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Eric Clapton Crossroads  Eric Clapton - Crossroads
Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Review

Eric Clapton Crossroads

Eric Clapton’s retrospective release Crossroads is a celebration of his brilliant career. The album gives an outstanding sampling of his best work up to his August CD in 1986. The key word is sampling as this is not a comprehensive collection for an Eric Clapton fan; how could four discs be?  The areas of his career that you enjoy best you’ll want to supplement with the full album. For example, even though three songs are included from Slowhand I find having the full CD worthwhile. Besides having one of my favorite Eric Clapton’s songs, “The Core,” having the whole disc has a much different flow and feeling rather than just having a sequence of hits.  I’m sure you feel the same way about your favorite periods whether it is John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, Cream, or any other segment of his vast solo career. 

Eric Clapton Crossroads is essential for both casual and hard-core fans. For the casual fan this may be your entire Eric Clapton collection covering the early years. For the more serious collector this CD has many one of a kind treasures making this mandatory even if you have many Eric Clapton CD’s already. If you are a fan of Derek and the Dominos you get eleven tracks and only one came from their only studio release Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, of course, most additional tracks do not have Duane Allman. Many of these Derek and the Dominos gems are credited to the May ’71 sessions for the second studio album that was never released. Another gem is a great live version of Bob Marley’s “I Shot the Sheriff,” and there’s a lot more. 

Eric Clapton’s Crossroads is an outstanding career retrospective with many rarities and easily gets our highest recommendation. by Barry Small  
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Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Track List
Track List

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Disc 1
  Track Band
1 Boom Boom  The Yardbirds
2 Honey In Your Hips The Yardbirds
3 Baby What's Wrong The Yardbirds
4 I Wish You Would  The Yardbirds
5 A Certain Girl The Yardbirds
6 Good Morning Little Schoolgirl  The Yardbirds
7 I Ain't Got You The Yardbirds
8 For Your Love The Yardbirds
9 Got To Hurry The Yardbirds
10 Lonely Years John Mayall
11 Bernard Jenkins John Mayall
12 Hide Away  John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
13 All Your Love John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
14 Ramblin' On My Mind  John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
15 Have You Ever Loved A Woman John Mayall's Bluesbreakers
16 Wrapping Paper  Cream
17 I Feel Free  Cream
18 Spoonful Cream
19 Lawdy Mama Cream
20 Strange Brew  Cream
21 Sunshine Of Your Love Cream
22 Tales Of Brave Ulysses  Cream
23 Steppin' Out Cream
Disc 2

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1 Anyone For Tennis  Cream
2 White Room Cream
3 Crossroads Cream
4 Badge  Cream
5 Presence Of The Lord Blind Faith
6 Can't Find My Way Home Blind Faith
7 Sleeping In The Ground Blind Faith
8 Comin' Home Delaney And Bonnie
9 Blues Power Eric Clapton
10 After Midnight Eric Clapton
11  Let It Rain Eric Clapton
12 Tell The Truth  Derek And The Dominos
13 Roll It Over Derek And The Dominos
14 Layla Derek And The Dominos
15 Mean Old World  Derek And The Dominos
16 Key To The Highway Derek And The Dominos
17 Crossroads Derek And The Dominos
Disc 3

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1 Got To Get Better In A Little While Derek And The Dominos
2 Evil Derek And The Dominos
3 One More Chance Derek And The Dominos
4 Mean Old Frisco  Derek And The Dominos
5 Snake Lake Blues Derek And The Dominos
6 Let It Grow Derek And The Dominos
7 Ain't That Lovin' You Eric Clapton
8 Motherless Children Eric Clapton
9 I Shot The Sheriff  Eric Clapton
10 Better Make It Through Today Eric Clapton
11 The Sky Is Crying Eric Clapton
12 I Found A Love Eric Clapton
13 Hurts Me Too (When Things Go Wrong) Eric Clapton
14 Whatcha Gonna Do Eric Clapton
15 Knockin' On Heaven's Door Eric Clapton
16 Someone Like You Eric Clapton
Disc 4

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1 Hello Old Friend Eric Clapton
2 Sign Language Eric Clapton
3 Further On Up The Road  Eric Clapton
4 Lay Down Sally Eric Clapton
5 Wonderful Tonight Eric Clapton
6 Cocaine Eric Clapton
7 Promises Eric Clapton
8 If I Don't Be There By Morning Eric Clapton
9 Double Trouble Eric Clapton
10 I Can't Stand It Eric Clapton
11 The Shape You're In Eric Clapton
12 Heaven Is One Step Away Eric Clapton
13 She's Waiting Eric Clapton
14 Too Bad Eric Clapton
15 Miss You Eric Clapton
16 Wanna Make Love To You Eric Clapton
17 After Midnight Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Musicians

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The CD lists the musicians that performed on each track.

Eric Clapton - Crossroads - Notes

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Label - Polydor
The box set booklet includes a brief history and good track information.

Eric Clapton - Crossroads - CD Review - Buying


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