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The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd

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The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd - Album Review

The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd - review

The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd is very well put together collection of their best music. Smartly it includes both the studio and live versions of "Free Bird." It also has six of the tracks from Street Survivors. It is missing some songs that I really like such as "Honky Tonk Night Time Man," "Searching," and "The Needle and the Spoon," and others. However, this is a fine collection of songs. The only way to improve this is to purchase the three-disc Box Set

Note - In 2006, Geffen Records released Lynyrd Skynyrd Gold that is a reissue of The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd. I haven't been able to compare the sound between the two, but the Gold series does a solid job with sound, liner notes, and price.

by Barry Small

The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd Song List
Track List

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Disc 1

1. Sweet Home Alabama (King / Rossington / Van Zant)
2. I Ain't the One (Rossington / Van Zant)
3. Was I Right or Wrong (Rossington / Van Zant)
4. Gimme Three Steps (Collins / Van Zant)
5. Workin' for MCA (King / Van Zant)
6. Simple Man (Rossington / Van Zant)
7. Swamp Music (King / Van Zant)
8. The Ballad of Curtis Loew (Collins / Van Zant)
9. Saturday Night Special (King / Van Zant)
10. Mr. Banker (King/Rossington / Van Zant)
11. Comin' Home (Collins / Van Zant) - D
12. Call Me the Breeze (Cale)
13. Free Bird (Collins / Van Zant)

Disc 2

1. What's Your Name? (Rossington / Van Zant)
2. Whiskey Rock-A-Roller  (King / Powell / Van Zant) - L 
3. Tuesday's Gone (Collins / Van Zant)
4. Double Trouble (Collins / Van Zant)
5. I Know a Little (Gaines)
6. Four Walls of Raiford (Carlisi / Van Zant)
7. I Never Dreamed (Gaines / Van Zant)
8. Gimme Back My Bullets (Rossington / Van Zant) - L
9. You Got That Right (Gaines / Van Zant)
10. All I Can Do Is Write About It (Collins / Van Zant) (Acoustic Version)
11. That Smell (Collins/Van Zant)
12. Free Bird (Collins / Van Zant) - L

D - Demo
L - Live

The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd Set Musicians

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Ronnie Van Zant - Vocals
Gary Rossington - Guitar
Allen Collins - Guitar
Ed King - Guitar,  B. vocals 
Steve Gaines - Guitar, vocals
Bill Powell - Piano
Leon Wilkeson - Bass, B. vocals 
Artimus Pyle - Drums
Bob Burns - Drums
Merry Clayton - B. vocals 
Cassie Gaines - B. vocals 
Leslie Hawkins - B. vocals
Jo Jo Billingsley - Vocals

The above are the main members and instruments.  As this is a compilation that covers many different line-ups, it is an abbreviated list.  

The Essential Lynyrd Skynyrd - Credits

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Released - 1998 | 2006
Label - MCA | Geffen

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