Jerry On Broadway
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Jerry On Broadway

Jerry On Broadway

Lunt-Fontanne, NY  
Oct. 31 1987
The Best of the Rest
Jerry On Broadway of Garcia - Jerry Garcia review
Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band photos from 10/31/87

Pure Jerry - The Jerry Garcia vault series 

Jerry On Broadway review

Jerry On Broadway comes in two volumes, a four disc and a three disc package. 
October 31, 1987 - Four discs that  includes the complete acoustic and electric performances of both the matinee and evening shows. 
The Best of the Rest - A three disc compilation of the Broadway run, two electric and one acoustic. 

These Broadway shows were historic events that consisted of two sets. His acoustic band opened the shows performing a set of a variety of roots music including gospel, blues, and war-time songs that was followed by a set from his electric band. After the Broadway date, they came out West for some gigs and I was fortunate to see three performances. 

Personally, the biggest charm of the Broadway release is the acoustic material. In 1988 the Almost Acoustic disc formed a superb compilation of this material. Including it, now there are four discs of this bands material. From the Halloween shows, the two sets are similar to Almost Acoustic and many tracks are repeated, while most of the acoustic material from The Best Of the Rest has never been released.

The acoustic band on this tour was a one time line-up and they surely are enjoyable. Though, they were very similar in personnel to the 1964 band the Black Mountain Boys that featured Garcia (banjo), Rothman (guitar), and Nelson (mandolin). If this band was a more permanent ensemble they would have even stronger musical chops!  Related acoustic blues material.

Only one track, yet of my favorites tracks from Almost Acoustic is not repeated on this release, “Oh the Wind and Rain”; a song that also was performed by Garcia / Grisman on Shady Grove and performed at their concerts. On the subject of Garcia / Grisman, several other songs “I Ain't Never,” “Rosa Lee McFall,” “Two Soldiers,” and “Drifting Too Far From The Shore” (Old and in the Way) were performed by both line-ups.

From the 10/31 acoustic sets, Several songs were not on Almost Acoustic, “Short Life Of Trouble,” “Troubled In Mind,” “Bright Morning Stars,” “Good Night Irene,” “Two Soldiers,” If I Lose,” and "Ragged But Right.”

Jerry isn’t the only star in this band as Rothman and Kosek are outstanding instrumentalists. As a result, the songs filled with dazzling guitar, fiddle, dobro, and mandolin riffs and solos throughout. For more details about the acoustic music we invite you read our Almost Acoustic review. 

From the electric material there is very little overlap of songs among the four discs, and one song that is repeated, "Masterpiece" has a guest on the version from The Best Of the Rest. Referring to the releases featuring the line-up with Melvin Seals several new live renditions appear for the first time. At the top of the list is Bob Dylan's "Forever Young."  Also significant, IMO, are the two Van Morrison covers, "And It Stoned Me," and "Crazy Love," as well as an original, “Run For The Roses."

The Lunt-Fontanne : 10/31/87 set includes two complete electric sets. The matinee show is well played and offers my favorite track selection of the four electric discs.  Conversely, the evening matinee is my least favorite as it is so focused on Reggae with "Stop That Train," "The Harder They Come," and Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door." Though, it was likely appropriate for the holiday event to keep an upbeat, danceable mood rather than perform slow ballads or gospel songs. That aside, “Werewolves of London  Broadway" is a fun way to open the Halloween performance. They also perform a superb version of "Cats Down Under The Stars." However, "Let It Rock" is the star of this disc characterized by blistering energy.

The electric material from Lunt-Fontanne: The Best Of The Rest offers oodles of treasures. Disc one is a bit heavy on the Dylan material representing four songs. The first four tracks are certainly superb and are among the strongest electric material from Jerry On Broadway. The only rendition from the Broadway run of "I'll Take a Melody" (10/19) gets things off to a great start. Excellent, why didn't they delight audiences with this one on other dates?  Long overdue is a rendition of Dylan's "Forever Young." Its charm is vocal interaction between Jerry and the back-up vocalists, even though Jerry struggles with some of the high notes. Add to that the excellent dynamics and a strong instrumental. "Forever Young" floored me when I saw it live. For that matter, so did "Think," the next song, a rousing blues standard written by Jimmy McCracklin.

Bob Weir sat in on the last three tracks, two of which are Dylan songs. The three songs are also regular rotations in the Grateful Dead's repertoire and the versions performed by the Jerry Garcia band are ok, a nice rarity for collectors. Weir sings the two Dylan songs.  Also, I prefer the version of "Masterpiece" with Jerry singing from the matinee on the 10/31/87 package.

The second electric disc from Lunt-Fontanne: The Best Of The Rest is highlighted by some outstanding gospels songs; this line-up of the Jerry Garcia Band performed this style of music well. Both "Like a Road," and "Lucky Old Sun" are given outstanding treatment. The latter is followed by Morrison's "And It Stoned Me." A very pretty version with a melodic guitar solo that has one wonder, if the solo just follows the vocal line, how does it sound sooooo good? Thanks Jerry:).

