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CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

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CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography


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Merle HaggardBruce Hornsby

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Musical Profile Index

Welcome to our summary page of musical artists that we profile. This is our high level snapshot. Many of the bands mentioned on the page we have more detailed profiles, which include topics ranging from reviews, commentary, discography, cd recommendations, photos, and related subjects. 

We're always adding new recommendations so stop back frequently.

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Merle Haggard

George Harrison

Ronnie Hawkins

Warren Haynes


Jimi Hendrix


Lightnin' Hopkins  

Steve Howe

Mississippi John Hurt 

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Band overviews
Merle Haggard ] George Harrison ] Jimi Hendrix ] Honeytribe ] Lightnin' Hopkins ]
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Merle Haggard

Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard
1 Disc
The Essential Merle Haggard: The Epic Years 
In 2006 the early Capital Merle Haggard releases were brilliantly remastered and repackaged with two albums combined together, two for one. Further, there are bonus tracks to supplement the original albums. 

They sound great and are linked below.
Strangers/ Swinging Doors And The Bottle Let Me Down
I'm A Lonesome Fugitive/ Branded Man 
Sing Me Back Home/ The Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde
Mama Tried/ Pride In What I Am 
Hag/ Someday We'll Look Back 

I've listed some of the many Merle compilations to consider. I'm not certain if they have the stunning sound that the Capital remastered do. 

Hag: The Best of Merle Haggard 

Product Description
The first-ever career spanning, cross-label (Capitol, MCA, Epic, Anti, Compendia), single disc, "Best of" compilation. 26 classic songs all remastered from the original studio tapes. Features duets with Johnny Cash, Toby Keith and Willie Nelson. This collection focuses on Haggard's songwriting--23 of the 26 songs were written or co-written by Merle Haggard. Includes 13 #1 Country Singles. 

Additional Merle Haggard content
40 #1 Hits 
2 discs
Down Every Road
4 discs
Strangers/Swinging Doors & The Bottle Let Me Down  I'm A Lonesome Fugitive/ Branded Man  Sing Me Back Home/ The Legend Of Bonnie & Clyde
Mama Tried/ Pride In What I Am  Hag/ Someday We'll Look Back  Going Where the Lonely Go / That's the Way Love Goes
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George Harrison

All Things Must Pass Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison

All Things Must Pass is fantastic album. It takes elements of  rock, blues, pop, and even country. It is not country in the style of say Dylan's Nashville Skyline, but the pedal steel riffs when used, do give the music country undertones, sometimes in a Hawaiian kind of way like on "Behind Those Closed Doors."  There is a full review of this album and more George Harrison solo material including video in our George Harrison section

Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison is a solid collection released in 2009.

Additional George Harrison content
George Harrison profile

Music Videos

Official George Harrison website


We tend to be more of a latter era Beatles fan. Our three favorites releases are:
The Beatles (The White Album) Abbey Road Let It Be
The Beatles Anthology
Anthology 1 Anthology 2 Anthology 3
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
Ronnie Hawkins  
Amazon Editorial Reviews
Reissues 2011 - Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawk
Ronnie Hawkins is a rockabilly singer who may be more famous for his backup musicians than his own music. His backup group from the early 1960s, The Hawks, evolved into The Band. His two most sought after albums have never been issued on CD, until now. What makes these albums so special is the guitarist on both albums is Duane Allman. 

Ronnie Hawkins was originally issued on the Cotillion label in 1970. Along with Duane Allman, it also features  King Biscuit Boy and Eddie Hinton. 

The Hawk was originally issued on the Cotillion label in 1971. Besides Duane Allman, it also features Donald 
"Duck" Dunn on bass and The Memphis Horns. 

From RonnieHawkins.com

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Alabama, September 1969

Ronnie Hawkins (vocals), Duane Allman (guitar), Eddie Hinton (guitar), Jimmy Johnston (guitar), David Hood (bass), Barry Beckett (keyboards), Scott Cushnie (keyboards), King Biscuit Boy (harmonica), Roger Hawkins (drums), Sweet Inspirations (chorus). Producers Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd.

The Hawk
Atlantic South Criteria Studio, Miami, 1971

Ronnie Hawkins (vocals), Duane Allman (guitar/dobro), Charlie Freeman (guitar), Jim Dickinson (piano, acoustic guitar), Donald 'Duck' Dunn (bass), Mike Utley (organ), Sammy Creason (drums), Memphis Horns (-1). Producer Tom Dowd.

Ronnie Hawkins
1. One More Night
2. Bitter Green
3. I May Never Get To Heaven
4. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
5. Matchbox
6. Little Bird
7. One Too Many Mornings
8. Forty Days
9. Down In The Alley
10. Who Do You Love
11. Home From The Forest

The Hawk
1. Don't Tell Me Your Troubles
2. Sick And Tired
3. Lonely Weekends
4. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
5. Red Rooster
6. Ooby Dooby
7. The Lady Came From Baltimore
8. Leaves That Are Green
9. Patricia
10. Odessa
11. Treasure Of Love
12. Black Sheep Boy

Ronnie Hawkins The Hawk
Below are some good value twofeers. Of note, The Dynamic - Early Album Collection includes four the discs noted below so that is another way to pick up these releases, see below for the link. Mojo Man/Arkansas Rockpile is the material that features what would later become The Band on a big portion of cuts.

