newsletter it may be worth your while to check Hulbert's Digest analysis of it. This is part of the CBS Market Watch web site. It includes contact information for the letters that they analyze, in case you want to request a sample or get further information. 
Bob Brinker's Marketimer Bob Brinker's Marketimer has four easy to implement portfolios including the active/passive approach. Their recommendations do not require much activity from their subscribers. Their main objective is to stay out of major bear markets and participate in major bull markets. 

Bob Brinker called an end to the bull market in their January 2000 newsletter and recommended significant cash holdings at that time, 60%. In mid-March 2003 they went back into the market. Two truly outstanding calls! In-between there was a incorrect call made on a  trade in the QQQ with a portion of the cash reserves.  

Overall, Bob Brinker has done superb work projecting market directions.  

California Technology Stock Letter

Michael Murphy's CTSL newsletter IMO is for aggressive active investors. It focuses on the technology and biotech sectors as well as the overall economy. They do provide very insightful analysis into industry trends. Even if you do not follow their security recommendations the industry background and analysis they provide is superb. 
Personal Finance - Investment -  Mutual Fund web sites
Mutual Funds

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Mutual Funds are effective way to invest. The sites below can provide information on analyzing specific funds, constructing intelligent portfolios, presenting educational pieces, and more.
Mutual Fund Education Alliance The Mutual Fund Education Alliance™ is the not-for-profit trade association of the no-load mutual fund industry. Since 1971 the Alliance has been helping investors understand mutual funds and the benefits of long-term investing.
Morningstar They have risk statistics and performance for practically every mutual fund. They also include articles about the industry. Plug some asset numbers and let them x-ray your portfolio. Their subscription services are worth considering.  
Personal Finance - Investment -  brokerage accounts
Brokerage Accounts

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We have our personal favorite brokerage houses, but the industry changes so rapidly in terms of services and fees that specific recommendations are better suited to a major newspaper or magazine publication. Many provide annual survey's; Barron's has a good one that is usually published in March. 

Also, our criteria may be different than yours. What is important to you, costs, execution efficiency, mutual fund selection, quality research, a good web site? Do you prefer to deal with different companies for a taxable account and your IRA so that you have available the resources of two different companies, or do you prefer to have access to both of your accounts on one web site and with one phone call? Do you want your banking to be linked to your brokerage account? Is a blue chip brand name important? How comfortable are you making your own decisions? Perhaps you prefer to keep your account(s) directly with a mutual fund company.

With so many questions that we do not have the answers to you can see why we hesitate to make specific recommendations. We hope the list of questions above help you determine what criteria is important to you in selecting a brokerage house to work with. 

Gomez advisor They provide scorecards on full service brokerage, discount brokerage, banks, credit cards and more. 
Personal Finance - Investment -  Economic News Web Sites

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The pulse of the nation.
American Institute for Economic Research An independent non profit research and education organization. 
Bureau of Labor Statistics The government agencies page.
The Beige Book As published by the Federal Reserve. The Beige Book provides commentary on current economic conditions by the individual Federal Reserve Districts. 
SEC The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission has lots of good information. They have lots of data in the company filings for stock research.  
Personal Finance - Investment -  Exchange Traded Funds
Exchange Traded Funds

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Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) have been around since 1993, though they have become more popular in recent years. 
AMEX ETF's trade on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX), here is their web site.
IShares A product of Barclay's.  They have issued an ETF for many indexes. In our view too many as there are redundancies.  Check the asset base and trading volume of the fund.  
Morningstar This is Morningstar's page on Exchange Traded Funds; they provide links to many related ETF  sites.
Other ETF website's: Rydex | State Street Global Advisors | Vanguard | Power  Shares

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Also be aware of the quality of your bonds and don't be too quick to chase the yields.  After all, the extra yield is given because you take extra risk, typically because of credit quality, not because the issuer is nice..   
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A world-class customer experience with hands-on advice from loan consultants
Real Estate

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Below are some of recommended links from Money Magazines June 2006 cover story. - House values
- To find a realtor
- Views of neighborhoods.


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Also be aware of the quality of your bonds and don't be too quick to chase the yields.  After all, the extra yield is given because you take extra risk, typically because of credit quality, not because the issuer is nice.
Investing in Bonds Want to learn about bonds? is a a well done site.
Treasury Direct This is a valuable resource to learn of different treasury products, release dates, and how to establish an account.
All About Savings Bonds A resource for savings bonds, which provides further links.
Exchange Traded Funds Barclay's has issued some ETF's for a few types of bonds.  As of this writing, there are four options, and each have a low 15 basis points expense ratio.  
Personal Finance - Investment -  Business News Radio

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Below is an assortment of various resources for further learning.

Wall Street Journal and Barron's Online 

The online version of The Wall Street Journal / Barron's is not free, but is quite reasonable in price.  A subscription includes:
Full text of The Wall Street Journal, plus breaking news throughout the day
Customized news and portfolio tracker
In-depth searching of Journal archives
Exclusive access to Barron's online, comprehensive company information
Start-up kit and mouse pad mailed to new subscribers
New York Times The New York Times does a superb job with world events, major national news, in addition to having an outstanding business section.  You need to register, it's free.
Prime Rate The current prime rate and more.
IRA article Some lesser known IRA facts revealed.
Rob Black Rob Black who previously hosted the defunct radio program Stock Talk and now is on the KRON staff, a San Francisco television station.  Rob writes a solid summary of the day's events on his web page and has an archive worth checking out. 
Investor Words Definitions of investment terms.
IRAHelp Lots of information on IRA's.
Investopedia Resource for learning about investing with topics including both basics and advanced subjects.
Foundation for Investor Education Investor information
FDIC To find out about bank deposit insurance.
Focus Investing A website that focuses on the concept on focus investing. 
Market Screens Market Screens is a good source for technical market information. 
Efficient frontier Wise investors respect and understand risk. There are  some good articles to read here. This is William Bernstein's site, author of The Intelligent Asset Allocator and The Four Pillars of Investing  
William Sharpe Stanford professor; developer of the sharpe ratio and one of the originators of the Capital Asset Pricing Model theory.
Inflation data  Historical information on inflation and more.
research-finance An assortment of academic articles.
Retirement Planning Retirement-4-U is a retirement planning, analysis and forecasting company offering individual retirement information that will benefit you for a lifetime. Each retirement plan is tailored ...
Saving for College A good site for 529 plans.  
moneychimp They have information on investment basics, risk, and more.  A easy site to find your way through. 
College Savings Sponsored by the college Savings Plan Network
Personal Finance - Investment -  Miscellaneous Web Sites

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Estate Planning

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Net Planning A network of Estate Planning attorneys
NAEPC Search for an accredited estate planner from the The National Network of Estate Planners and Counselors. 
Nolo If you want to lay the groundwork for your estate planning, Nolo is a great starting point. 
Personal Finance - Investment -  Miscellaneous Web Sites
Health Savings Accounts
Article Link An article from a local paper from 11/21/04

Personal Finance - Investment -   Web Sites

The Ultimate Internet

Personal Finance - Investment -   Web Sites


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