Old and in the Way
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 Old and in the Way 

Old and in the Way featuring Jerry Garcia

 1973 (1975)
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Old and in the Way Featuring  Jerry Garcia  - review

 Old and in the Way review

Old and in the Way was a short-lived bluegrass band that existed for about nine months in 1973 with a few other rare appearances such as the Golden State Bluegrass Festival on April 27 and 28, 1974, in San Rafael, CA.  With this band, Jerry Garcia is primarily a background singer and banjo player assuming an important role in a group effort of an all-star line up of musicians. Jerry Garcia’s voice is very well suited for bluegrass as he tackles the lead vocals on “White Dove.” His back up singing is heard throughout the disc blending perfectly with lead vocalist Peter Rowan. 

One of the strongest songs on the CD is an outstanding instrumental written by Vassar Clements called ”Kissimmee.” Clements does give Garcia and Grisman each a chance to solo, but they are shown up by his proficient playing. Also strong is the closing tune on the disc “The Land of the Navajo.”  In addition to the typical banjo, mandolin, and fiddle jams, this song has a soulful vocal solo by Peter Rowan. 

The first release by Old and in the Way is a classic. by Barry Small 
Grade  B +

Old and in the Way Featuring  Jerry Garcia  - musicians
Track List

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1. Pig in a Pen (Traditional) - 2:53
2. Midnight Moonlight (Rowan) - 6:17
3. Old and in the Way (Grisman) - 3:05
4. Knockin' on Your Door (Traditional) - 3:36
5. The Hobo Song (Bonus) - 5:05
6. Panama Red (Rowan) - 2:57
7. Wild Horses (Jagger / Richards) - 4:19
8. Kissimmee Kid (Clements) - 3:32
9. White Dove (Stanley) - 4:45
10. Land of the Navajo (Rowan) - 6:19

Old and in the Way Featuring  Jerry Garcia  - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - banjo, vocals
David Grisman - mandolin, vocals
Peter Rowan - guitar, vocals
Vassar Clements - fiddle
John Kahn - acoustic bass

Old and in the Way Featuring  Jerry Garcia  - review- Notes

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Label -  Round Records

Old and in the Way Featuring  Jerry Garcia  - review- Buy


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