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Neil Young Decade review

Decade review

Neil young's double disc Anthology, Decade,  is compiled from 1966 - '76. It was originally released as a three disc LP in 1977. It is no doubt an outstanding representation of that period of Young's career. It includes material from the following line-ups:
Buffalo Springfield
Neil Young (various line-up's, solo, Crazy Horse, The Stray Gators, and others) 
Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Stills-Young Band

If you're asking the question do I get Decade or the individual albums? That is tough because you'd need to get quite a few CD's, plus there is a handful of unreleased songs, and singles. On the other hand, by settling for the compilation you'd be missing quite a bit of outstanding material. By all accounts this serves as a foundation of Neil's catalogue. Then supplement it with a few of the albums that are most appealing to you. Truthfully, for this period of Neil's career that is quite a few.

Decade includes a few songs only available on this collection as well as some classics and rarities. Neil's hit, "Ohio" was released as a single, though, it is on highly rated releases like the Crosby Stills & Nash box-set, and a live rendition on Four Way Street. The perfect rendition of "Sugar Mountain" was recorded just after Buffalo Springfield broke up. Other key tracks that were released on Decade are "Love Is A Rose,"  which was covered by Linda Ronstadt, "Deep Forbidden Lake," and "Campaigner." 

The material is generally in chronological order. One exception is "Star of Bethlehem" that was originally on American Stars 'N Bars is sequenced within the Harvest material. It fits right in. While On The Beach was released prior to Tonight's the Night, the material for the latter was written first and the composition date dictated the order of the tracks. The liner are so-so. They have brief notes about the tracks by Neil. Not much in terms of personnel.

Neil Young's Decade is some of the best music in the world. It would be difficult to improve this release covering this period.
Order: CD

Neil Young Decade review
Track List

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1 Down to the Wire - 2:25 
2 Burned - 2:14 
3 Mr. Soul -2:41 
4 Broken Arrow - 6:13 
5 Expecting to Fly - 3:44 
6 Sugar Mountain - 5:43 
7 I Am a Child - 2:17 
8 The Loner - 3:50 
9 The Old Laughing Lady - 5:35 
10 Cinnamon Girl - 2:59 
11 Down by the River - 8:58 
12 Cowgirl in the Sand - 10:01 
13 I Believe in You - 3:27 
14 After the Gold Rush - 3:45 
15 Southern Man - 5:31 
16 Helpless - 3:34 

Disc 2
17 Ohio - 2:56 
18 Soldier - 2:28 
19 Old Man - 3:21 
20 A Man Needs a Maid - 3:58 
21 Harvest - 3:08 
22 Heart of Gold - 3:06 
23 Star of Bethlehem - 2:46 
24 The Needle and the Damage Done - 2:02 
25 Tonight's the Night, Pt. 1 - 4:41 
26 Tired Eyes - 4:33 
27 Walk On - 2:40 
28 For the Turnstiles - 3:01 
29 Winterlong - 3:05 
30 Deep Forbidden Lake - 3:39 
31 Like a Hurricane - 8:16 
32 Love Is a Rose - 2:16 
33 Cortez the Killer - 7:29 
34 Campaigner - 3:30 
35 Long May You Run - 3:48 

Neil Young Decade review

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Buffalo Springfield
Neil Young
Crosby Stills Nash & Young
Stills-Young Band

Neil Young Decade review

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Warner 1977
Originally released as a three disc album.

Neil Young Decade review


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