So what is the bottom-line on Jerry on Broadway? Regarding the electric music, performance wise the material is a bit better than the previous three releases with this personnel, but the sound quality is vastly inferior. Regarding the acoustic material, as a big fan of this style of music I consider it essential.

If you can only afford one of the packages and can’t decide based upon the song selection, if you have Almost Acoustic, we’d recommend The Best Of The Rest, if you don’t, then get 10/31/87. Barry Small©
Grade B +  

Jerry On Broadway of Garcia  track list
Track List

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Lunt-Fontanne: October 31, 1987


Matinee (Acoustic)

1) I’ve Been All Around This World
2) I’m Troubled
3) Short Life Of Trouble
4) Band Introduction
5) Blue Yodel #9
6) Spike Driver Blues
7) Troubled In Mind
8) The Girl At The Crossroads Bar
9) Bright Morning Stars
10) Ripple
11) Good Night Irene


Matinee (Electric)

1) How Sweet It Is
2) They Love Each Other
3) When I Paint My Masterpiece
4) Dear Prudence
5) Run For The Roses
6) I Shall Be Released
7) My Sisters And Brothers
8) Midnight Moonlight
9) Crazy Love (Encore)


Evening (Acoustic)

1) Swing Low Sweet Chariot
2) Deep Elem Blues
3) Blue Yodel #9
4) Ballad Of Casey Jones
5) Two Soldiers
6) Band Introduction
7) Diamond Joe
8) Gone Home
9) Oh Babe,It Ain’t No Lie
10) If I Lose
11) Ragged But Right


Evening (Electric)

1) Werewolves Of London
2) Cats Under The Stars
3) Stop That Train
4) Let It Rock
5) Gomorrah
6) The Harder They Come
7) Knockin’ On Heavens Door
8) Deal
9) My Sisters And Brothers (Encore)

Lunt-Fontanne: Best of the Rest



1) I’ll Take A Melody
2) Forever Young
3) Think
4) The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
5) Simple Twist Of Fate
6) When I Paint My Masterpiece
7) Deal
8) All Along The Watchtower



1) Get Out Of My Life Woman
2) Like A Road
3) Mission In The Rain
4) Mississippi Moon
5) Evangeline
6) Lucky Old Sun
7) And It Stoned Me
8) Tangled Up In Blue



1) Rosa Lee McFall
2) Drifting With The Tide
3) Calling Your Bosses
4) I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail
5) Drifting Too Far From The Shore
6) I Ain’t Never
7) Band Introduction
8) It’s A Long Long Way (To The Top Of The World)
9) Ashes Of Love (Rehearsal)
10) Poison Love (Rehearsal)
11) I’m Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail

Jerry On Broadway of Garcia - Musicians

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Electric Band
Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Melvin Seals - organ, keyboards
David Kemper - drums
Gloria Jones - vocals
Jackie LaBranch - vocals

Acoustic Band
Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
David Nelson - guitar, vocals
Sandy Rothman - mandolin, dobro, banjo, vocals
John Kahn - acoustic bass
Kenny Kosek - fiddle (Kosek was not at all of the shows.)

David Kemper - snare drum

Please visit our New Riders of the Purple Sage. We're sure you'll like it.

Jerry On Broadway of Garcia  - Notes

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A Pure Jerry release.

Both releases feature detailed liner notes by Blair Jackson, author of Garcia: An American Life, photographs, and some fascinating artwork, including pages from the band and crew's behind-the-scenes newsletter, never before published.

Jerry Garcia's Musical Roots: Jerry's Banjo Years
by Sandy Rothman

From the Jerry Garcia website.
" is proud to announce two very special new releases in our Pure Jerry series of live concert recordings. These exclusive multi-CD packages celebrate one of Jerry's many musical highs: Jerry Garcia Band's spectacular two-week run on Broadway in New York City in October, 1987.


In October 1987, Jerry Garcia and his colleagues turned on the bright lights of Broadway with a record-setting 18 performance engagement at New York's Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: "Jerry on Broadway: Acoustic & Electric" was masterminded by impresario Bill Graham and featured two acts: Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band and Jerry Garcia Band.

Word spread that every show was special, confirmed by the rabid howls of you werewolves who wrote to with demands for the release of the "Jerry on Broadway" run. Show after show, the acoustic band ran through a captivating variety: old timey, spiritual, cowboy, string band, war ballads -- the music at the roots of Jerry's expansive musical vision. Then, after an intermission, Jerry Garcia Band returned with electrifying sets revealing the musicians in peak form. The engagement culminated with matinee and evening shows on Halloween, a wild night by all accounts.


Lunt-Fontanne, New York City: October 31, 1987 contains every note of Jerry Garcia's matinee and evening performances on Halloween, a four-disc set, two discs each of acoustic and electric Jerry.


Lunt-Fontanne, New York City: "The Best of the Rest" is a three-disc compilation culled from the two-week engagement, with two discs of electric JGB and a single disc of all the acoustic songs not performed on Halloween."

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Photos from 10/31/87

Gregg Nixon©

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band photo - 10/31/87
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