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Blind Faith  


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Blind Faith - Review

Blind Faith is a short-lived super group that included Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker from Cream, Steve Winwood from Traffic, and Rich Grech from Family. They released one album, performed some concerts in England, completed one major United States tour, and then disbanded. 

This album has several outstanding tracks showing great promise. If you think of Blind Faith as an extension of Cream, Steve Winwood greatly improved the vocals and his keyboards added needed color and sustain to complement Eric Clapton’s soloing, and a solid rhythm section. The songwriting held promise and they incorporated acoustic guitar to songs like their classic “Can’t Find My Way Home.” 

While the album has some great songs there are just as many average moments.  Nonetheless, it is all Blind Faith left behind. 

Blind Faith Deluxe Edition is strictly for hard-core fans that includes some alterative tracks, unreleased songs, and five jams that range from 12:00 to 16:06 minutes. From a casual listen, the bonus material is only ok. Disc one's alternative version of "Can't Find My Way Home" is good with Clapton and Winwood both on electric guitar, this rendition was included on Winwood's 1995 compilation The Finer Things. The second disc is not your everyday music for sure. In addition to the music, Blind Faith Deluxe Edition includes a booklet that offers a brief history of the short lived band, its formation, recording, performing, and disbanding.
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Blind Faith - Track List
Track List

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Original Blind Faith album

1. Had to Cry Today (Winwood) - 8:48
2. Can't Find My Way Home (Winwood) - 3:16
3. Well...All Right (Allison / Holly / Mauldin / Petty) - 4:27
4. Presence of the Lord (Clapton) - 4:50
5. Sea of Joy (Winwood) - 5:22
6. Do What You Like (Baker) - 15:18

Deluxe Blind Faith album

The date of the recordings is included from the liner notes of Deluxe.

1. Had to Cry Today - 8:48: 6/24/69
2. Can't Find My Way Home  - 3:16: 6/28/69
3. Well All Right - 4:27: 2/28/69
4. Presence of the Lord - 4:50: 2/20/69
5. Sea of Joy - 5:22: 5/28/69
6. Do What You Like - 15:18: 6/24/69

Bonus material
7. Sleeping in the Ground - 2:49: 6/25/69
8. Can't Find My Way Home  - 5:40: 5/27/69
9. Acoustic Jam - 15:50: 6/25/69
10. Time Winds - 3:15: 5/30/69
11. Sleeping in the Ground (slow blues version) - 4:44: 6/24/69

Disc 2 (All material recorded 3/2/69)
Clapton, Winwood, Baker w Gary Warner on percussion.

1. Jam No. 1: "Very Long & Good Jam" - 14:01
2. Jam No. 2: "Slow Jam #1" - 15:06
3. Jam No. 3: "Change of Address" - 12:06
4. Jam No. 4: "Slow Jam #2" - 16:06

Blind Faith  - Musicians

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Eric Clapton - Guitar, Vocals
Steve Winwood - Keyboards, Vocals, Bass, Guitar 
Rick Grech - Bass, Violin, Vocals
Ginger Baker - Drums, Vocals

Blind Faith  - Notes

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Label: Polydor - reissued February 27, 2001.
Note: Eric Clapton’s Box Set Crossroads includes two tracks from the original Blind Faith album and one unreleased track.
Blind Faith Deluxe was released on Polygram.

Blind Faith - album review


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