Dick's Picks 23
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Dick's Picks Volume 23 Dick's_Picks_ Volume_23_Grateful_Dead

September 17, 1972

Baltimore Civic Center ~ MD

Dick's Picks direct from the GD 
Order: Grateful Dead - Dick's Picks, Vol. 23: Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD 9/17/72

Dick's Picks 23 review

The music from Dick’s Picks Volume 23 is a complete concert performed September 17, 1972, at the Baltimore Civic Center in Baltimore, MD.  The first CD of Dick’s Picks 23 begins set one that starts in high gear and does not let up.  They run through outstanding versions of many great songs.  "Friend of the Devil" is played in the up tempo style similar to the studio version.  Personally, I prefer the slower rendition of the later years, though, this one is a welcome change of pace. There are many more high moments here most notable, a great version of "Bird Song"; great "New Speedway Boogie" tease just after the 9:00 mark.

The second disc of Dick’s Picks 23 continues the first set with its last two songs.  The “Playing in the Band" is top notch with great extended jamming.  The "Casey Jones" is noteworthy as the song improves with Keith in the mix. At the end of the song when the boys are throwing those power chords out of their instruments, Keith pours out melodic riff after riff.  

The second set starts out with "Truckin’" and it is a gem.  It takes a more bluesy tone than usual and even has a bluesy rhythm during the instrumental.  The "Mississippi Half Step" is still in its infancy as it debuted July 16, 1972; I heard the July 26 version on tape and there is no ending instrumental.  Here they begin to develop the song and it has quite a good jam to finish the song. 

The third disc of Dick’s Picks 23 continues the second set and contains the meat of the show, with “The Other One” clocking in at close to forty minutes.  This version goes in many different directions and will certainly not disappoint fans of their exploratory songs. This leads to a stunning version of “Sing Me Back Home.”  

After hearing Dick’s Picks 23 I have two questions.  First, why don’t I listen to more from 1972?  Second, what took the Grateful Dead so long to release this?  The answer to both questions is there is so much good stuff to choose from, a good problem to have!

Dick Pick’s 23 is a top shelf.  by Barry Small © 

Track List

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Disc 1
1. Promised Land (Berry)
  2. Sugaree (Garcia/Hunter)
  3. Black-Throated Wind (Weir/Barlow)
  4. Friend Of The Devil (Garcia/Dawson/Hunter)
  5. El Paso (Robbins)
  6. Bird Song (Garcia/Hunter)
  7. Big River (Cash)
  8. Tennessee Jed (Garcia/Hunter)
  9. Mexicali Blues (Weir/Barlow)
 10 China Cat Sunflower (Garcia/Hunter)
 11. I Know You Rider (Trad. Arr. By Grateful Dead)

Disc 2
  1. Playing In The Band (Weir/Hart/Hunter)
  2. Casey Jones (Garcia/Hunter)
  3. Truckin' (Garcia/Lesh/Weir/Hunter)
  4. Loser (Garcia/Hunter)
  5. Jack Straw (Weir/Hunter)
  6. Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo (Garcia/Hunter)
  7. Me and My Uncle (Phillips)

Disc 3
1. He's Gone (Garcia/Hunter)
  2. The Other One (Weir/Kreutzmann)
  3. Sing Me Back Home (Haggard)
  4. Sugar Magnolia (Weir/Hunter)
  5. Uncle John's Band (Garcia/Hunter)


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Jerry Garcia - lead guitar, vocals
Bob Weir - guitar, vocals
Phil Lesh - bass, vocals
Keith Godchaux - piano
Bill Kreutzmann - percussion
Donna Jean Godchaux - vocals


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Released 2001
Tape Archivists - Dick Latvala, David Lemieux
Label - Grateful Dead Merchandise