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Grateful Dead bootleg reviews and recommendations


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Grateful Dead

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Grateful Dead bootleg reviews and recommendations

Ramble On Joe: 

Ramble On Joe has been kind enough to write about of some of his Grateful Dead listening experiences. We hope you enjoy his commentary. 

For traders, we hope that this section will help you supplement your Dick's Picks collection with additional Grateful Dead musical treasures. 

This section will grow in time so stop back.

Current content includes era breakdown and individual show reviews. 
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Godchaux Era
Post Godchaux
G. Dead show reviews
Imaginary Studio Releases
JGB June 16 - 18, '82

Grateful Dead bootleg reviews and recommendations
Of course, these are just opinions based on an incomplete knowledge ;-) -- like anyone, I've focused more strongly on areas that interested me for one reason or another -- sometimes only by mere chance. So I welcome any additions / corrections / arguments from those who have spent time exploring / analyzing / thrilling to this great music!  Ramble On Joe
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Grateful Dead bootleg reviews and recommendations

Grateful Dead ~ 5/8/77 


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