How Sweet It Is
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 How Sweet It Is 

How Sweet it is -  Jerry Garcia

 1990 (1997)
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How Sweet it is - Jerry Garcia review

How Sweet It Is review

This release is a compilation from several different shows from the Jerry Garcia Band that are from the Warfield Theater in San Francisco from various dates in 1990. Like it’s predecessor Jerry Garcia (Live), How Sweet It Is a fantastic follow-up. While the songs are from various dates, they are sequenced as if it was a set from one of their concerts, albeit, a bit longer than average. 

Of the ten songs from the CD, Garcia only penned two. The cover songs range in typical Jerry Garcia Band diversity encompassing Blues, Reggae, Gospel, Rock, and of course, some Bob Dylan songs. The two originals are both from Garcia’s Cat’s Down Under the Stars release with these versions, not surprising, easily topping the studio versions. 

The release is packed with goodies from start to finish. The final two songs from this CD are fantastic. The rock ‘n’ roll number  “Tore Up Over You” will delight you no doubt; the song is power charged featuring excellent guitar soloing, a la, Jerry Garcia. The band slows down for the final number in a heartfelt version of “Like a Road” that highlights the great vocal contributions from Gloria Jones and Jackie LaBranch.  

Other gems include a blues based remake of the Motown hit “That’s What Love Will Make You Do," and solid versions of his originals "Cats Down Under the Stars," and "Gomorrah."

The song selection, performance and sound quality of the CD How Sweet It Is make it a necessary addition to a Jerry Garcia collection. 
by Barry Small ©

How Sweet it is-  track list
Track List

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1. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) (Dozier / Holland) - 6:20
2. Tough Mama (Dylan) - 5:41
3. That's What Love Will Make You Do (Banks / Marion / Thigpen) - 8:03
4. Someday Baby (Hopkins) - 8:54
5. Cats Under the Stars (Garcia / Hunter) - 8:59
6. Tears of Rage (Dylan / Manuel) - 7:54
7. Think (McCracklin) - 7:18
8. Gomorrah (Garcia / Hunter) - 6:38
9. Tore Up Over You (Ballard) - 7:19
10. Like a Road (Nix / Penn) - 10:12

How Sweet it is - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Melvin Seals - organ, keyboards
David Kemper - drums
Gloria Jones - vocals
Jackie LaBranch - vocals

How Sweet it is - Notes

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Label -  Arista Records

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