Marin Vet's 2/28/86
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Marin Vet's 2/28/86
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Pure Jerry: 

Pure Jerry 2/28/1986 - Jerry Garcia Band

Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium
Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86 - Jerry Garcia review

Pure Jerry 8 - The Jerry Garcia vault series 

After a long delay, the Jerry Garcia archive releases are set for distribution. The vault is open! They are available through, in conjunction with the Garcia Family LLC. 

The resumption of the Garcia archives commences with the continuation of the Pure Jerry Series delivering the first acoustic Jerry Garcia John Kahn release; a concert from Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium in San Rafael, CA from 2/28/86. In addition to 1986, the Garcia and Kahn line-up also had a number of shows in 1982, 1984, and 1985, as well as an occasional concert here and there. There is a solo acoustic Jerry performance from 4/10/82, the just Jerry show. I read after that evenings early and late performance, Jerry called Kahn to perform with him for the rest of the tour. I happen to like the just Jerry recording. 

Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium includes both complete sets on one disc. The material is comprised of originals, traditional blues and folk tunes, and a Dylan song. All of this material Jerry would play with different bands, some with the Grateful Dead, both electric and acoustic, some with his solo electric bands; while the traditional material would appear later with The Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band, and with Garcia Grisman

The set begins with a few old-time traditional songs. Starting  with a familiar song to the audience is "Deep Elem Blues," as the Grateful Dead included it in both their 1970 and 1980 acoustic sets as well as an extremely rare electric version. A good choice to set the mood nicely showcasing Jerry strumming, picking melodic riffs, firing off melodic solos, while singing from heart, this sets the mood nicely for the evenings festivities.  

The Dylan song, "When I Paint My Masterpiece" is a fun one. Jerry really enjoys himself as it's obvious from his voice inflections. As an aside, The Grateful Dead broke this song out in 1987 as a regular song in their concert rotation with Bob Weir singing it. Though, 1980 versions of the Jerry Garcia Band performing this with Jerry singing are worth seeking out. Correction, they are mandatory. The Garcia Plays Dylan disc offers a version that is available, and the bonus disc (early orders) from After Midnight (one of my favorite releases), has a version. The acoustic take of "Run For the Roses" closes the set in an upbeat fashion. 

The second set opens with "Dire Wolf"; a good way to begin. A traditional type folk song, but this one a an original written in that style. The show highlight is arguably a lengthy jam during "Bird Song."  This acoustically performed version is certainly a classic. Bringing the house down is the gently sung "Ripple" from the Grateful Dead's 1970 album American Beauty, a loved rare classic. The sendoff, "Goodnight Irene" offers some nice Jerry style blues runs, taking two solos. 

This two man band line-up gives the listener a different feel of Jerry's guitar playing than in any other setting or personnel line-up with only the acoustic bass performing with him. Therefore, you can hear his rhythmic patterns, and guitar riffs differently. It certain makes for a very, very good listen. I will add that I spun a soundboard of a show from the tour awaiting this release. The clarity of Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium is much better so the sonic upgrade is noticeable and warranted.

Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium is a blend of original and cover versions. I've heard all of these songs in different settings by Grateful Dead and/or one of Jerry Garcia's side bands. These renditions are quite enjoyable. The flow of mixing the traditional material next to the Garcia Hunter originals show how their writing style is perfectly in tune with the traditional American music. Hearing them side by side gives the listener true appreciation of this.  How nice do "FOTD," "Dire Wolf," and "Ripple" blend in as if they were written generations prior? While songs like "Bird Song," "Run For the Roses," and the Dylan number "When I Paint My Masterpiece" fit into the set so complementary. Jerry fans that find the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band too traditional for their tastes will find this easier to swallow. While those that enjoy that band, myself included, will also find much to like on this. While musically the Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band is tighter, this one will appeal to a wider audience. 

By Barry Small
Grade B +

Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86 - Jerry Garcia review
Track List

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Set 1
1. Deep Elem Blues 
2. Little Sadie 
3. Friend Of The Devil 
4. When I Paint My Masterpiece 
5. Spike Driver Blues 
6. Run For The Roses 

Set 2
7. Dire Wolf 
8. Jack-A-Roe 
9. Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie 
10. Bird Song > 
11. Ripple > 
12. Goodnight Irene

Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86 - Jerry Garcia review

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Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals 
John Kahn - bass 

Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86 - Jerry Garcia review

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Released  March 2009 
Produced by John Cutler
Photos - Jay Blakesberg
Engineering & Mastering - Joe Gastwirt

Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86

From the GD website
The latest in the Pure Jerry series offers the first official full release of acoustic music from Jerry Garcia and John Kahn. Soundboard copies of this show have not been in circulation, so it’s a special treat to hear the complete two-set show. Garcia and Kahn deliver a solid performance with a nice blend of old folk songs, a Dylan tune and Hunter-Garcia classics.

This line from the back cover sums it all up nicely, "Aside from its main purpose - celebrating Jerry Garcia's and John Kahn's wonderfully sweet performance of February 28, 1986 - this recording clearly proves the value of vision, hard work and modern science. Enjoy it with our best wishes and in good health."

New Garcia-Kahn Live Disc 
It’s been a long, long time since there’s been a Jerry Garcia music release, but the good news is that a new day is dawning, the pipeline to the Garcia vault is open again, and we're looking forward to offering you quality JG tunes as often as we can!, in conjunction with the recently formed Garcia Family LLC (mainly Jerry’s daughters), are pleased to announce their first independent release with a new installment of the popular "PURE JERRY" series, Marin Vet's, 2/28/86. For those of you keeping score, this one is the eighth, and it marks the first official full release of acoustic music from Garcia and John Kahn. 

The setting is the wonderful 2,000-seat Marin Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium in San Rafael, the last of 12 acoustic shows John and Jerry played that winter. It’d been a solid tour, with sold-out concerts in a number of cool East Coast venues. But this was a hometown show—literally—so the air was both relaxed and festive. The twelve songs collected here on a single disc are the complete two-set show from that night, nearly 70 minutes of music; a nice blend of old folk tunes, a Dylan number and Hunter-Garcia classics. Particularly noteworthy in that last category are the epic “Bird Song” and rockin’ “Run for the Roses.” Soundboard copies of this show have not been in circulation before. 

Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86 - Jerry Garcia review
Pure Jerry: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 2/28/86 - Jerry Garcia review


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