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Yes discography and album reviews


YesThe Yes Album


Yes FragileYes - Close To The edge

Yes discography and album reviews

Yes reviews

Below is information of some of their latest releases and some reviews. Stop back for more Yes reviews.

The Word Is Live
Song From Tsonga
Yes (debut)
Time and a Word
The Yes Album
Going For the One

Songs from Tsongas

Yes discography and album reviews
The Word is Live
Yes discography and album reviews
The three-CD set from Rhino Records of live selections spanning the band's history spanning 1970-1988 containing almost four hours of live performances. 

Press Release
LOS ANGELES -- One of the most successful rock bands in history unleashes almost four hours of unreleased live performances that span nearly two decades as Rhino Records releases Yes' THE WORD IS LIVE, a three-disc set. 

This 26-track collection follows Yes' evolving sound from early performances of "Then" and "For Everyone," recorded in 1970 on John Peel's Sunday BBC Program (the only previously issued tracks included in this compilation), to several songs recorded in 1988 at the Summit in Houston including a superb medley that features "Make It Easy" and "Owner Of A Lonely Heart." 

THE WORD IS LIVE also spotlights the different incarnations of Yes from 1970-1988, with performances from the original lineup of singer Jon Anderson, bassist Chris Squire, drummer Bill Bruford, keyboardist Tony Kaye and guitarist Peter Banks, as well as songs that feature guitarist Steve Howe, keyboardist Rick Wakeman, drummer Alan White, keyboardist Patrick Moraz, vocalist Trevor Horn, keyboardist Geoff Downes and guitarist Trevor Rabin. 

THE WORD IS LIVE captures rock's preeminent live band in full stride as they gallop through concert staples "Yours Is No Disgrace" and "I've Seen All Good People," performed at the Crystal Palace Bowl in London in 1971; a euphoric 18-minute version of "Awaken" at Chicago's International Amphitheater in 1979, as well as "The Big Medley," recorded in 1978 at The Forum in Los Angeles, which gives each virtuoso member a turn in the spotlight. 

Also included is an elaborate booklet featuring rare photos, an essay by bassist Greg Lake of Emerson, Lake & Palmer, recollections from friends and fans about their favorite Yes concerts (including Mike Tiano, who manages Yes' Web site, and author and Yes expert Bill Martin), as well as heartfelt tributes by Red Hot Chili Peppers' John Frusciante, Rush's Geddy Lee, Matthew Sweet, Duncan Sheik, The Posies' Joe Skyward and the Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins. 

Founded by Anderson, Squire and Bruford in 1968, Yes has been a dominant force in rock music for more than three decades, and has created some of rock's most enduring and compelling hits. To date, the band has sold more than 30 million albums worldwide, and was recently honored with Rhino/Elektra's career-spanning five-CD boxed set, In A Word: Yes (1969 - ). 

These three live discs are sure to be welcomed by Yes' huge international following, as well as providing newcomers the perfect introduction to one of rock's most electrifying live bands. 
*All material previously un-issued except Tracks 1-2 on Disc 1 (historic recordings taped at the BBC on March 12, 1970). 
*Disc 1 highlights also include "Astral Traveller" recorded in 1971 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and "I've Seen All Good People" captured live at London's Crystal Palace Bowl, also '71. 
*Disc 2 kicks off with three tracks from a 1976 concert at Detroit's Cobo Hall including "Apocalypse" and "Siberian Khatru." 
Plus a 25-plus-minute medley from the Los Angeles Forum, 1978, including "Time And A Word," "Long Distance Runaround," "Survival," "The Fish," "Perpetual Change," and "Soon." 
*Disc 3 opens with epic versions of "Heart Of The Sunrise" (Oakland, 1978) and "Awaken" (Chicago, 1979). 

The Word Is Live
Yes discography and album reviews
Songs from Tsonga - 35th Anniversary Concert
Yes discography and album reviews
Release Date Aug. 9

I watched the first disc so far. It is quite good. There is some material I've never seen live. Really thrilling is "South Side of the Sky." In fact beginning with "Mind Drive" to conclude the set the band really smokes. The closer, "Yours Is No Disgrace" does not disappoint. We'll have more details later.

