Cats Under the Stars
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Cats Under the Stars 

Cats Down Under the Stars- Jerry Garcia

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Cats Down Under the Stars - Jerry Garcia review

Cats Under the Stars review

Cats Down Under the Stars is the fourth studio Jerry Garcia solo album, but in many ways his first. The first Garcia solo album was more of a Grateful Dead release, though a few of the songs from it such as “Deal” and “Sugaree” were also played with his electric band, and his second CD Compliments had no original Garcia compositions. The third CD Reflections is half Grateful Dead and half Jerry Garcia Band material, and of the Garcia band material only one song was an original. Also, Cats Down Under the Stars is the first CD to be under the name Jerry Garcia Band; the first three were just under the name Jerry Garcia.  

This CD has offers some of the better Jerry Garcia Band original compositions. It includes four songs that went on to be regular concert rotations, "Rueben and Cherise," "Cats Down Under The Stars," "Gomorrah," and "Rhapsody in Red." The disc starts out with “Rubin and Cherise” which has a catchy melody. Garcia throws out chilling “Shakedown Street” style tones during the instrumental. 

Cats Down Under the Stars features some material that fit this line-up which featured Grateful Dead keyboardist Keith Godchaux and his wife Donna on vocals.  Several of songs highlight female singers playing a lead role rather than just singing back up including Donna Godchaux’s “Rain” that she excels on.  

Cat’s Down Under the Stars is a solid release with some of the best Jerry Garcia Band original songs. by Barry Small © 
Grade  B +

Cats Down Under the Stars bonus material

The bonus material on Cats Down Under the Stars is comprised of some studio sessions from November 1976, and a few outtakes and alternate tracks from the Cats Down Under the Stars album sessions, both with basically the same band. 

One primary difference between the sound of the album and the bonus material is that album is much more polished, using electronic keyboards and Garcia uses a whole host of tonal effects, where as the bonus material sticks more to piano and a clean guitar attack.

"I'll Be With Thee" is a beautiful gospel song that highlights Donna on vocals with Keith playing melodic piano that form the foundation, with sweet inspiring guitar runs. The alternative take of "Palm Sunday" offers a similar foundation, but Jerry's fills are with his voice rather than guitar.

Two concert favorites, "The Way You Do The Things You Do," and "Don't Let Go" are included. Both songs have great vocals that feature both Jerry and Donna; during "The Way You Do These Things To Me" they sing together, while the latter they primarily sing alternative verses. The guitar and piano are infectiously in synch. To end "The Way You Do The Things You Do" they show inferences of stretching out. Meanwhile, the rendition of "Don't Let Go" includes a full fledge jam with the track lasting nearly 16 minutes yielding some prime JGB.

Arguably the bonus material from Cats Down Under the Stars is  among the best music of all the studio albums in the 2004 box set re-mastering. However, it is not rare or unique material so perhaps not as meaningful or essential. Stunning live versions of many of these tracks with the same line-up from a 1976 concert are on the Don't Let Go album. 

Garcia box-set: All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions  

Cats Down Under the Stars  track list
Track List

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1. Rubin and Cherise (Garcia / Hunter) - 5:16
2. Love in the Afternoon (Hunter / Kahn) - 4:08
3. Palm Sunday (Garcia / Hunter) - 2:19
4. Cats Under the Stars (Garcia / Hunter) - 5:27
5. Rhapsody in Red (Garcia / Hunter / Kahn) - 5:10
6. Rain (Godchaux) - 5:51
7. Down Home (Kahn) - 1:46
8. Gomorrah (Garcia / Hunter) - 5:12

Bonus Material
Magnificent Sanctuary Band
I’ll Be With Thee
The Way You Do The Things You Do
Mighty High
Don’t Let Go
Down Home (Rehearsal Version)
Palm Sunday (Alternate Take)

Initially, the bonus tracks were only available in The Garcia box set, All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions released in April 2004. In April 2005 they were sold as individual discs. 

Cats Down Under the Stars - Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals
John Kahn - bass, keyboards, guitars
Ron Tutt - drums, percussion
Keith Godchaux - keyboard, vocals
Merl Saunders - organ
Maria Muldaur - vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals
Steve Schuster - flute, clarinet, saxophone
Brian Godchaux - violin
Candy Godchaux - violin

Cats Down Under the Stars - Notes

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Label -  Arista Records
Remastered by Rhino 2004

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