Downloading Music Files
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Downloading Music Files
Cassettes to Computer
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Downloading files, MP3 and shortern

Two From the Vault - Grateul Dead

How to Download Music Files 

Dick's Picks 21 - Grateful Dead

Instructions on downloading shorten files.

How to download Shorten (shn) music files with a modem connection.

There are other ways and different software options to download music files.   If you use a DSL or Cable conncetion you'll probably opt to use a ftp download technique. Also if you use a MAC as opposed to a PC the procedures may vary slightly. 

There are two types of files you can download SHN or MP3. Basically, SHN files are very large and take a long time to download, but they do not lose sound quality. Conversely, MP3 is a smaller file with inferior quality. Below are instructions for downloading SHN files if you have a modem. 

First, you'll need the software packages below that are free.

Needed software:
Download Accelerator - A program to manage downloads, this is valuable if you stop in the middle of the song you can pick up where you left off.

mkw Audio Compression Tool - The instructions on etree are great and it has the link to download.

Burning Software - If you have a CD Burner you should have a software package for this purpose. I have Easy CD Creator and it works fine. 

Downloading the songs:

1.) Go to  and find the show that you want.
2.) Right click on the first song (you should see some options
3.) Select Download with DAP. (It will transfer your select to DAP)
4.) Repeat steps two 2 and three (3) till you get all the songs you want. 
5.) Open Download Accelerator.
6.) Click on the song you want to download a menu will pop up with two choices.
7.)Select download now.
8.) After the songs is finished downloading, repeat step 6 and 7 till you have all the songs for the CD.

Now you have the songs downloaded you'll need to:

Expand the compressed file.  

1.) Open your software package, mkw Audio Compression Tool.
2.) Open your file manager, such as Windows Explorer.
3.) Locate the files you want to decompress in you file manager.
4.) Drag the files from step three (3) into MKW windows, It will ask you where on your hard drive to save them). 

Burn onto a blank CD
1.) Open your CD burning software and follow it's instruction. 
Note: My software works like this:
2.) A file menu pops  up and I select the correct file folder from the left side of the screen, the files stored in that folder appear on the right part of the screen. 
Note: The bottom part of the screen is the designated area for burning.
3.) Drag the to the designated location of the screen to burn.
4.) Select the create a CD button from the menu, a menu will appear. 
5.) Double check the following settings.
     A.)Disc at once, must be selected (Otherwise you will have two second gaps between your songs) 
     B.) Select for your speed 8x or lower.
6.) Hit the Create CD button.
7.) Come back in ten minutes, smile, and listen. 

Please know that it may take two days to download a full Grateful Dead concert.  Patience is a virtue. If you download one a week you'll have over fifty shows in a year.

Thanks for reading our instructions on downloading shorter files.


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