The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions
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The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions
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The London Howlin' 

Wolf Sessions~ 1970


Deluxe Edition

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The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions - with Eric Clapton - Review Muddy Waters

The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions

The London Howlin' Wolf sessions is basically a collection of his best songs done with Eric Clapton on lead guitar. Wolf's primary guitarist Hubert Sumlin was present for the sessions and was invaluable to the sessions. 

The material is not quite as essential as the original Chess recordings. However, they provide a great listen, especially for fans of Clapton. The keyboards and horns (when used) were overdubbed in Chicago. Pianist Layfayette Leake is only on four songs and his talents really shine, too bad he isn't on more of the songs.

Excellent rendition of "Goin' Down Slow!" On it, Clapton locks with the harmonica nicely. Anyone catch the Sopranos episode Chasing It that feature Wolf's version of the song?

The Deluxe Edition is two discs. Disc one includes the original album, and three bonus tracks, which were released in 1974 along with some of Muddy Waters London Sessions as London Revisited. The second disc are rehearsals and alternate takes.
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From Amazon:
Shipping sixty something blues icon Howlin' Wolf to England in May 1970, accompanied by his guitarist Hubert Sumlin, was a crapshoot. Wolf’s health was poor and he hadn’t recorded outside of Chicago since 1954. Not surprisingly, Wolf’s London excursion remains a mixed bag. Certainly, the participants’ hearts were in their music--with the notable exception perhaps of Wolf's--but the result never quite gelled. When the Brit rockers such as Eric Clapton the Rolling Stones’ Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts dug into his songs, they collided with the ornery bluesman. Producer Norman Dayron later overdubbed Steve Winwood and Lafayette Leake’s keyboards (along with horns on a few tracks) to salvage the sessions. Of all the classic Chess albums, this is an odd choice to expand with a second disc of outtakes, none of which are particularly revelatory. Still, Clapton is fiery throughout, and Wolf, although not in prime form, is never less than convincing. Though often criticized, most notably by Clapton himself, Howlin' Wolf's London Sessions offers a worthy--though not essential--snapshot of the legend in his waning years. -Hal Horowitz

The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions - with Eric Clapton - Review
Track List

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Disc: 1
1. Rockin' Daddy
2. I Ain't Superstitious
3. Sitting on Top of the World
4. Worried About My Baby
5. What a Woman!
6. Poor Boy
7. Built for Comfort
8. Who's Been Talking?
9. Red Rooster
10. Do the Do
11. Highway 49
12. Wang Dang Doodle

Bonus Tracks Deluxe CD Edition only
13. Goin' Down Slow 
14. Killing Floor 
15. I Want To Have A Word With You 

 Disc: 2 - Deluxe CD Edition only
1. Worried About My Baby (Rehearsal Take)

Alternate mixes
2. The Red Rooster - Alternate piano
3. What A Woman 
4. Who's Been Talking -Alternate with false start and dialogue
5. Worried About My Baby - 
6. I Ain't Superstitious 
7. Highway 49
8. Do The Do
9. Poor Boy - Alternate lyrics
10. I Ain't Superstitious
11. What A Woman - Alternate organ
12. Rockin' Daddy

CD 2 - Tracks 1-8 mixed from the session multi-tracks. Tracks 9 - 12 from the original 1970 mixdown session.

The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions - with Eric Clapton - Review

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Howlin' Wolf: vocals, harmonica ("Worried About My Baby" and "Who's Been Talking?"), acoustic guitar ("The Red Rooster" false start", 2nd guitar ("Killing Floor")

Eric Clapton: lead guitar 
Hubert Sumlin: guitar 
Steve Winwood: piano, organ (Tracks 1 to 13 disc one, tracks 9 - 12 disc two)
Bill Wyman: bass
Charlie Watts: drums 
Ian Stewart: piano ("Built For Comfort" "Wang Dang Doodle" both versions of "Rockin' Daddy," and "Do the Do." alternate takes of "I Ain't Superstitious,""Who's Been Talking?" "Worried About My Baby," "What a Woman!" and "Highway 49")
Jeffrey M. Carp: harmonica 

There are more personnel credits for other with minor roles. 

Ringo Starr (credited as "Richie"): drums
Klaus Voormann: bass
Phil Upchurch: bass 
Joe Miller, Jordan Sandke, Dennis Lansing: horns 
Lafayette Leake: piano
John Simon: piano 

The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions - with Eric Clapton - Review

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Released originally in 1971
Deluxe Edition - 2002
Recorded in May 1970
Produced by Norman Dayron
Liner notes - Bill Dahl
The Deluxe Edition has in-depth credits, essay, photos, etc.

The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions - with Eric Clapton - Review


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