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 Meddle  Pink Floyd Meddle - cd review




Meddle  Review

Meddle review

Pink Floyd's early music sounds more a product of its era, where as many of their classic albums of the 70's that followed it stand as timeless masterpieces. Of their early albums, Meddle is their best. It offers a variety styles as they continue to form their identity. They incorporate acoustic guitars, and offer plenty of slide guitar into their writing. The Cd begins with five songs that have styles ranging from the psychedelic "One of These Days"; the organic sounding "Fearless" that offers a nice melodic feel; to the jazz textured "San Tropez"; to the blues based "Seamus." The latter features lead, un-credited, dog barks. The last track is "Echoes," a long psychedelic composition that has its high and low points; it is primarily an instrumental song that served as a centerpiece of their concert in the early 1970's. It can be thought of as a blueprint to the bands future direction.

Pink Floyd's Meddle is their best album that preceded Dark Side of the Moon. A nice complement or substitute for Meddle that showcases their early years is their video Live at Pompeii.   by Barry Small
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Meddle Song List
Track List

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1. One of These Days (Gilmour / Mason / Waters / Wright) - 5:56
    Vocals by Mason
2. A Pillow of Winds (Gilmour / Waters) - 5:13
    Vocals by Gilmour
3. Fearless (Gilmour / /Waters) - 6:08
    Vocals by Gilmour
4. San Tropez (Waters) - 3:43
    Vocals by Waters
5. Seamus (Gilmour / Mason / Waters / Wright) - 2:15
    Vocals by Gilmour
6. Echoes (Gilmour / Mason / Waters / Wright) - 23:27
    Vocals by Gilmour and Wright

Meddle Musicians

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Roger Waters - Bass, Guitar, Vocals
David Gilmour - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Mason - Percussion, Drums
Richard Wright - Keyboards, Vocals

Meddle - Credits

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Released - 1971
Label - EMI

Meddle - Ordering


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