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Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 1/27/89 - San Francisco, CA

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia Band ~ San Francisco, CA

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 1/27/89 - San Francisco, CA

1.27.1989 The Orpheum Theatre
San Francisco, California
1st JGB Band Performance of 1989

This was the first Jerry Garcia Band show of 1989, and the first Jerry Garcia performance of 1989. 1989 was to be a legendary year for the Dead with the ultimate return of Dark Star in the Fall. There was to be one extensive Jerry Garcia Band tour in 1989 - September. Scattered through the Winter and Spring were various shows. 1.27.1989 was the first of two shows at the legendary Orpheum.

The first set starts with Let's Spend The Night Together. The band sounds pretty tight on this version and Jerry's vocals are quite nice. But, the main jam sounds pretty calm and doesn't quite take off (for a _smoking_ version of LSTNTogether see the following show - 1.28.1989).

Next is Stop That Train. This version is very well done. The Jerry vocals and the Jaclyn Gloria harmonies are almost hypnotic. There also is a very sweet Jerry jam.

Someday Baby is nicely done, but the Jerry jam is a bit flat.

Run For The Roses is next, and Jerry provides an impressive slowly developed improvisation jam which is above average but not exceptional.

Mississippi Moon is very laid back. The jams are not aggressive and in fact are a bit sedate. As with each song up to this point in the set, though, the band sounds very tight and the Jaclyn Gloria harmonies are downright fantastic.

Waiting For a Miracle follows, and the sound from the band during the song is nearly perfect. The Jerry solo is interesting but not filled with impressive flavors (for very impressive Miracle flavorings, see 1.28.1989).

Next is Hope It Won't Be This Way. Again there are very impressive and sweet harmonies on this version, and Jerry provides a very nice (but not exceptional) jam.

The first set ends with Deal. The song is well done and tight, but the Jerry jams don't reach any impressive heights.

As the first set ends, I am a bit surprised at how sedate and calm its presentation was.

Set 2 starts with Harder They Come. The song is presented with a sweeping reggae feel that unfortunately is a bit sloppy at times. The Jerry solo is nicely done but not aggressive and lacks impressive Jerry signature flavors. Seals provides a nice Jimmy Buffet sounding solo as well.

The set improves with the following And It Stoned Me. This audience recording provides a sampling of the crowd in that as this song starts there is a woman who through the first verse exclaims "Oh My God" over and over again. This version is impressive. The harmonies match Jerry's presentation beautifully. The Jerry solo is a bit sloppy though and again doesn't feature too many impressive note flavorings.

Next is Knockin On Heaven's Door. The presentation is interesting in that the verses are sung slowly and in a dripping manner while the chorus switches to a swinging reggae sound. Jerry's solo is somewhat interesting in that his note progressions are a bit flat but at its conclusion he provides some nice note bendings. The Seals solo is almost funeral sounding which is interesting.

Think follows and the set improves because of it. Jerry runs through his blues scale very nicely and finally provides some signature Jerry flavors. This was the highlight of the show up to this point.

Next the band opens things up with Don't Let Go. The jam gets pretty far out there but lacks any aggressiveness or eeriness. While it is always impressive to hear an extended improvisation jam from Jerry in 1989, this version is not too complicated. The following show, 1.28.1989, provides a dramatically more impressive version.

Lucky Sun is next. Jaclyn and Gloria continue their near perfect harmony behind Jerry's moaning. Jerry's solo steps up and is filled with signature Jerry flavors and note runs, and there is also an impressive Seals solo. This version was the only exceptional song of the night.

The show ends with Midnight Moonlight. The song portion is very lively and fastly paced. The Jerry jams are filled with fast paced grooves, but not with a lot of signature flavors. Again the Jaclyn Gloria harmonies are flawless.

1.27.1989 was a very calm show and slightly above average show. Jerry's solos for the most part are a bit sedate or even flat at times. Of note were the fantastic Lucky Old Sun and the near exceptional Think. The following show, 1.28.1989, was to be a different story altogether. Of note though, 1.27.1989 is sweet in that nearly every song is very well played and the Jaclyn Gloria harmonies are very impressive to hear. What were lacking were the typical Jerry signature flavors we've all come to require on a daily basis.

Set 1: 7.28
Set 2: 7.48
Show: 7.38

LSPTNTogether 7
Stop That Train 7.75
Someday Baby 7
Run For The Roses 7.4
Mississippi 7.2
Miracle 7.4
Hope It Won't 7.5
Deal 7

Harder They Come 7
Stoned Me 7.35
Heaven's Door 7.25
Think 7.8
Don't Let Go 7.5
Lucky Sun 8
Midnight Moonlight 7.5

Rob Goetz

Jerry Garcia concert reviews by Rob Goetz - 1/27/89 - San Francisco, CA


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