Hide Away
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Freddie King's "Hide Away" as interpreted by Jerry Garcia the Grateful Dead

Hide Away  

by Freddie King

as interpreted by the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia

Freddie King's "Hide Away"  Eric Clapton - Jerry Garcia - Order

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"Hide Away" is a catchy melodic blues instrumental song that was written by the late Blues great Freddie King.  It  was originally released in 1961 on the B-Side of "I Love a Woman."  "Hide Away" is perhaps Freddie King's most influential song and it reached number five on the rhythm and blues charts, and number 29 on the pop charts.  

Freddie King: L ive At The Electric Ballroom, 1974:
The classic recording was remastered and reissued in 2006 by Shout! Factory. Press release.

If you'd like to sample a Freddie King album, his single disc twenty track re-mastered compilation, Hide Away: The Very Best of Freddie King, is a great starting point.  Additional albums can be viewed at AmazonA brief bio of Freddie King is provided courtesy of Djangomusic

I first heard "Hide Away" performed by Eric Clapton from the album  Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton when I was in high school. It immediately became one of my favorite blues instrumentals and remains there today.  During those years I played guitar and had my instructor teach me the song.  While it was fun to play, I did not master of the song.  However, I did learn the melody and changes inside out, and can recognize it's phrases instantly.  

The Grateful Dead performed "Hide Away" twice.  But in addition, they had unmistakable sprinklings of the song laced throughout their sets, particularly in the summer of 1974 during their song "Truckin'".  It's obvious that Jerry Garcia was influenced by the song.  I have noted several Garcia led "Hide Away" teases below.  A tribute to Garcia's talent as a guitar player is how different each hint of the song appears.  The portion of "Hide Away" copied is never the same, and the locations within where it appears, usually in "Truckin'," are never exactly the same.  Garcia's ability to effortlessly not play a song exactly the same way twice is a big reason that fans kept coming year after year, and this is a perfect example.

The Grateful Dead's first appearance of "Hide Away" was on November 7, 1971, at the Harding Theater, and the final appearance was on June 21, 1989, at Shoreline Amphitheater. Interestingly, both times they played the song was during mechanical difficulties, as the song appears while the technicians were fixing things.  I was fortunate to witness the later version live and I seemed to be one of the few in the audience who recognized the song.  I recall buying an old version Deadbase years ago and "Hide Away" was not listed in the set list, but of course this was corrected in later editions.   

In addition to performing the whole song twice there are several teases of the "Hide Away" melody.  One of the most obvious is on Dick's Picks Volume 12 from their June 26, 1974, Providence Civic Center performance during "Truckin'" at the 4:53 - 5:07 mark.  Clearly Jerry Garcia was a big fan of the song. Some others examples of "Hide Away" teases are noted below.  He must of taken the album on the Grateful Dead's 1974 summer tour.

09/21/73 - The Spectrum - Philadelphia, PA
Between songs.  During set one, right after "Black Peter," the first ten seconds or so of "Hide Away" are played. Mostly it is Jerry and Billy playing.  

06/16/74 - Iowa State Fairgrounds - Des Moines, IA
Truckin' - 3:35 - 3:45

06/20/74 - Atlanta Municipal Auditorium - Atlanta, GA
Truckin' - subtle hints at :23 and 4:47

06/26/74 -Providence Civic Center - Providence, RI
Truckin' - Perhaps the most obvious sprinklings of "Hideaway" are found on this version, briefly at 2:18, and again right after the vocals at the  4:53 - 5:07 mark. This show is available commercially as Dick's Picks Volume 12

07/31/74 - Dillon Stadium - Hartford, CT 
Truckin' - Very subtle impressions at the 2:20 and 4:10 track points.

??/??/75 - Blues For All Outtakes
I have some tapes of the Blues For Allah outtakes. One tape labeled 1975 part 2 has on side A after "Blues for Allah" a song called "Jam" where they play the bass theme of "Hide Away," but they do not perform the melody, rather they perform their own creation.

I expect that there are many other "Hide Away" impressions.  If you have any to add then please email me with the details.

Dylan and the Dead

During the rehearsals for their 1987 tour, see View From the Vault IV, there are some more "Hide Away" moments.  First, during "C.C Rider," Garcia plays the "Hide Away" instrumental, while Bob Dylan sings.  Also, during the track "Blues Stay Away From Me" Garcia's soloing is certainly influenced by "Hide Away" and has indisputable traces.  

Jerry Garcia Band
The Jerry Garcia box set All Good Things: Jerry Garcia Studio Sessions includes "Hey Bo Diddley/Hide Away (Studio Jam)" in the disc entitled

Allman Brothers Band

An appearance of "Hide Away" was performed by the Allman Brothers Band at their 1973 New Years Eve performance.  The performance includes Jerry Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann & Boz Scaggs as guests for this song, and several others.  This interpretation of Freddie King's classic is a long improvisational based version; unlike the short versions noted above.  I much prefer the shorter versions.  The show below circulates in trading circles.  As of this writing, it is available as a download from GDLive under the SHN archives miscellaneous section.
12/31/73 - Cow Palace - San Francisco CA
Hide Away-> You Upset Me, 15:21

By Barry Small

Freddie King bio
"Hide Away" Freddie King - Eric Clapton - Jerry Garcia
 Freddie King's discography at Amazon. Freddie King bio provided courtesy of Djangomusic.
"Hide Away" Freddie King - Eric Clapton - Jerry Garcia

Eric Clapton with the Bluesbreakers

Hide Away: The Very Best of Freddie King

Freddie King discograpghy


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