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Side Trips
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 Side Trips 

Side Trips - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia

1970 (1988)
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Side Trips - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia- review

Side Trips review

Side Trips is the second release of the Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia collaboration. The first was a studio release while this one is captured live; the exact dates are not known. They were probably taken from their Monday evening Matrix jam sessions from 1970.  

Compared to their first CD Hooteroll, this release is much freeform and improvisational based. The jams are much longer ranging from just under ten minutes to about 25 minutes in length. The studio release had nine songs compared to Side Trips four.  It is easy to imagine how performing with Wales helped Garcia develop techniques he would incorporate into his playing throughout his career. I would speculate that 1972 - '74 Grateful Dead would be vastly different if it wasn't for sessions such as these. 

If you are a Jerry Garcia fan you’ll find plenty of moments to enjoy hearing Garcia, Wales, and company explore different boundaries. by Barry Small

Side Trips - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia - track list
Track List

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1. Free Flight (Wales)
2. Space Funk (Wales)
3. All for Life (Wales)
4. Venutian Blues (Wales)

Side Trips  - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia - Musicians

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Howard Wales - organ, fender rhodes
Jerry Garcia - guitar
John Kahn - bass
Bill Vitt - drums

Side Trips  - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia - Notes

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Label -  Grateful Dead Records

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