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Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 5/19/89 - Irvine Meadows

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia Band ~ Open Air Theater (San Diego State)

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 5/19/89 - Irvine Meadows

05.20.1989 Open Air Theater (San Diego State)
San Diego, California
6th JGB Performance of 1989

After a very strong show on 5.19.1989 (including a truly spectacular Donít Let Go) the JGB roamed south to San Diego for yet another performance. This was an inbetween Grateful Dead Spring and Summer Tour set of shows for the JGB. Based on 5.19.1989, expectations were high but qualified as Jerry was prone to slight let downs in 1989 after exceptional performances (see, e.g., 2.10 vs. 2.11.1989, 4.3 vs. 4.5.1989, 4.28 vs. 4.29.1989).

The show starts with Cats Down Under The Stars. The band sounds very tight from the start and develops a nice rhythm. But the jam isnít that great as Jerryís mini peaks are a bit typical. For a truly spectacular Cats see 8.26.1989. 7

Next is Mission In The Rain. Jerryís vocals sound a bit forced and the song itself seems a bit too fast. Jerryís solo is again a bit typical and the Seals solo has a very strange sound that is quite odd. 7

Breaking free from the average, next is Forever Young. This is a very fine version. Jerryís vocals are embracing with well placed screams and filled with emotion. The Jerry solo breaks free from typical and is filled with signature flavors. The band was starting to sound very in synch. 8

Next is Thatís What Love Will Make You Do. The jams are well done but overly impressive. There isnít really an intense feel to this version despite some nice Jerry progressions. See 3.3.1989 for smoking version of Thatís What Love Will Make You Do. 7.25

The Road follows and is an average version. The vocals are a bit flat and the Jerry solo doesnít reach any interesting peaks. 7

Next is Brothers & Sisters which is a nice version but no real highlights. 7

The set ends with Deal. There is one scalding peak during the main jam, but only one. 7.4

The first set was relatively average with no real highlights except for the Forever Young.

Set 2 starts with Melody. The song itself seems a bit polished and tame. The jam has no real impressive peaks either. See 2.17.1980 for a jaw dropping version of this tune with a spectacular Jerry led jam. 7.1

Mississippi Moon follows and it is a lethargic version. The jams donít rise to any real zeniths, but the Seals organ solo is not bad. 7

Attempting to break free of the average streak, next is Think. The first jam by Jerry is average in the bluesly presentation, but following a nice Seals solo, Jerry opens up a jam with some blistering fanning of his notes. 7.65

Next is Evangeline. This version is nicely paced and the jams are interesting as well from Jerry as he reaches some nicely flavored licks. While above average this version is still not quite exceptional. 7.5

Gommorah follows and it is quite average. There are no flubs, but not a lot of interesting jamming. 7

The show ends with Tangled. Again, this version has no real flubs, but the Jerry led jams donít reach any impressive heights. See 1.28.1989 for a spectacular Tangled. 7.25

Overall this was a very average JGB performance. For the most part the songs are well played, but the Jerry jams donít stretch beyond typical. Alas, this may have been the hangover show from the well done 5.19.1989 performance.

Set 1: 7.23
Set 2: 7.25
Show: 7.24

Cats 7
Mission 7
Forever Young 8
Thatís What Love Will Make You Do 7.25
The Road 7
Brothers & Sisters 7
Deal 7.4

Melody 7.1
Mississippi Moon 7
Think 7.65
Evangeline 7.5
Gommorah 7
Tangled 7.25

Rob Goetz ©

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 5/19/89 - Irvine Meadows


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