Regarding Arkansas Rockpile, it's a compilation of tracks between 1959 and 1963. A few songs from this session are a great match with Mojo Man.
Susie Q
What a Party (Nineteen Years Old)
Further Up the Road
The only missing track is "I Feel Good," that I assume is the Muddy Waters song.

New York, September 18, 1961

Ronnie Hawkins (vocals-1), Levon Helm (drums/vocals-2), Robbie Robertson (guitar), Rick Danko (bass), Jerry Penfound (saxophone-3), King Curtis (saxophone-3), unknown (chorus). Producer Henry Glover.

Ronnie Hawkins / Folk Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins Mr Dynamo / Sings the Songs of Hank Williams Mojo Man/Arkansas Rockpile
Ronnie Hawkins

1. Forty Days
2. Odessa
3. Wild Little Willy
4. Ruby Baby
5. Horace
6. Mary Lou
7. Need Your Lovin' (Oh So Bad)
8. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
9. One Of These Days
10. Oh Sugar
11. What'cha Gonna Do (When The Creek Runs Dry)
12. My Gal Is Red Hot

Folk Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins

13. Summertime
14. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
15. I Gave My Love A Cherry
16. Brave Man
17. A Poor Wayfaring Stranger
18. Virginia Bride
19. Mister & Mississippi
20. John Henry
21. Fare Thee Well
22. One Out Of A Hundred
23. The Death Of Floyd Collins
24. Love From Afar 
Mr. Dynamo

1. Clara
2. Hey Boba Lou
3. Someone Like You
4. Dreams Do Come True
5. Hay Ride
6. Honey Don't
7. Lonely Hours
8. Sick And Tired
9. Love Me Like You Can
10. You Cheated, You Lied
11. Baby Jean
12. Southern Love

Sings the Songs of Hank Williams

13. Cold, Cold Heart
14. Hey, Good Lookin'
15. Your Cheatin' Heart
16. Weary Blues From Waitin'
17. There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
18. Nobody's Lonesome For Me
19. Ramblin' Man
20. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
21. You Win Again
22. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)
23. Lonesome Whistle
24. Jambalaya (On The Bayou) 
Mojo Man

1. Arkansas Rockpile: Who Do You Love
2. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
3. My Gal Is Red Hot
4. Thirty Days
5. Mary Lou
6. Odessa
7. Horace
8. Come Love
9. Arkansas
10. Say Boss Man
11. Mo Jo Man

Arkansas Rockpile
1959 - 1963

12. Bo Diddley
13. Mojo Man
14. Matchbox
15. Susie Q
16. Southern Love
17. What a Party (Nineteen Years Old)
18. One Out of Hundred
19. Lonely Hours
20. Further Up the Road
21. Ballad of Caryl Chessman
22. Your Cheatin Heart
23. Summertime 

Select other Ronnie Hawkins release recommendations

The Dynamic - Early Album Collection

The Dynamic - Early Album Collection Ronnie Rocks
32 songs
The Ballads of Ronnie Hawkins
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Warren Haynes 

Warren Haynes:
Live at Bonnaroo
By A Thread

Warren Haynes is one of the busiest guitarist serving as a member of the Allman Brothers, The Dead, his own band, Gov't Mule, and even some solo gigs. In 2004, he will perform 36 gigs with The Dead, 50 with the Allman Brothers Band, in addition to some solo performances as Gov't Mule shows.

Live at Bonnaroo is a 2003 solo acoustic set at the annual jam band gig. The material includes ABB, Gov't Mule, Phil and Friends, as well as many covers of some Jerry Garcia songs, U2's "One" The Eagles "Wasted Time" and many others. Folk-like arrangements in an intimate setting sums this one up. Supplemental versions rather than a replacements.

Additional Warren Haynes content
Govt. Mule
Allman Brothers Band
The Dead

The Allman Brothers with Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks are at the top of their game. There are just a few commercial releases, but there sell tour discs of individual at their website.
One Way Out Hittin' the Note Live at the Beacon Theatre
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Essential Heart Dreamboat Annie
Our top recommendations for Heart would be their first two albums or the two disc compilation, Essential Heart. Their debut album, Dreamboat Annie contains their "Magic Man" and "Crazy On You" to headline a solid hard rock debut with plenty of fine acoustic guitar work. 

They keep the tradition of excellence on their second release, Little Queen. That release is available in a few packages at good prices that are noted below. 
Little Queen
X2: Little Queen/Dog & Butterfly Collection: Little Queen / Dog & Butterfly / Bebe Le Strange 
Apple iTunes
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Jimi Hendrix 

Voodoo Child: The Jimi Hendrix Collection 
2 Discs
Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix 
1 Disc

Hendrix is one of the greatest guitarist and earned a spot on our short list of guitar greats. His natural feel of music came across whether he was  playing blues, rock, jazz, or gospel. 

