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Compliments of  Garcia 

Compliments of  - Jerry Garcia

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Compliments of Garcia - Jerry Garcia review

Compliments of Garcia review

Compliments is an interesting CD as it does not have any original Jerry Garcia compositions, but instead is a collection of cover songs. Most of the tracks from this CD were selected by bassist John Kahn with the exception of Irving Berlin’s “Russian Lullaby,” which was selected by Jerry Garcia. The original album was released in 1974 with ten tracks, and the 2004 remastered expands the number to 20. Also from that session are three alternative takes available on Outtakes, Jams, and Alternatives, and two tracks that were used for 1982's album Run For the Roses

The personnel used includes a combination of session players and regulars from various Jerry Garcia bands, such as Ron Tutt, Merl Saunders, John Kahn, David Grisman, Vassar Clements,  Richard Greene, and Maria Muldaur. Regarding the session musicians, pianist Michael Omartian is featured abundantly and is incredible, he really makes this album great. A few guitarists help too. Larry Carlton is a much sought after session player and was used extensively by Steely Dan. His fills on "When the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game" are superb as is his rhythm playing on Van Morrison's "He Ain't Give You None." Another guitarist making his appearance count is Arthur Adams who really complements Jerry and is not shy. There are a whole host of other musicians used including many horn players.

Separating the original 10 tracks from the bonus material it is hard to say which is better, a testament to the strength of the bonus material. The original album is more polished and offers more full arrangements with horns and extra overdubs, where the bonus tracks are typically a smaller band. The diversity of the material performed is wide that includes rock, jazz, swing, bluegrass, blues, Motown, pop, etc. 

The album starts out with some good old rock 'n roll with a Chuck Berry song that displays horns and piano as much as guitar. Several Motown tracks are tackled, notably "That's What Love Will Do For You," with a trademark Garcia solo that while short, in a live setting could go and on. 

Two of the strongest bonus tracks display the strength of guitarist Arthur Adams. The blues standard "Think" offers a solid instrumental section, and "Lonesome Town" includes the longest jamming on the album. 

Two of the softer ballad songs are among my favorites "It's Too Late," and "Tragedy." These both display singing in a tone not often displayed by Garcia, with superb piano and melodic guitar backing. Both are very pretty songs. This personnel line-up also tackled the Jimmy Reed blues cut "It's a Sin;" a song the Grateful Dead played a handful times including a commercial version available on Dicks Picks 26.

The track "Back Home In Indiana" is a gypsy based acoustic number in the style of Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli. The song is certainly good, but is no replacement for Django himself. The acoustic band from 1974 that Garcia and Grisman played in, The Great American String Band,  performed some material in this style. 

Another song in the style of Django is Irving Berlin’s “Russian Lullaby.”  Perhaps my favorite song on the album. While "Back Home In Indiana" is a pure Django imitation, this is has more of a Jerry feel to it and is more successful. 

If you care to venture into the original renditions of this material we have some details in our roots section.

Jerry Garcia's album of cover songs, Compliments, is great music and is a generous 76 minutes. by Barry Small © 

Garcia box-set: All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions  

Compliments of Garcia  track list
Track List

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1. Let It Rock (Berry) - 3:12
2. When the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game 
   (Robinson) - 2:46
3. That's What Love Will Make You Do 
    (Banks / Marion / Thigpen) - 3:42
4. Russian Lullaby (Berlin) - 3:04
5. Turn on the Bright Lights (Washington) - 5:04
6. He Ain't Give You None (Morrison) - 3:25
7. What Goes Around (Rebbenach a.k.a. Dr. John) - 3:07
8. Let's Spend the Night Together (Jagger / Richards) - 3:40
9. Mississippi Moon (Rowan) - 3:06
10. Midnight Town (Hunter / Kahn) - 3:12

Bonus Material
That’s A Touch I Like
(I’m A) Road Runner
It’s Too Late
I’ll Forget You
I Know It’s A Sin
Lonesome Town
Cardiac Arrest (Studio Jam)
Back Home In Indiana

Initially, the bonus tracks were only available in The Garcia box set, All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions released in April 2004. In April 2005 they were sold as individual discs. 

Compliments of Garcia - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass
Ron Tutt - drums

Other Studio musicians

Arthur Adams - guitar
Larry Carlton - guitar 
Michael Omartian - piano
Merl Saunders - organ 
     (Merl Saunders and Jerry Garcia, Legion of Mary, etc.)
Maria Muldaur - vocals 
    (Jerry Garcia Band, Cats Down Under the Stars)
Richard Greene - violin 
     (early Old and in the Way, Great American String Band)
David Grisman - mandolin 
     (Old and in the Way, Great American String Band, 
      Garcia and Grisman)
Vassar Clements - violin 
     (Old and in the Way)

and many other session players.

Compliments of Garcia  - Notes

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Label - Round Records
Remastered by Rhino 2004

This album was initialed called Garcia, as was the first CD. For the 1989 reissue it was re-titled Compliments of Garcia to avoid confusion. 

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The roots of Compliments - A history
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Let it Rock
Chuck Berry
When the Hunter Gets Captured ...
The Marvelettes
That's What Love Will Make You Do
Little Milton
Compliments of Garcia  - Buy
Russian Lullaby
Russian Lullaby
Ella Fitzgerald
Turn on the Bright Lights
Albert Washington
Compliments of Garcia  - Buy
He Ain't Give You None
V. Morrison
What Goes Around
Dr. John
Let's Spend the Night Together
Rolling Stones
Compliments of Garcia  - Buy
Mississippi Moon
Old and In the Way
That's a Touch
J. Winchester
(I'm A) Road Runner
Junior Walker & the All Stars
Compliments of Garcia  - Buy
It's Too Late
Chuck Willis
I'll Forget You
Dick Haymes
The Fleetwoods
Compliments of Garcia  - Buy
Jimmy McCracklin
It's a Sin
Jimmy Reed
Lonesome Town
Rick Nelson
Compliments of Garcia  - Buy
Back Home in Indiana
Red Nichols & His Five Pennies
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