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Cream Gold


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Eric Clapton with Cream - Gold album review Apple Ipod 4G

Cream Gold

Cream already has a superb one disc compilation, The Very Best of Cream, which focuses studio material. This collection has two discs and you should be able to get it for around the same price as the single disc. Cream Gold's first disc covers studio tracks and the second disc is live material. 

Cream's live performances offers long extended jams and solos. If you enjoy that type of music, this is an excellent inexpensive collection of their music. In fact, it should be plenty most fans. This collection of previously released live recordings offers a good balance of originals and blues standards from the likes of Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, and Skip James. 

Cream Gold is a good alternative to purchasing the individual Cream albums.
~ by Barry Small  

Eric Clapton with Cream - Gold album review
Track List

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Disc: 1 - Studio

Fresh Cream (Recorded Sept.1966, released Dec. 1966)

1. I Feel Free 
2. N.S.U. 
3. Sweet Wine 
4. I'm So Glad 

Disraeli Gears

5. Strange Brew 
6. Sunshine Of Your Love 
7. World Of Pain 
8. Tales Of Brave Ulysses 
9. Swlabr 
10. We're Going Wrong 

Wheels of Fire (Recorded July - Oct. '67, and Jan. - Feb. 1968 , released Aug. 1968)

11. White Room 
12. Sitting On Top Of The World 
13. Passing The Time 
14. Politician 
15. Those Were The Days 
16. Born Under A Bad Sign 
17. Deserted Cities Of The Heart 

Single - May 1968

18. Anyone For Tennis 

Goodbye Cream (Recorded Oct. 1968, released March 1969)

19. Badge 
20. Doing That Scrapyard Thing 
21. What A Bringdown 

Disc: 2 - Live
From Live Cream (Released April 1970)
1. N.S.U. - 3/10/68
2. Sleepy Time Time  - 3/9/1968
3. Rollin' And Tumblin' - 3/7/1968

From Wheels of Fire
4. Spoonful - 3/10/1968
5. Crossroads - 3/10/1968

From Live Cream II (Released March 1972)
6. Sunshine Of Your Love - 3/9/1968

From Goodbye Cream
7. I'm So Glad - 10/19/1968

From Wheels of Fire
8. Toad - 3/7/1968

Winterland, San Francisco - Mar. 9 and 10, 1968
Fillmore West, San Francisco - Mar. 7
The Forum,  Los Angeles - 10/19/1968

Eric Clapton with Cream - Gold album review

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Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Jack Bruce - Bass, Vocal
Ginger Baker - Drums

George Harrison rhythm guitar on "Badge"
Felix Pappalardi - various instruments

Eric Clapton with Cream - Gold album review

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April 26, 2005

Liner notes include an essay by Scott Schinder, photos, credits, discography, etc.

Eric Clapton with Cream - Gold album review


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