Dick's Picks 33
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Dick's Picks Volume 33 Dick's Picks Volume 33 - Grateful Dead
10/9 and 10/10, 1976 
Oakland, CA
Order: GDM | Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks, Vol. 33: Oakland Coliseum Stadium, Oakland, CA 10/9-10/76 (Live)

Dick's Picks 33 review

Dick's Picks 33 

Dick's Picks 33 serves up four discs from Bill Graham's historic Day On The Green shows on a double bill with The Who on 10/9 and 10/10/76 at Oakland Stadium in Oakland, CA. Included are both of the Grateful Dead shows in their entirety from the original two-track source tape. On a historical note, The Grateful Dead and The Who both appeared at the Monterey International Pop Festival and Woodstock. At Monterey, they were sandwiched between The Who and Jimi Hendrix.

First off, this release has superb sound quality picking up every little nuance as the band creates their music. How nice to hear the different members contributions so clear or just the clarity of the instrument tone. The only negative on a general basis is that I am not the biggest fan of 1976 drumming. This release is very high-hat heavy. Still, I enjoyed Dick's Picks 33 immensely.

The band hit gold in both the first and second sets on both nights. Not too many weak moments, perhaps "Cassidy" doesn't hit the level it would in 1977 and "Not Fade Away" seems to drag on. Overall, very upbeat energetic performances.

Set one of 10/9 has a great set list, especially the Garcia led numbers. The performance of "Mississippi Half-Step" is fantastic. When "Scarlet Begonias" appears one may think the set is ending or close to it. No, though deliver "Lazy Lightning" > "Supplication" and then "Sugaree." While these renditions are not definitive, they are all solid. Weir delivers too, the "New Minglewood Blues" is outstanding (I am not kidding).

Set two has many interesting passages as can be inferred by the set list. So did they execute. Absolutely. To start the set, we have a common sandwich of "St. Stephen" > "Not Fade Away" > "St. Stephen" that energetically sets the tone. Things get much more interesting when then incorporate "Drums" and "Samson and Delilah" within their suite of "Help / Slip / Franklin's." The transitions are thrilling and exceptional. Further, some of jams are inspired. By the time "Samson" is complete the audience forgot that "Franklin's Tower" was supposed be played there. So they bust into a jam that eventually identifies itself as "Slipknot." The audience had no idea this was coming and the knockout punch with "Franklin's Tower,"  a version that really hits its stride, bustling with power and melody. 

The next day set one is again solid. A Jerry song starts things  with a stunning take of "Might As Well" that is surely a highlight. They sure pack a lot into five minutes during "Deal" too. "Loser," is excellent; with careful attention to the drumming one will notice how in tune they are with the dynamics of the song. They continue in synch with "Promised Land." The interplay before Jerry's solo really highlights out the nuances, with Keith, Jerry, and Bobby adding their fills, behind a united rhythm. 

The highlight of set one is "Dancing In The Streets." At the end of the instrumental Jerry pulls out a slide and features some teases of " Mind Left Body." At this point Phil is leaning towards transitioning into "Cosmic Charlie," but Jerry opts to somehow lead his fingers through the melody of "Wharf Rat" and the band is right with him, overruling Phil. An amazing transition. After "Wharf Rat" Bobby leads the back into  > "Dancing." Upon Bobby's announcement that they will be back, Jerry lead the band through a few measures of "Cosmic Charlie" teases.

Set two of the 10/10 performance is the most typical of a live Grateful Dead concert. While the three other sets from Dick's Picks 33 are characterized by a fast pace, this set journeys through dynamics with some rock, space, and ballads. It too focuses a theme on sandwiching tracks, this time it is "Playing in the Band." Certainly an exceptional set. A careful ear will notice inferences from their Blues For Allah album within both "Space" and the second part of "Playing in the Band."

If you are seeking the Grateful Dead seeking deep exploratory regions or ballads, Dick's Picks 33 is light in those realms. Sure it hits in those areas, notably disc 4. Rather, its focus is more straight ahead rock and many seamless transitions. This release will have you reaching to increase the volume.
by Barry Small  

Grade  A 

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Dick's Picks 33 review
Track List

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Oakland Stadium, Oakland, CA
Disc One - Set 1
Promised Land
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo
Tennessee Jed
Looks Like Rain
They Love Each Other
New Minglewood Blues
Scarlet Begonias
Lazy Lightnin'>

Disc Two - Set 2
St. Stephen>
Not Fade Away>
St. Stephen>
Help On The Way>
Samson and Delilah>
Franklin's Tower>
One More Saturday Night
U.S. Blues

Disc Three - Set 1

Might As Well
Mama Tried
Ramble On Rose
El Paso
Promised Land
Friend of the Devil
Dancing In The Streets>
Wharf Rat>
Dancing In The Streets

Disc Four - Set 2
Samson and Delilah
Brown-Eyed Women
Playing In The Band>
The Wheel>
The Other One>
Stella Blue>
Playing In The Band>
Sugar Magnolia
Johnny B. Goode

Dick's Picks 33 review

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Jerry Garcia - Lead guitar, vocals
Donna Jean Godchaux - Vocals
Keith Godchaux - Piano
Mickey Hart - Drums
Bill Kreutzmann - Drums
Phil Lesh - Electric bass, vocals
Bob Weir - Rhythm guitar, vocals

Dick's Picks 33 notes

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Released - 11/2004
Label - Grateful Dead 
Tape Archivist - David Lemieux
CD Mastering - Jeffrey Norman

The liner notes are quite generous featuring loads of photos and newspaper article reprints.

Photos by: Richard McCaffrey, Ed Perlstein, and Steve Schneider.

HDCD provides higher resolution when played in an HDCD-equipped CD player, and offers superior sound when played in regular CD players. HDCD CDs can be played in all CD players.

Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 33 review
Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 33 review