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Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 5/22/89

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia Band ~ Universal Amphitheatre

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 5/22/89

Universal Amphitheatre
Universal City, California
7th JGB Performance of 1989

After the near exceptional performance on 5.19.1989 (including the legendary Donít Let Go) the JGB put forth a more average show on 5.20.1989. Following a day off, the JGB returned to the stage on 5.22.1989 for another relatively average performance.

The show starts with How Sweet It Is. The Jerry jams are for the most part typical and the energy level is not very present.

Next is Stop That Train. Again, this version is rather typical with no inspiring moments.

Mission in the Rain follows and it is marred by a very strange Seals sound. This sound was a bit much in my opinion but not without some grace. Indeed, the version on 8.26.1989 would be much better. This version is a bit rusty and sounds forced. The Jerry jam also lacks in his signature flavors.

Next is Waiting for a Miracle. The band sounds tired on this version and Jerryís heart just doesnít sound too into it (compared to the great version on 1.28.1989 (complete with someone ďlosing itĒ during the main jam)). The jam is also typical and lacks in the energy department. 

The Night They Drove Olí Dixie Down is next. The pace of song went well with the bandís mood and the first jam from Jerry is better than first four songs but still not exceptional. There were some nice progressions but nothing fantastic. Of note is the Seals solo as he started to sound more into the show at this point.

And It Stoned Me is next and it is the highlight of the first set. The Jerry vocals are direct, convincing and well taken. The harmonies are sweet as well. The jams are not as emotional as the vocals and unfortunately stall a bit (see 1.27.1989 for great version).

This very average first set ends with a lackluster Deal. There are some nice jam moments but the peaks donít really shake any ground.

The second set starts with Harder They Come. The band still sounds a bit lethargic and the jams donít build too much interest or sound edgy. The Seals solo is nearly identical to his standard solo, and the Jerry solos are also pretty textbook.

Next is Forever Young which is surprisingly better version than rest of show, but still not quite exceptional.

Next is Think. Here the jams begin to get more interesting and edgy. The final part of main jam is well done with nice Jerry fanning and a push into vocal reprise. This likely was the highlight of the show but still was not an exceptional version.

Evangeline follows and is average but nicely timed and maintained.

Unfortunately that is all of this performance that circulates. What is missing is That Lucky Olí Sun and Moonlight Midnight.

All in all a pretty average show. Jerry just didnít sound too into this performance. Next up for the JGB was a show on June 10, 1989 in an obscure location Ė Frenchís Camp on the Eel River.

Despite the lackluster shows on 5.20 and 5.22.1989, the 5.19.1989 show stands apart and strongly suggests that Jerry was definitely headed somewhere with the Donít Let Go as strong evidence. The JGB would take a hiatus for the Deadís summer tour (following the 6.10.1989 show) and return on 8.26.1989 for a 14 show tour.

Set 1: 7.02
Set 2: 7.3 ***note that the final two songs of the 2nd set were not reviewed
Show: 7.16 ***note that the final two songs of the 2nd set were not reviewed

How Sweet It Is 7
Stop That Train 7
Mission In The Rain 6.7
Waiting For A Miracle 6.8
Night They Drove Olí Dixie Down 7
And It Stoned Me 7.5
Deal 7.15

Harder They Come 6.75
Forever Young 7.6
Think 7.6
Evangeline 7.25
Lucky Olí Sun xxx
Midnight Moonlight xxx
Rob Goetz ©

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 5/22/89


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