Dozin' at the Knick
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Dozin at the Knick Dozin_at_the_Knick_Grateful_Dead

March 24 - 26, 1990 

Albany, NY


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Dozin' at the Knick review  

Dozin' at the Knick review

When I heard Dozin’ at the Knick I was surprised at how good it is. It includes a compilation of three concerts performed March 24 – 26, 1990, at the Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, NY.  The CD is put together extremely well as far song selection and filling the discs to capacity giving maximum value.  It is Brent's last year before his untimely death, and Dozin’ at the Knick does great justice to him. It showcases his ability to play melodic runs or add the colorful tones, and features several of his compositions. 

Dozin’ at the Knick’s first disc is set one material compiled from all three nights. The selected songs are not my A list, but they are well played. My favorite part is the three-song sequence of "Never Trust A Woman," " When I Paint My Masterpiece," and "Row Jimmy."

Included on Dozin’ at the Knick is the whole second set and encore from the March 24 show. It begins on the second disc and continues on the third. The second disc is the best one. It certainly has the most exploratory and improvisational pieces. You can almost count on a "Playing In the Band" > "Uncle Johns Band" to be worthwhile and this one is. However, of particular note is a superb "Terrapin Station" and even better is the "Jam" that follows.  

The third disc of Dozin’ at the Knick begins with the conclusion of the second set from March 24, which is good, but not as interesting and the first part of the set. The remainder of the disc is from March 25, the after "Space” portion. It includes marvelous music, including the catchy  "Going down the Road Feeling Bad" into the slide guitar laden "Black Peter."  The version of "Around and Around" is full of energy and has an interesting ending to it.  The encore, Brokedown Palace, from the March 26 show is a perfect ending to a great disc.   

Dozin’ at the Knick is superb, no question. by Barry Small © 

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Dozin' at the Knick review
Track List

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Disc 1
1. Hell in a Bucket (Barlow / Weir) - 6:58
 2. Dupree's Diamond Blues (Garcia / Hunter / Lesh) - 5:58
 3. Just a Little Light (Barlow / Hydland) - 4:51
 4. Walkin' Blues (Johnson) - 6:53
 5. Jack-A-Roe (Traditional) - 4:29
 6. Never Trust a Woman (Mydland) - 7:39
 7. When I Paint My Masterpiece (Dylan) - 5:54
 8. Row Jimmy (Garcia / Hunter) - 11:20
 9. Blow Away (Barlow / Mydland) - 11:39

Disc 2
 1. Playing in the Band (Hart / Hunter / Weir) - 10:11
 2. Uncle John's Band (Garcia / Hunter) - 10:05
 3. Lady With a Fan (Garcia / Hunter) - 6:50
 4. Terrapin Station (Garcia / Hunter) - 6:32
 5. Mud Love Buddy Jam (Grateful Dead) - 7:52
 6. Drums (Hart / Kreutzmann) - 9:41
 7. Space (Garcia / Lesh / Weir) - 9:38

Disc 3
 1. Space (Garcia / Lesh / Weir) - 1:04
 2. The Wheel (Garcia / Hunter) - 4:44
 3. All Along the Watchtower (Dylan) - 7:42
 4. Stella Blue (Garcia / Hunter) - 8:39
 5. Not Fade Away (Holly / Petty) - 9:42
 6. And We Bid You Goodnight (Traditional) - 2:52
 7. Space (Garcia / Lesh / Mydland / Weir) - :43
 8. I Will Take You Home (Barlow / Mydland) - 5:16
 9. Goin' Down the Road Feeling Bad (Traditional) - 6:53
10. Black Peter (Garcia / Hunter) - 9:15
11. Around and Around (Berry) - 7:17
12. Brokedown Palace (Garcia / Hunter) - 5:54

Dozin' at the Knick review

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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Brent Mydland - keyboards vocals
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Mickey Hart - drums

Dozin' at the Knick review

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Released - October 1996
From twenty-four track multi source master tape.
Tape Archivist - Dick Latvala
Label - Grateful Dead Records

March 24, 1990 

Walkin' Blues
Playing In The Band
Uncle John's Band
Lady With A Fan
Terrapin Station
Mud Love Buddy Jam
The Wheel
All Along The Watchtower
Stella Blue
Not Fade Away
And We Bid You Goodnight

March 25, 1990 

Never Trust A Woman
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Space (part)
I Will Take You Home,
Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad
Black Peter
Around And Around

March 26, 1990 

Hell in A Bucket
Dupree's Diamond Blues
Just A Little Light
Row Jimmy
Blow Away
Brokedown Palace

Dozin' at the Knick review

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Dozin' at the Knick was one of the first vault releases, and while it's not perfect, it's the best place to look for late period Mydland material. The first set has some great stuff and some that is awful. I never liked "Never Trust a Woman," "Walkin' Blues," "Jack-a-Roe,"  or "Just a Little light," and these versions don't change my mind. Faring much better, is an explosive "Hell in a Bucket," and cool Pigpen like rap in "Blow Away."

Disc two, most of the second set of 3-24, is note for note perfect, with a great "MLB" jam after "Terrapin Station." Even the "Drums" > "Space" section is interesting, unlike other performances from this period. The third disc is two post-space sections, and the first is much better than the second, with a rocking "Watchtower," gentle "Stella Blue," and not-as-boring-as-usual "Not Fade Away." A highlight is how the crowd sings "You know my love will not fade away" until the band appears once again to sing a rare "And We Bid You Goodnight."  All things considered, Dozin' at the Knick is a very accessible release, and should be the first place one looks for early 90's dead. by Zack Smith

Dozin' at the Knick review