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Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography


Roy BuchananRoy Buchanan

Roy Buchanan

Roy BuchananRoy Buchanan

Live Roy Buchanan

Below are the primary releases that are readily available. 

Live: Amazing Grace   1972 - 1983 (Release date Aug. 2009)
Live Stock
American Axe: Live in 1974
Live in Japan
Messiah on Guitar
Live From Austin Texas - DVD

Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Ro Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace  
The track listings are as follows:

1. Hot Cha - Lone Star NY 1983
2. Amazing Grace - Lone Star NY 1983
3. Delta Woman - Agora Ballroom Cleveland 1977
4. The Messiah Will Come Again -  Musik Laden TV Germany 1973
5. Malaguena - Vibrations TV PBS NY 1972
6. Good God Have Mercy  - Chestnut Cabaret, Pa. 1983
7. I'm Evil - The Bayou Washington DC 1979
8. Green Onions - Armadillo World Headquarters Austin, Tx. 1974
Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace is an assortment of archival live recordings through the years, much of it rare and all delicious. I hope your hungry.

The first two tracks are live 1983 recordings. The rest are from throughout the 1970's except "Good God Have Mercy," which is  from 1983. The quality does vary. For sure the two opening tracks from the Lone Star in New York in 1983 sound the best, and I'd love a complete concert release of this quality. Thank you for that amen brother. 

On to the music, "Hot Cha" is a nice melodic string bending treat. How about some sweet gospel, sung by Roy's guitar with "Amazing Grace"?  Some jaw dropping blues with "Delta Woman." Roy makes his guitar cry on the original much loved "The Messiah Will Come Again." Would a live Roy Buchanan release be completely satisfying its inclusion? The song "Malaguena" is western themed and is a definite highlight and show stopper. I haven't heard the song before, though it is on a few rarity releases, but not the same version as what is on Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace

Three more songs included. Among them, "I'm Evil" is some scorching blues, sort of in the mood, and beat Muddy Waters' "Hoochie Coohie Man," but in a Roy Buchanan way. The organist Dick Heintze shines along with Roy on the Booker T. & the MG's classic "Green Onions." 

Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace is a delight, but not perfect. A drawback of the release is that it is somewhat short at around 45 minutes for an archival release. Still, there are three amazing songs that I didn't have in any version as well as five other great displays of guitar fireworks on some of Roy's classics.  Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace is a very nice supplement to a Roy Buchanan collection. 

by Barry Small©

Amazing Grace
P.S. For fans of acoustic music, on the Garcia Grisman release The Pizza Tapes, they include a version of "Amazing Grace." The Pizza Tapes is an acoustic jam session with Jerry Garcia and Tony Rice playing guitar along with David Grisman on mandolin. 

The Byrds also play a version of the song. Check out Live at Royal Albert Hall 1971


Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace Press Release:
Powerhouse Records
and Tom Principato is proud to announce the Aug. 18, 2009 release from Fender Telecaster icon and guitar legend and virtuoso Roy Buchanan of the CD Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace from their "Guitarchives" Series. 

These recordings are rare and unreleased never heard performances and many come from the Roy Buchanan estate. Most are unknown even in "collectors" circles, and date from the period 1972 - 1983 and feature many great musicians such as Dick Heintze, Malcolm Lukens, Tom Hambridge, Robbie Magruder and many others accompanying Roy at such notable venues as the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland, the Lone Star Cafe' in New York and the legendary Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, Texas. 

There are 8 tracks total from 7 venues and a CD length of 45 minutes of pure Roy Buchanan at his best. A stunning version of Roy solo doing Malaguena from 1972 is a highlight. 

Topping off the artwork package are two archival photos taken by legendary Rolling Stone photographer Jim Marshall at one of Roy's concerts in San Francisco, Ca. in 1973.

Roy Buchanan Live: Amazing Grace - album cover

Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Live Stock  
A Street Called Straight and Live Stock are available together on one disc. I haven't heard the quality. Released by Beat Goes On in 2005.
Polydor - released Aug. 1975
At Town Hall in New York City on November 27, 1974.

