Shining Star
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 Shining Star 

Shining Star - Jerry Garcia

 1989 - 1993 (2001)
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Shining Star - Jerry Garcia review

Shining Star review

Shining Star is the third live release featuring this particular personnel. Like the first two each disc is sequenced like an actual concert set, though taking the songs from various venues. No songs are repeated on Shining Star from the first two releases. Thankfully for Jerry Garcia Band fans there are still many live versions of his songs still unreleased so we can look forward to future releases. A few songs still at large include “Valerie,” “Run for the Roses,” “Ruben and Cherise,” “And it Stoned Me,” and “Lay Down Sally.”  Additionally, several original compositions that were released on Don't Let Go (recorded in 1976) have a life of their own with this band. Songs from that album such as “They Love Each Other,” I’ll Take a Melody,” “Mission in the Rain,” and others would be welcome in future releases with this line up.  

True, most of the repertoire from the Jerry Garcia Band is cover versions of songs encompassing Blues, Reggae, Gospel, Rock, Bob Dylan (a category of his own), and more. Typically, there are several originals through into the mix, but this CD has none. 

Being the third live release the first two had the strongest songs to choose from. Still, this CD is better than great, and many fans like this one the better than the first two. Frankly there are no weak versions of any of the songs that are included. Comparing the three releases is really a matter of individual song preference. If you like one of these CD’s you’ll like them all.

The version of the Jerry Garcia Band’s interpretation of Bob Dylan’s “Positively 4th Street” treats us to a different side of Melvin Seals. He normally focuses on organ adding sustain and color; this song he takes a melodic, piano oriented approach, mimicking the melody of the original.  Garcia also adds his touch to the song perfectly grabbing the hold tune and phrasing it perfectly.  

Another treasure is "Let's Spend the Night Together." The song takes a funkier beat than the original. The instrumental has a unique, interesting, and quite effective interpretation. Especially at the end of the solo where Garcia shifts the riffs into chord like melodic runs that descend cleverly back to the heart of the song.   

The only negative comment I have is that there should have been at least two original compositions in place of some of the cover versions. by Barry Small© 
Grade  A -

Shining Star - Jerry Garcia - track list
Track List

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Disc 1 
1. Shining Star (Graham / Richmond) - 11:26
2. He Ain't Give You None (Morrison) - 10:55
3. Second That Emotion (Cleveland / Robinson) - 8:36
4. Money Honey (Stone) - 6:16
5. Struggling Man (Cliff) - 7:05
6. Russian Lullaby (Berlin) - 9:52
7. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
    (Burke / Russell / Russell / Wexler) - 13:33

Disc 2
1. Let's Spend the Night Together (Jagger / Richards) - 13:09
2. Mississippi Moon (Rowan) - 8:36
3. Let It Rock (Berry) - 9:12
4. When the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game (Robinson) - 7:32
5. Ain’t No Bread in the Bread Box (Buffalo) - 10:08
6. Positively 4th Street (Dylan) - 7:10
7. The Maker (Lanois) - 8:58
8. Midnight Moonlight (Rowan) - 6:51

Shining Star - Jerry Garcia - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Melvin Seals - organ, keyboards
David Kemper - drums
Gloria Jones - vocals
Jackie LaBranch - vocals

Shining Star - Jerry Garcia - Notes

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Label -  Grateful Dead Records

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