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Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 9/3/89 - Philadelphia, PA

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia Band ~ Philadelphia, PA

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 9/3/89 - Philadelphia, PA

09.03.1989 Philadelphia Spectrum
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
12th JGB Performance of 1989
4th Show of JGB 1989 Fall Tour

After an amazing two week stretch in which Jerry was exceptional for nearly every song (8.19, 26.1989, and 9.1 and 9.2.1989), Mr. Garcia returned to Earth and landed in the Philly Rectum. This by no means was a poor JGB show, on the contrary, it was very well done and above average. But it was not, as a whole, exceptional.

The show starts with an above average How Sweet It Is. Jerry’s guitar progressions are pretty well done but lack an extra flavor. Seals delivers a strong organ solo, but the jam as a whole is a bit typical.

Next is a very strong version of Stop That Train. This version has a nice bounce to it through the song portion, and Jerry’s progressions during the main jam are loaded with flavor.

Jerry mixes things up next with Someday Baby. The song portion is very well done with a tight bluesy shuffle. The jam from Jerry is a bit tame though and fails to develop edges or teeth. The Seals solo is very well done.

Run For The Roses is also rather typical. It is flawless and catchy, but not memorable.

I Shall Be Released is next, and it is a nice, gentle version. The first solo is sweeping but not thrilling. The second solo is a bit more intense but still quite sedate. Overall, a – very calming and tame version.

Next is Sisters and Brothers, and as with most versions, this version is very well done and sweet.

The set ends with Deal. The song portion is very tight and the band seemed to be flying. The main jam has Jerry briskly running through progressions and attacking the jam. He reaches a few nice apexes and one main peak. While not entirely scalding, this was a great way to end an above average first set.

Overall, not a bad first set, but in comparison to the previous two weeks, it was clear that at least on 9.3.1989, Jerry was not to be ephemeral.

Harder They Come starts the second set. Jerry’s first solo hits the right spots and has some nice moments, but it is a bit tame and typical. It was well done and interesting to hear, but it was not gripping. The Seals solo is well done, but the return Garcia solo is still quite tame.

Mission In The Rain is quite well done. Jerry’s progressions flow through the rhythm and occasionally reach beautiful peaks. The surge from Jerry after the Seals solo is among his finest of the year. The passion and tension couldn’t be more present. This version rivals 8.26 and 9.1.1989 for the best Missions of the year, and marks the third exceptional Mission of 1989 in only three attempts.

Think follows and is not quite as explosive as the 8.26 or 9.1.1989 versions. Jerry does a great job of developing the progressions into a fanning session, but the buildup is not extremely tension filled. Still, any 1989 tune that has Jerry fanning is worthwhile, but within this Fall JGB Tour of 1989, it is above average.

The first Second That Emotion since December 6, 1984 is next. The song portion is surprisingly tight and interesting to hear. The jam portion from Jerry is a bit flat though and lacks flavor. Still, it was great to hear Jerry bring this tune out of retirement.

Next is Waiting For A Miracle (the 6th JGB show in a row with this tune – 5.22, 6.10, 8.26, 9.1, 9.2, and now 9.3.1989). This version also lags a bit. The song portion seems tired, and the Jerry led solo doesn’t have the tension crescendos of other versions (notably, e.g., 1.28.1989).

Lucky Ol’ Sun is the ballad for this second set. It is stirring, as most are, but Jerry’s doesn’t quite break through. Other versions, such as 9.1.1989, have a Jerry led solo that builds and builds and passionately explodes. The 9.3.1989 version, on the other hand, gets close and has a nice build up, but no climax. Seals provides an eerie and piercing solo, but without a similar Jerry solo, this version of Lucky Ol’ Sun is about average.

The show ends on a very very high note with the first Lonesome & A Long Way From Home since 8.20.1981. This version is very hot and well done. The combination of Jerry’s vocals and the backup singers mixes extremely well. The jam, however, steals the version as Jerry flies through various progressions and climaxes with a massive fanning. This was easily the highlight of the show. Bob Weir must have been standing offstage smiling and deviously thinking about the upcoming Dead tour.

Set 1: 7.53
Set 2: 7.53
Show: 7.53

How Sweet 7.5
Stop That Train 8
Someday Baby 7.25
Run Roses 7.25
I Shall Be Released 7.25
Sisters and brothers 7.75
Deal 7.75

Harder 7.25
Mission 8.1
Think 7.5
Second Emotion 7
Waiting Miracle 7.2
Lucky Ol’ Sun 7.3
Lonesome 8.4

Rob Goetz ©

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 9/3/89 - Philadelphia, PA


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