1. Reelin' And Rockin 
2. Hot Cha 
3. Further On Up The Road 
4. Roy's Bluz 
5. Can I Change My Mind 
6. I'm A Ram 
7. I'm Evil 

Roy Buchanan Guitar, Vocals
Byrd Foster Drums
John Harrison Bass, Vocals
Malcolm Lukens Keyboards
Bill Price Vocals

A Street Called Straight

Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography
American Axe: Live in 1974  
Label: Powerhouse Records
Released June 2003

Recording date
Sep 1974-Dec 1974

1. Too Many Drivers 
2. Roy's Bluz 
3. Get Out Of My Life, Woman 
4. C.C. Rider 
5. I Hear You Knockin' 
6. The Messiah Will Come Again 
7. Done Your Daddy Dirty 
8. Hey Joe 
9. Johnny B. Goode 
10. Further On Up The Road 
11. Sweet Dreams 

Roy Buchanan Guitar, Vocals
Byrd Foster Drums, Vocals
John Harrison Bass, Vocals
Malcolm Lukens Keyboards, Vocals

Phil Carson Liner Notes

Product Description:
Roy Buchanan invented many of the techniques that are now the vocabulary of the Telecaster. He settled in Washington DC in the early ’60s and struggled in anonymity until he was “discovered” by PBS in 1971. This CD contains some his finest playing from two performances in 1974.

Powerhouse Records press release:
The master of the Fender Telecaster, the late Roy Buchanan, is commemorated on a new archival CD release by Powerhouse Records. The CD, titled Roy Buchanan: American Axe Live in 1974, features highlights from two searing club sets Buchanan played nearly 30 years ago. All the material is previously unreleased.

The music on this hour-long disc reveals Buchanan at the height of his awe-inspiring powers, delivering soulful ballads, wrenching blues and raw rock n' roll for the small club audiences he preferred. Devotees of blues, rock, country and jazz will find here the tone, technique and emotive power of a masterful performer whose work still overshadows those he influenced. It's clear from these recordings why guitarists and music industry insiders from the 1950's to this day include Buchanan among a handful of the most original and influential American players.

The CD's set list includes Buchanan classics such as the Messiah Will Come Again (a first ever live version), his signature Roy's Bluz, Hey Joe (a tribute to Jimi Hendrix) and the hypnotic lament Sweet Dreams. The balance of songs draws on classics from the golden age of popular music, including 'C.C. Ryder', I hear 'You Knockin'', 'Get Out Of My Life Woman' and 'Further On Up The Road', delivered in Buchanan's trademark fashion, seductive yet riveting, grooving and explosive.

Buchanan was born in rural Arkansas in 1939 and spent his childhood there and in Pixley, California in The San Joaquin Valley, soaking up influences and country and rock he heard on his family's radio. He hit the road in 1958 as rock 'n roll seized America by storm and toured the country with early rocker Dale Hawkins. During a brief stint with Ronnie Hawkins, Buchanan tutored a young Robbie Robertson, later guitarist with The Band. Guitar legend Les Paul caught Roy in the early 1960's and later remarked: "Roy Buchanan and Jimi Hendrix had some things in common. Roy was one of the creators in the pioneering of unusual sounds. It seemed as though I was hearing them come first from Roy Buchanan." Jerry Garcia and Jeff beck also sang Roy's praises.

Buchanan - always a journeyman, never comfortable as a star - slipped into obscurity in the 1960's, and was rediscovered in 1971 through a PBS television documentary. In the 1970s and 1980s, Roy produced 11 studio and two live LP's, passing in and out of fashion. In contrast his live club appearances were avidly sought by knowledgeable fans. Thus the historic value or Roy Buchanan: American Axe Live in 1974.

Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Live in Japan  
Originally released in Japan in 1978, and in 2003 it was released in the US on the Repertoire label. Recorded on his 1977 tour.

1. Soul Dressing 
2. Sweet Honey Dew 
3. Hey Joe 
4. Slow Down 
5. Lonely Days Lonely Nights 
6. Blues Otani 
7. My Baby Says She's Gonna Leave Me 

Roy Buchanan Guitar, Vocals
Byrd Foster Drums, Vocals
John Harrison Bass, Vocals
Malcolm Lukens Keyboards, Vocals

Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Messiah on Guitar  
Label: Music Avenue Records 
Release Date: April 10, 2007 
This has the same tracks as previously released, World's Greatest Unknown Guitarist and an import called Charly Blues Legend among others. I think this release is material recorded between 1985 - 87. 

Track Listings 
1. Short Fuse 
2. Green Onions 
3. Strange Kind Of Feeling 
4. Pressure 
5. Peter Gunn 
6. Chicago Smoke Shop 
7. Blues In E 
8. Hey Joe 
9. Foxey Lady 
10. Fantasia 

The CD label has two incorrect listings:

Strange Kind of Feeling is "hen a Guitar Plays the Blues.

Fantasia is The Messiah Will Come Again.

Roy Buchanan on DVD - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Roy Buchanan on DVD
Roy Buchanan on DVD - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Live From Austin Texas - DVD  
DVD Release Date: April 15, 2008 
Run Time: 32 minutes


Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography
Roy Buchanan - Reviews and recommendations, discography

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