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Prairie Wind


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Neil Young Prairie Wind review

Prairie Wind review

Neil Young's Prairie Wind is the third album of a trilogy, the others being Harvest (1972) and Harvest Moon (1992). There are two purchase options, a regular CD or a DVD / CD combo package. The DVD shows the band recording each of the songs. Both the sound and video are top notch.

The music flows exceptionally well with a nice gentle feel. It doesn't include much in the way of electric guitar and relies on acoustic and steel guitars. The solos are usually short and to the point, frequently riffs, and usually courtesy of Ben Keith, whose tenure with Young dates back to 1972's Harvest. If you're looking for a "Down By The River" reprise, this is not the album for you.

There is a core of musicians that Neil utilizes. He primarily sings and plays acoustic guitar and harmonica. Additionally, he's the pianist on "It's a Dream." Throughout the album, the bass lines are straightforward and effective. Young also implements the use of horns on a few songs, back-up vocals on most songs, and even some orchestration. Certainly effective, even if a bit polished.

Prairie Wind succeeds quite well on "Here For You" and " This Old Guitar," both in the Nashville mold. A few of the songs have short-term hit potential. The disc opener, "The Painter," offers a nice Harvest feel and appeal. The upbeat track about Elvis Presley, "He Was King," is a candidate as well. The title track is catchy but is a little too repetitious with the chorus. 

Overall, this is an excellent Neil Young album. I'm certain that after the initial excitement of a new Neil Young release wears off that Prairie Wind will stand the test of time as a strong recording. 
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Heart of Gold Movie - A live performance of Prairie Wind and a second set of classics.

Order: CD|DVD

Neil Young Trilogy
Harvest Harvest Moon Prairie Wind CD|DVD
Neil Young's Prairie Wind  includes the option a regular CD, or DVD. The Prairie Wind DVD includes both the CD and DVD (that shows every recorded and more).  
Neil Young Prairie Wind review
Track List

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1.The Painter
2. No Wonder
3. Falling Off The Face Of The Earth
4. Far From Home
5. It's A Dream
6. Prairie Wind
7. Here For You
8. This Old Guitar
9. He Was The King
10. When God Made Me

Neil Young Prairie Wind review

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Neil Young - Guitar, Harmonica, Vocals, Piano
Ben Keith - Dobro, Pedal Steel, Producer, Slide Guitar 
Spooner Oldham-  Piano, Organ Wurlitzer 
Rick Rosas - Bass
Keith Himmel - Drums
Chad Cromwell - Drums

Grant Boatwright - Guitar (5) 
Clinton Gregory - Fiddle (2)
Wayne Jackson Horn, Horn Arrangements 
Emmylou Harris - Vocals - (2,4,8)

Background Singers 
Pegi Young
Diana Dewitt
Anthony Crawford
Gary Pigg
Curtis Wright
Grant Boatwright

Additional credits in liner notes

Neil Young Prairie Wind review

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Warner Reprise 2005 
The liner are lengthy, but a bit hard to read due to the small print. Lyrics are included.

In the Grammy® announcements on Dec. 8th, 2005, Young received nominations for Rock Album of the Year for "Prairie Wind" and Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance for the song "The Painter" from that album.

Neil Young Prairie Wind review


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