Filmed in May of 2004, the classic YES line-up of Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire, Rick Wakeman and Alan White joined forces once again to celebrate their historic 35 years of creating music and memories together. With songs spanning their career, this magical show features many great classics performed as only this inimitable band can. Featuring a brand-new stage design by legendary designer and long-time Yes collaborator Roger Dean, this historic event harkens back to the epic stage shows of Yes's past and brings the band full circle once again, solidifying their role as one of Rock and Roll's most legendary bands. 

Songs include
Disc 1 - Going For The One, Sweet Dreams, Your Move (All Good People), Mind Drive, Part 1 and 2, South Side of the Sky, Turn of The Century, My Eyes/Mind Drive Part 3, Yours is No Disgrace
Disc 2 - Runaround, Wonderous Stories, Time Is Time, Roundabout, Show Me, Owner of A Lonely Heart, Rhythm of Love, And You and I, Ritual, Every Little Thing, Starship Trooper

2-Disc Set; Behind the Scenes "Making of" footage of the tour, filmed in Yakima WA with special interviews with the band and Roger Dean.

Songs from Tsonga
Yes discography and album reviews
Yes discography and album reviews
The release date may change with the delay of Songs of Tsonga.

The legendary Yes line-up of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Trevor Rabin, Alan White and Tony Kaye performs in this landmark concert that's become a home video favorite, now on DVD for the first time! Directed by critically hailed award-winner Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's Eleven, Traffic, Erin Brokovich, sex lies and videotape) just before his launch to fame, this stylish, song-filled tribute to the most enduring and popular name in progressive rock is a timeless music treasure. Songs include: Cinema, Leave It, Hold On, I've Seen All Good People, Changes, Owner of a Lonely Heart, It Can Happen, City of Love, Starship Trooper. GRAMMYŤ Winner for Best Long Form Video! New Director's Cut with Extra Songs!

Yes discography and album reviews
Time and a Word
Yes discography and album reviews

Looking back at Yes' first two albums after the fact make an interesting journey. Obviously, the only reason we are listening to these albums is due to the success of their latter material and looking for additional brilliance. Do they deliver the magic? 

The albums offer beautiful lead vocals and an amazing rhythm section that shines at times. Any fans of Chris Squire's bass playing and John Anderson's singing will find plenty to enjoy within these albums. The rest of the band is solid too, and Yes' first two albums are worthy of consideration of purchase, though they are hardly essential. 

While there are two other releases of early Yes material, a greatest hits and live effort, we would suggest one of their studio albums or both, as the sonic quality of the remastering is excellent. Of them, we prefer the first album much more as the use of symphony used on the second album is more often distracting than pleasing.

Yes discography and album reviews
The Yes Album
Yes discography and album reviews
The Yes AlbumThe Yes Album is a classic. You know an album is stunning when their live album, Yessongs, includes four of the six songs from this album, and that is after they released two more studio albums. Those tracks are "A Venture," which is a good song. It is relatively short and offers a jazz feel to the ending instrumental primarily led by a piano. You get the feeling that the groove could be a superb jamming vehicle with Tony Kaye and Steve trading solos, we can always dream! The other is the acoustic masterpiece, "The Clap," but his other acoustic piece "Mood For a Day" was included.

One of the aspects of the songwriting is their brilliant use of acoustic guitar within the compositions such as the "Disillusion" section of "Starship Trooper" and "I've Seen All Good People" before the electric closing section. Flawless. 

The remastered version offers three bonus tracks. Of them, only the previously unreleased version of "The Clap" adds value. Several parts are different from the rendition that appeared on the album. The generous booklet has great rare photos, lyrics, history, full credits.

The Yes Album is the first with Steve Howe and the beginning of their glory days. It is my personal favorite studio album by Yes.
The Yes Album
Yes discography and album reviews
Going for The One
Yes discography and album reviews
The reissued release of Going For The One includes a ton of bonus material bringing the combined playing time to close to its maximum capacity of 80 minutes. We'll examine the original album and bonus material separately.

The Going For The One album brought the return of Rick Wakeman back to the band and his contributions are numerous. The album has five tracks with a huge opening and closing track and is packed with great compositions, dynamics, and musical interplay throughout.

Fans of Steve Howe will not be disappointed. He is brilliant throughout; soaring on steel guitar on "Going For The One," and adding nice acoustic phrases to "Turn of the Century." He also delivered good guitar solos on the other tracks, including several brilliant passages on the epic "Awaken."

