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Led Zeppelin
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Led Zeppelin Presence Review

Led Zeppelin Presence review

Presence is less talked about than some of the other classic Led Zeppelin albums. Primarily, IMO, because it lacks a hit. It starts off with one of the key tracks from the album, "Achilles Last Stand." A bold more to begin with a ten minute song, especially when it doesn't really sport a friendly feel. Though, this song is a classic with a marching, galloping beat forming the foundation. As good as the guitar solo is, the tightness of the band and interaction between Page and the rhythm section tops that. 

"For Your Life" and "Royal Orleans" are both upbeat tracks. The latter was the B side single of "Candy Store Rock," and offers a pretty good off-beat pattern.

On their last album, Physical Graffiti, they went back to their love of American rural blues, to come up with "In My Time of Dying." For Presence, they tackle another Blind Willie Johnson song, "Nobody's Fault But Mine." This rendition is nothing like the original, which is perhaps why no credit is given to the author. The words follow the original, but certainly not the music. It has more of a rock feel than blues. 

"Candy Store Rock" serves the purpose to build the dynamics of the second part of the disc. It leads to "Hots On For Nowhere" that offers elements of 50's rock; note toward the end as Plant is doing an Elvis Presley imitation, it sounds like they were having fun with this one. They close with a classic Zeppelin composition, "Tea For One." This blues based rocker offers elements of Led Zeppelin III's "Since I've Been Loving," but it rocks harder. The band have several sections of the track that they build the dynamics and tension  to explosive peaks. The Jones, Bonham rhythm section is incredible, with John Paul really hitting some explosive notes, and Page creates dazzling solos, and fills throughout, as well as a good conclusion. 

Led Zeppelin Presence includes several classic Led Zeppelin tracks. the material leans to the hard side and playing it loudly is recommended, but not required. 

by Barry Small
Grade  A - 
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Led Zeppelin Presence Review
Track List

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1. Achilles Last Stand   
2. For Your Life   
3. Royal Orleans   
4. Nobody's Fault But Mine   
5. Candy Store Rock   
6. Hots On For Nowhere  
7. Tea Is For One  

Led Zeppelin Presence Review

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Jimmy Page - Guitar Background Vocals 
Robert Plant - Harmonica, Vocals
John Paul Jones - Organ, Bass, Background Vocals 
John Bonham - Drums, Background Vocals

Led Zeppelin Presence Review

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Released - 1976
Label - Swan Song
Recorded and mixed Nov./Dec 1975 at musicland studios, Munich, Germany
Digitally re-mastered from the original master tapes by Jimmy Page and George Marino

Led Zeppelin Presence Review


Led Zeppelin Presence Review


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