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Led Zeppelin I  Review

Led Zeppelin I review

Led Zeppelin I was an essential album for Led Zeppelin fans until 1997 when the BBC Sessions was released. Of the nine songs from this album, six are included on that album in much hotter renditions. In fact, most songs offer two versions, and "Communication Breakdown" is played three times. The most meaningful song missing from the BBC Sessions is the acoustic "Black Mountain Song."

This album is Led Zeppelin's most blues based studio album. If you are a huge Led Zeppelin fan, you'll find Led Zeppelin I to be a killer album. If you are a major Blues fan and casual Led Zeppelin fan, you'll consider this an average blues album. For those seeking to explore the roots and influences of Led Zeppelin start with Willie Dixonby Barry Small
B +

Led Zeppelin I Song List
Track List

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1. Good Times Bad Times (Bonham / Jones / Page) - 2:46
2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Bennett / Bredon / Darling) - 6:41
3. You Shook Me (Dixon / Lenoir) - 6:28
4. Dazed and Confused (Page) - 6:26
5. Your Time Is Gonna Come (Jones / Page) - 4:14
6. Black Mountain Side (Page) - 2:05
7. Communication Breakdown (Bonham / Jones / Page) - 2:27
8. I Can't Quit You Baby (Dixon) - 4:42
9. How Many More Times (Bonham / Jones / Page) - 8:28

Led Zeppelin I  Musicians

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Jimmy Page - Guitar (Electric, Acoustic, Steel), Background Vocals 
Robert Plant - Harmonica, Vocals
John Paul Jones - Organ, Bass, Background Vocals 
John Bonham - Drums, Background Vocals

Led Zeppelin I - Credits

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Released - 1969
Produced by Jimmy Page
Label - Atlantic

Led Zeppelin I - Ordering


Led Zeppelin I - Ordering


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