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Hooteroll - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia

Hooteroll + 2 
(with bonus tracks)
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Hooteroll + 2 
In September 2010 an expanded edition of Hooteroll was released with two additional live tracks and the addition of a studio track, that was on the LP, but was left of the original CD. I have the first CD edition, but plan to get the at least the two bonus tracks. After hearing the Flying Burrito Brothers (FBB) version of "She Once Lived Here" this became a favorite song and would love to hear Garcia sing this one. The FBB's opened for the Grateful Dead the night of this CD release, April 4 and April 6, 1969. I wonder if that gave Jerry the idea for the song or if he took his idea for George Jones. 

Product Description
This new version is a replacement for ASIN: B0009839DI, which is now deleted.

The new version is a MUST HAVE CD FOR FANS OF THE GRATEFUL DEAD AND JERRY GARCIA. Includes two previously unreleased bonus tracks, SHE ONCE LIVED HERE AND SWEET COCAINE, recorded live in 1972, and A TRIP TO WHAT NEXT, from the original LP, on CD for the first time! Six-page digi-pak
features liner notes by Robert Gardiner. Brand new enhanced, repackaged reissue of this classic features a cover painting by Abdul Mati Klarwein.

* The bonus tapes from the Hooteroll Tour give us a chance to hear Garcia & Wales, playing before a live audience and having a great time.

* A classic, this record is Jerry Garcia's first non-Grateful Dead work!

* Special digipak reissue never available before in America features stunning art by Mati Klarwein.

* Hooteroll? shows early-era Dead influence, yet incorporates the years of experience accrued by Garcia. Some very unique music is created in this session, and lets the listener see how Garcia could branch out to do something different--more experimental, more off-the-cuff, and more spontaneous.

* Using a seven-piece band and implementing organs, sax, trumpet, guitars, bass, and drums, kaleidoscopic musical waves and journeys combine to make a very diverse and jam-
filled record.

Label - Douglas Records

Hooteroll + 2 Hooteroll + 2 
Hooteroll - Howard Wales and Jerry Garcia- review Older edition

Hooteroll  review

Hooteroll is more of a Howard Wales album with Jerry Garcia as a guest than a Garcia release. If you are looking for the trademark Garcia tone you will not find it here.  In fact, the keyboards are more dominant than guitar. That said, the album shows a different side of Garcia and it has much to offer. This is the first major recording under the name Jerry Garcia outside of the Grateful Dead. Noteworthy is that this is the first meeting between Jerry Garcia and saxophone player Martin Fierro; later he would play in Legion of Mary, as well as help out on a few tracks for the Grateful Dead's album Wake of the Flood and perform at some east coast shows during their fall 1973 tour.  

The all-instrumental CD has many fine moments such as the mellow “DaBirg Song” featuring fine acoustic guitar and piano work accompanied by Martin Fierro’s flute. The upbeat tune “Uncle Martin’s” is short in duration on this CD; it is a perfect tune for improvisation. Likely, this song was the foundation of extended jams during their 1970 jam sessions.  

This is not a jazz classic or ultimate Garcia; however, it has plenty of good pieces.  The 1987 Compact disc release added two songs that were not on the original. by Barry Small