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Led Zeppelin II Review

Led Zeppelin II review

Led Zeppelin II is a classic hard rock album, and easily one of the best in that category of any music group. This album, like its predecessor, Led Zeppelin I, is heavily blues influenced, but this has a much more original feel to the playing. Led Zeppelin II starts off perfectly with one their classic songs “Whole Lotta Love” with a catchy blues riff setting the stage for the awesome instrumental that features John Bonham and Jimmy page trading solos. That track based its riff from Willie Dixon's track "You Need Love." The album switches from hard rock to blues and often combining the two styles.  John Bonhman shows his masterful chops during  “Moby Dick” with a drum solo that is very listen able.  They also begin to venture into using acoustic instruments on “Thank You,” and “Ramble On,” a technique that would be explored further in their following releases.

Led Zeppelin II is a classic that still sounds great after all these years.  by Barry Small ©

Led Zeppelin II Song List
Track List

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1. Whole Lotta Love (Bonham / Dixon / Jones / Page / Plant) - 5:34
2. What Is and What Should Never Be (Page / Plant) - 4:44
3. The Lemon Song (Bonham / Jones / Page / Plant) - 6:19
4. Thank You (Page / Plant) - 4:47
5. Heartbreaker (Bonham / Jones / Page / Plant) - 4:14
6. Living Loving Maid (She's Just a Woman) (Page / Plant) - 2:39
7. Ramble On (Page / Plant) - 4:23
8. Moby Dick (Bonham / Jones / Page) - 4:21
9. Bring It on Home (Page / Plant) - 4:20

Led Zeppelin II Musicians

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Jimmy Page - Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Steel), Background Vocals 
Robert Plant - Harmonica, Vocals
John Paul Jones - Organ, Bass, Background Vocals 
John Bonham - Drums, Background Vocals

Led Zeppelin II - Credits

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Released - 1969
Produced by Jimmy Page
Label - Atlantic

Led Zeppelin II - Ordering


Led Zeppelin II - Ordering


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