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Can't Buy a Thrill Steely Dan's Can't But a Thrill cd review



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Steely Dan Pretzel Review

Can't Buy a Thrill review

Steely Dan's debut album is their most varied in many ways. First, it offers other lead singers than just Donald Fagen, see the credits below. This leads to the observation that Fagen is not a great singer, but his voice works exceptionally well for their own songs.  Second, the song writing is the quite diverse in terms of different  styles.  Of course Can't Buy a Thrill includes its share of rock, blues, and pop songs. In addition,  it successfully incorporates hints of jazz with "Only a Fool Would Say That," and perhaps their only Country flavored song Steely Dan has every recorded with "Brooklyn," in the style of the California super group The Eagles.  

Importantly and predictably, this album includes a couple of radio hits. In fact some of their best ever with "Reelin' in the Years," and "Do it Again" Even the lesser known songs all have something to offer.  For example, "Change of the Guard" seems like a throwaway that is salvaged by a strong guitar solo.

If you are a fan of Steely Dan guitar heavy albums you'll want this one.   Barry Small

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Song List
Track List

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1. Do It Again (Becker / Fagen)
2. Dirty Work (Becker / Fagen)
3. Kings (Becker / Fagen)
4. Midnight Cruiser (Becker / Fagen)
5. Only a Fool Would Say That (Becker / Fagen)
6. Reelin' in the Years (Becker / Fagen)
7. Fire in the Hole (Becker / Fagen)
8. Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me) (Becker / Fagen)
9. Change of the Guard (Becker / Fagen)
10. Turn That Heartbeat over Again (Becker / Fagen)

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic Musicians

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Donald Fagen - Keyboards, Vocals 
  (Co-Lead Vocals on "Change of the Guard," "Only A Fool Would Say
     That," and "Turn That Heartbeat Over Again." )
Walter Becker - Bass 
Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Vocals 
Denny Dias - Guitar, Electric Sitar 
Jim Hodder - Drums, Percussion, Vocals (lead on "Midnight Cruiser") 
David Palmer: Vocals (lead on "Dirty Work," and "Brooklyn")

Additional Musicians:  
Elliot Randall: Guitar 
Victor Feldman: Percussion 
Jerome Richardson: Tenor Sax 
Snooky Young: Fluegelhorn Clydie King, Shirley Matthews, and Venetta Fields: Background Vocals on "Brooklyn" and "Kings"

Steely Dan Pretzel Logic - Credits

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Label MCA
Released 1972

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