Hendrix has a few sides to his career, but it can first be broken down between his studio and live recordings. We typically prefer listening to his studio material of which he has six main albums. Three with his band The Experience and we consider them all essential. Then there are three compilations of various studio sessions; most of this material was previously issued under various album names. The latest of them, Valleys of Neptune was released in March 2010 

Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix does a good job of collecting some classic Hendrix songs, primarily from his first three albums with The Experience.  

Additional Jimi Hendrix content
Guitar greats
Hendrix Profile

March 2010 Jimi Hendrix re-issues
Are You Experienced Axis Bold As Love Electric Ladyland
First Rays Of The Rising Sun Smash Hits  Valleys Of Neptune
Live At Woodstock Blu-Ray Live At Woodstock DVD  
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The Honeytribe is led by Devon Allman, Gregg Allman's son. Their debut album is entitled Torch. The music is not southern rock, rather it leans more to hard rock with an emphasis on blues. Devon voice is not sensational, but it fits the music quite well. His vocals sounds a bit like Elvis Costello on "When I Call Home," and "Nothing to Be Sad About," but more like Rainbow's Ronnie James Dio (without the high range) on "Perfect World." 

Torch includes two instrumentals, "Mahalo," and "511 Texas Avenue" both are quite good and among the best material on the album. "Mahalo" is a jammed out rocker while "511 Texas Avenue" is an acoustic song bringing back memories of Eat a Peach's "Little Martha."

The band and songwriting is good yielding a solid band that has a solid future. Get a microscope out to read the album cover notes.

Additional Honeytribe content
Allman Brothers Sides and Family

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Lightnin' Hopkins 

Texas Thunderbolt Double Blues
In 2007, the Proper label released a four disc box set titled Texas Thunderbolt that is an exceptional value covering 1946 - 1954. 

We created a page that breaks the Texas Thunderbolt box set by session and personnel. Also on that page we note a few other overlooked releases that we enjoy.

Additional Lightnin' Hopkins content
Lightnin' Hopkins profile

CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

Bruce Hornsby 

Greatest Radio Hits  Camp Meeting
Bruce Hornsby is most known for his work with his band The Range, those his resume and credits are extensive. 

An excellent songwriter with numerous albums to his credit, Hornsby released an excellent compilation Greatest Radio Hits, capturing much of his best of on one disc. 

Camp Meeting is a display of jazz standards with a trio of Bruce Hornsby on piano, Christian McBride's on bass, and and Jack DeJohnette's handling the drums. 

Intersections 1985-2005 is a career spanning box-set. It includes many live and alternate versions, and is not a substitute for the studio versions. 

In addition to his solo career, he was a member of the Grateful Dead for a few years, and in our opinion did a superb job. Not only did he add fills and melody, he shined strong during the jams. He even took the initiative to lead the band into new territory. The video  View From the Vault II captures the Grateful Dead in concert when Hornsby was a member of the group. 

Additional Bruce Hornsby content
Bruce Hornsby with the Grateful Dead

Intersections 1985-2005 Three Nights on the Town
The Way It Is Scenes from the Southside A Night on the Town
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Steve Howe 

The Haunted Melody Not Necessarily Acoustic 
I heard a number of solo Steve Howe albums, not all, and some I've only find so-so. A few to consider are The Haunted Melody. This Oct 7, 2007-Oct 8, 2007 recording by the trio of Steve Howe on guitar, his son Dylan on drums, and Ross Stanley on organ. Steve Howe wailing electric jazz riffs tops our Steve Howe solo recommendations

There are some live releases worth seeking out. Not Necessarily Acoustic is from a Philadelphia, PA concert from December 13, 1993. (1) Scharpach 6-string acoustic; (2) Kohno nylon string acoustic; (3) Martin 12-string 
acoustic; & (4) Steinberger 6-string electric. Another live release, Pulling Strings has positive reviews. Hopefully I hear it and can contrast it to Not Necessarily Acoustic.
The Yes Album Fragile Yessongs
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Mississippi John Hurt 

Avalon Blues: Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings The Complete Studio Recordings Mississippi John Hurt

Mississippi John Hurt is one of the most enjoyable acoustic blues guitarist to listen to. Not so much for his brilliance as a guitar player, but the combination of how he blends his finger picking technique, with his heartfelt vocals.   

His early music focuses more more on traditional folk and blues, where his later music expands his repertoire with plenty of gospel songs.

His album Avalon Blues: Complete 1928 Okeh Recordings would be our top recommendation from Mississippi John Hurt's modest catalogue. Many of the tracks from that album are standards that are performed from such diverse artists as Doc Watson to Jerry Garcia

The Complete Studio Recordings Mississippi John Hurt collects the three albums recorded for the Vanguard label during the 1960's.

Additional Mississippi John Hurt content
Acoustic Blues Innovators

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CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography
CD reviews - Artist profiles - Discography

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