Besides Howe, the whole band adds their two cents. Certainly Wakeman is not shy, Anderson's contributions to the arrangements are as significant as his vocals are, and the rhythm machine turns in a stellar performance. Chris locks into some excellent passages during "Parallels." 

The most popular track, "Wonderous Stories" has a friendly and happy feel. It hit number 7 in Europe and remains the bands biggest hit. 

The key jam track from the original album is "Awaken." The piece holds together very well with the various sections tied together smartly. Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman are the most dominate instrumentally, but everyone contributes. Squire shines towards the end of the song before the conclusion and the harp portions.

As for the bonus material, I noted that tracks six, nine, and eleven, and twelve were particularly ear catching. Overall, the bonus material has quite a bit to enjoy. On the album versions Steve Howe's guitar parts are typically precise, though, he is more experimental on the bonus material versions. That is refreshing to me.
6. Good guitar and bass -- a keeper.
7. For Wakeman fans.
8. Self-explanatory.
9. Instrumental rendition, rehearsal style, regular versus steel guitar. It gets electrifying around the 2:00 minute mark. 
10. Chris has his say before handing things off to Steve.
11. Nice conclusion.
12. Steve and Chris lock into a whirlwind of seemingly similar and opposite patterns simultaneously with thrilling results.

The five track album, Going For The One, stands the test of time well is a solid document of the band. Add to that the strong bonus material and the only way this would not be considered essential is if you have these song live.

Going For The One
Yes discography and album reviews
Yes discography and album reviews

Tormato is not an essential Yes album, but it does have a few things worth listening to. The remastered release includes almost an equal amount of music as bonus material.

One of the negatives with Tormato is that it has several tracks that are ordinary. Second, is that the best songs are not in the same league as some of their other classic material. That is a good problem to have, since they achieved so much success in the past.

Two of the best songs are "Don't Kill the Whale" and "Release Release." Both are energetic rockers in the style of the title track from Going For the One. The first of them has a big conclusion and searing  guitar throughout. Meanwhile the latter has a really nice instrumental within the track that features a big build-up, and ultimately a huge release.

More complex arrangements on tracks like "On the Silent Wings of Freedom"
and "Future Times/Rejoice" are good, but not everlasting. The rest of the album is just not that memorable. 

The bonus material includes a variety of interesting musical passages that is more suitable for loyal fans rather than casual ones. 

9 Abilene - Good guitar work.
10 Money - Sort of a rockabilly feel. 
11 Picasso - Slow acoustic song.
12 Some Are Born - Interesting complementary guitar passages
13 You Can Be Saved - Anderson led.
14 High- Good beat, I like it. A nice introduction, guitar heavy, Howe follows Anderson's vocal line yielding excellent results.
15 Days - Very short 
16 Countryside - Upbeat, hippie sounding. Strong bass lines.
Everybody's Song (Early demo of "Does It Really Happen") - Very good, more naked sounding than the original that appears on Drama with a strong rhythm developed by Squire, White, and Howe. A solid instrumental section.
18 untitled - 

Tormato's bonus material make an album that is otherwise unessential a worthwhile pick-up.

Yes discography and album reviews

We plan to add reviews of  several more Yes albums, please stop back for updates. In the mean time below are some of our thoughts of their best material.  We have comments about some their live albums , studio albums, and compilations in their respective sections.

My preference of Yes personnel is the band that includes Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe. With either Alan White or Bill Bruford on drums, or Rick Wakeman or Tony Kaye on keyboards.  Therefore it should come as no surprise that our favorite Yes releases is dominated by this lineup. 

Yessongs - This is our favorite Yes album by far. Even if you have the studio versions this is worthwhile. 

The Yes AlbumFragile, and  Close To the Edge, are all classics, and are Yes' three best studio albums, the 2003 reissues include bonus tracks. 

Keys to Ascension 
In 1996 Yes reformed with their most celebrated line-up of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman, and Alan White.  They performed three performances in San Luis Obispo, CA at Edward's Fremont Theater that seats around 800, and recorded the shows. 

The Keys to Ascension series strangely was released as a series of two cd's that each included one disc of live excerpts from these concerts and some good new material. Later they did release a concert video and they repackaged the studio material on one disc called Keystudio.  The live versions are very well played and the sound quality is great.

Yes discography and album reviews
Yes discography and album reviews


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