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Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 9/1/89 - Columbia, MD

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia Band ~ Columbia, Maryland

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 9/1/89 - Columbia, MD

09.01.1989 Merriweather Post Pavillion
Columbia, Maryland
10th JGB Performance of 1989

After the very strong 8.19 Grateful Dead show and 8.26.1989 JGB shows, Jerry steamed into the East Coast. The momentum was retained.

The show starts with How Sweet It Is. This version has high energy. Jerry’s first instrumental is a bit typical, but nice flavorings are dropped throughout. The Seals solo is also typical but well done. On the second instrumental, Jerry juices the energy and creates a very nice finale. The vocal finale is particularly well done.

Jerry ups the ante next with a very snappy Stop That Train. The Jerry solos really fly and are filled with short but sweet Jerry flavors. This was an excellent version of the Train.

Next is an all out jam with a livid Get Outta My Life Woman. As with the previous two tunes, the energy is at a maximum level. The first Jerry solo is sweeping and monstrous as his notes develop in to streaking movements that build into giant plateaus. The flavoring is nearly everywhere. Seals again provides a great solo backed by a very fast drum pacing. Jerry winds up the main jam with a fanning meltdown. A scalding finale. How many tunes into the show? Yup – just three.

Run Roses does not let up in the least. Each jam cycle from Jerry is very raw and nearly sloppy. The raw feel permits a ripping theme through each cycle that leaves the listener just on the edge. Jerry was really on a roll here.

The Road is next and provides sweet and tender Jerry solos. The first run through the chords has Jerry emitting a highly emotional progression that peaks spectacularly. A very emotion filled version.

Sisters and My Brothers struts in and makes another fine appearance (ala 8.26.1989). The band was really nailing this song around this time period with the sweet harmonies and bouncy rhythm.

Deal is a monster. The main jam is a straight up ascension that sprints for about 4 minutes. Jerry provides an abundance of flavors and fannings. A scalding display.

Another exceptional set from Jerry. That makes five in a row (8.19, and 8.26, and now this first set).

The second set opens with Harder. Exceptional versions of this tune have tight and flavored solos from the beginning of the main jam. Many versions take too long to develop and drag on before Jerry hits his stride. But on this version, Jerry hits his stride with the first note of the main jam. His flavored deliveries sound great and edgy. Even the Seals Caribbean solo is well done. The second Jerry run has more edgy flavors from Jerry. A great start to the second set.

Next is Mission In The Rain, fresh from the stellar version of 8.26.1989. This version immediately sounds a bit less polished mainly due to the Seals organ tone. Jerry’s solo, however, is once again a meandering and twisting struggle. Eventually the struggle pays off for the listener and Jerry indeed does break through. Another fantastic version of this tune. Indeed each peak during Jerry’s solo is passionately presented and nearly gut wrenching to follow closely.

Like 8.26.1989 the following version of Think is blistering. Jerry provides very exaggerated blues from the beginning that slowly tumble onto each other generating a massive sprint up the fret board. He peaks out with very impressive cycling of high end notes, and the second jam is almost sarcastic with its bended notes. This quickly assembles into another beast that resorts to a series of 3 second fannings followed by leaps up the freeboard. Seals also provides a complicated solo. Jerry finishes the main jam with about a 30 second all out fanning. An unbelievable version.

Next is Mississippi Moon, and it is a sweet version with nice pauses before the “oh curry.” Jerry’s jams are not filled with dramatic intensity but are very well done. The Seals solo is literally explosive. This version just seemed a bit too reserved.

Oddly, next is a late second set placement of Waiting For A Miracle. While providing the same reverb tone from 8.26.1989, this version is paced in a faster manner. The jam is filled with Jerry flavors and is brisk. Another exceptional tune.

Next was another ballad - Lucky Ol’ Sun. This was a stellar version. Jerry’s jam is sweeping and filled with flavor and passion and the Seals solo is also magnificent.

This exceptional show ends with Tangled Up In Blue. The solos are all filled with nice expressions from Jerry and the tension rises verse to verse.

This was a fantastic show. Jerry was truly on a roll.

Set 1: 8.1142
Set 2: 8.15
Show: 8.1321

How Sweet 7.7
Stop That Train 8.25
Outta My Life Woman 8.5
Run Roses 8.1
Like a Road 8
Sis & Bro 8
Deal 8.25

Harder 8.25
Mission 8.3
Think 9
MS Moon 7.5
Miracle 8
Lucky Ol Sun 8
Tangled 8

Rob Goetz ©

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 9/1/89 - Columbia, MD


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