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Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 6/10/89 - Eel River

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia Band ~ Piercy, CA

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 6/10/89 - Eel River

6.10.1989 French's Camp On The Eel River
Piercy, California
8th JGB Performance of 1989

In-between the Spring and Summer 1989 Grateful Dead tours, the JGB entered French’s Camp on the Eel River in Piercy, California. This was the eighth JGB show of 1989. Two shows truly stand out – 1.28.1989 and 5.19.1989. 1.28 because each version is so tremendously played (note the Lets Spend The Night Together, the Miracle, the Don’t Let Go, and the Tangled). 5.19 because of the very well done performances but mostly because of the jaw dropping Don’t Let Go. After the 6.10.1989 performance the JGB was to wait in reserve for the conclusion of the Dead’s summer tour.

The show starts with a very well done Melody. The pacing is rather brisk and Jerry’s vocals are quite bright. The main jam is filled with complicated Jerry flavorings and great progressions. Numerous mini peaks are reached and the overall jam is exceptional. A great start.

Next is They Love Each Other. The pacing is slower than the brisk Melody as Jerry, Jacyln, and Gloria emit sweet and direct vocals. The jam starts with a Seals solo which is not noteworthy and is average. Jerry’s solo is definitely more interesting and despite reaching a nice peak at the conclusion is a bit typical.

Get Out Of My Life Woman is next, and Jerry’s vocals on this version are very direct and nearly angry. His main guitar solo is well done with some nice peaks in a very bluesy tone. The jam is extended in length but doesn’t reach exceptional status. Seals takes a turn after this but it also doesn’t reach any truly interesting grooves.

Run For The Roses follows and it too is very average. Jerry’s note progressions fall short of reaching interesting peaks.

The following Stop That Train breaks free from the average streak of songs, but in the wrong direction. This version has numerous flubs during the song portion, and Jerry’s guitar solos, while slightly interesting at times, is mostly average and even contains a few flubs.

Next is Mission In The Rain. This version is definitely better than the previous four songs. Jerry’s guitar progressions are interesting and filled with somewhat nice flavorings. Still this version is not exceptional (see 8.26.1989 for a truly exceptional version). Also of note is the Seals solo that has a very odd sound, but is interesting nonetheless.

Sisters and Brothers follows and the vocals are very well done. Enough can not be said of how well the Jaclyn and Gloria harmonies made Jerry’s voice sound better. This is a rather nice version of this song.

The JGB had typically nailed the following song consistently – Deal. In the main jam Jerry continues this trend with about three different peaks. The second has a nice fanning finale, and the third is a complicated cycle of notes.

Set two starts with Harder They Come. The first Jerry solo again is a bit typical and not all too interesting. The Seals solo provides the Jimmy Buffet styled sound which was no surprise. The final Jerry run is a bit better and hits some nice peaks. Still, this was a slightly less than above average version.

Waiting For A Miracle follows, and despite a few flubs during the song portion, Jerry’s energy is quite present as he literally screams out some of the verses. The guitar solo is a bit sloppy but does reach a nice peak.

Next is I Shall Be Released. The version is very well presented during the song with tender Jerry vocals and sweet harmonies. The first solo is a bit too tender for my taste as it almost sounds tired. The second jam is also a bit tired sounding and doesn’t reach any interesting peaks until the finale wherein Jerry suddenly increases the intensity and opens up a fanning session. This last burst of energy in the second jam raises this version from average to above average.

Retaining the burst of energy at the conclusion of I Shall Be Released, Jerry next launches into Think. This version is very bouncy and Jerry’s singing very direct. The Jerry solo is very raw and filled with exasperated note sprints. Eventually this solo blazes with a series of extended note fans. After an impressive Seals solo, Jerry returns for another fanning session to end this very impressive jam.

Riding on the Think momentum the next tune is I Hope It Won’t Be This Way. This version is a bit tired sounding. The song portion seems to drag a bit and the Jerry solo is not very interesting.

Jerry’s improvisational vehicle is next – Don’t Let Go. The main jam starts out with an extended driving jam from Jerry that is not briskly paced but is very complicated. The result is to broaden the horizon. Abruptly Jerry changes the pace and starts a faster and more psychedelic sounding theme. The band races to catch up with him, and when they do Jerry switches themes again – this time for a deeper sound filled with wah wah. Jerry eventually opens up a soaring jam that leads to a wide open sound. Jerry slowly drops the pace until it is a near standstill. At this point he starts some deeply psychedelic jamming that is very odd sounding. This theme starts out slowly but eventually increases the intensity and along with Seals creates a near all out jam. As this reaches its zenith Jerry returns the band to Don’t Let Go. While not nearly as deep or captivating as the 5.19.1989 Don’t Let Go (not many are) the 6.10.1989 version is still exceptional. Jerry’s ability to control the pacing of the jams, and the overall oddness while retaining a bit of structure was quite present. As noted before, this type of jamming was virtually absent from the pre September 1989 Grateful Dead performances and it is a pleasure to hear Jerry jam away like the old days.

Next is Evangeline which is above average. The pacing is very brisk but the Jerry solos don’t quite reach the necessary peaks for such a pace.

Lucky Ol’ Sun is sweetly done, but again the Jerry solos aren’t extremely interesting. The Seals solo is very well done though.

Tangled Up In Blue ends the show. Jerry’s first jam stumbles a bit and doesn’t really hit a nice stride. The second jam is more fluid as Jerry nicely hits the right spots but not in any breathtaking manner. The final jam quickly reaches a brisk level of intensity and Jerry provides numerous mini peaks that drive this version into the above average category.

This show was a step up from the 5.20 and 5.22.1989 performances. Of note was the Don’t Let Go jam. This was the first Don’t Let Go after the 5.19.1989 version and again Jerry put forth a tremendous display. Don’t Let Go had now emerged as the vehicle Jerry was driving in the pursuit of something deeper. This deeper surge would lead to Dark Star in the fall for the Grateful Dead. But, first was the Summer Tour for the Dead, and despite some great performances (see 6.19, 6.21, 7.7, and 7.17.1989) the deep and very psychedelic jamming from Jerry was to take a seat.

Set 1: 7.3125

Set 2: 7.58

Show: 7.44

Melody 8


Get Out Of My Life Woman 7

Run Roses 7

Stop That Train 6.8

<st1:place>Mission</st1:place> 7.4

Sisters & Brothers 7.5

Deal 7.8


Harder They Come 7.4

Waiting For A Miracle 7.5

I Shall Be Released 7.5

Think 7.8

Hope It Won’t Be This Way 7.25

Don’t Let Go 8.15

Evangeline 7.4

Lucky Ol’ Sun 7.5

Tangled Up In Blue 7.7

Rob Goetz ©

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 6/10/89 - Eel River


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