Dick's Picks 32
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Dick's Picks Volume 32 Dick's Picks Volume 32 - Grateful Dead

Aug. 7, 1982

 Alpine Valley ~ East Troy, WI
Order: GDM | Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks, Vol. 32: Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI 8/7/82

Dick's Picks 32 review

Dick's Picks 32 review 

Dick's Picks 32 is a concert from their 8/7/82, performance at Alpine Valley in East Troy, WI; a two-disc set. The encore is at the end of the first set for space considerations. Alpine Valley was a great spot to see the Grateful dead, and continues today to be a fan favorite venue for The Dead. My good fortune allowed me to see three Grateful Dead shows there in 1986. Their DVD, Downhill From Here, is also from Alpine Valley.  

The first set is solid and starts out blazing. The opener, a sandwich  of "The Music Never Stopped" > "Sugaree" > "The Music Never Stopped" includes many highpoints, and was likely one of the show aspects to warrant it as a release. The transition to "Sugaree" is not completely smooth, but they got there. Thankfully, as it includes excellent jamming, notably the killer Jerry lead guitar using chords. The high ranking of this song couldn't be achieved by Jerry alone as the whole band is in perfect synch, with Bobby really hitting just the right complementary chords and riffs.

The other jamming vehicle of set one, "Let it Grow," is superb. Jerry treats us to "It Must Have Been The Roses" and a explosive "Althea," though, there are no shortages of commercial version of this track. Don't overlook the cowboy medley as "Big River" is played well.

The second of Dick's Picks 32 is a perfect representation of a sensational set from the era, with a set list very much to my liking. Outside of "Ship of Fools" that suffers from strained vocals, the whole set warrants attention. The set opens with the often played "China Cat Sunflower" > "I Know You Rider" that is executed exceptionally with Jerry rising to the occasion. In fact, he leads throughout the whole set, notably taking charge of the direction of the jam during "Playing in the Band," the transition from "Space" to the melodic song, "The Wheel," and exploding during "Morning Dew." Making its first appearance in the Dick's Picks series is "Man Smart Women Smarter;" the song did first appear in CD format on Bob Weir's excellent anthology Weir Here 

Overall Dick's Picks 32 is a strong show and is a welcome addition to the series. The sound quality is a bit below the usual standards. An a for performance, B for sonics. by Barry Small  
Grade  A -

Dick's Picks 32 track list
Track List

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Disc One:
The Music Never Stopped (4:19) Weir, Barlow
Sugaree (9:51) (Garcia, Hunter)
The Music Never Stopped (4:00) Weir, Barlow
Me And My Uncle (3:02) Phillips
Big River (6:12) Cash
It Must Have Been The Roses (5:51) Hunter
C.C. Rider (7:34) Trad. arranged by Grateful Dead
Ramble On Rose (7:31) Garcia, Hunter
Beat It On Down The Line (3:11) Fuller
On The Road Again (3:04) Trad. arranged by Grateful Dead
Althea (7:56) Garcia, Hunter
Let It Grow (11:39) Weir, Barlow

U.S. Blues (5:16) Garcia, Hunter

Disc Two:
China Cat Sunflower (6:42) Garcia, Hunter
I Know You Rider (7:43) Trad. arranged by Grateful Dead
Man Smart, Woman Smarter (8:29) Span
Ship Of Fools (6:39) Garcia, Hunter
Playing In The Band (11:15) Weir, Hart, Hunter
Drums (5:31) Hart, Kreutzmann
Space (5:31) Garcia, Lesh, Weir
The Wheel (5:51) Garcia, Kreutzmann, Hunter
Playing In The Band (4:09) Weir, Hart, Hunter
Morning Dew (10:11) Dobson, Rose
One More Saturday Night (4:59) Weir

Dick's Picks 32  Musicians

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Jerry Garcia - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mickey Hart Drums
Bill Kreutzmann Drums
Phil Lesh - Bass, Vocals
Brent Mydland - Keyboards, Vocals
Bob Weir - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals

Dick's Picks 32 Notes and Credits

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Released - August 2004
Label - Grateful Dead 
Tape Archivist - David Lemieux
CD Mastering - Jeffrey Norman

Caveat Emptor:

By now, after 11 years and 31 previous volumes of Dick's Picks, most of you ignore these dire audio warnings. Therefore, every once in a while I need to remind you of the inherent problems of some of our music sources. The master for Alpine 8-7-82, is a cassette...yes, the lowly forgotten cassette. It is quite well preserved, but it is a sonically limited cassette. In addition to that, because of overriding considerations at the time of the show, this mix is bass instrument shy. That being said, this is a great show, and that's the foremost DP consideration, right? So, let the music and performance jump out and grab you, and enjoy! - Jeffrey Norman

Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks 32 review