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Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations


Dylan on DVD

Dylan Videos

Dylan on DVD

Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations
Bob Dylan DVD

Below of some of the better Bob Dylan DVD's. A couple additions are pending. 

The Other Side of the Mirror
Don't Look Back
No Direction Home
MTV Unplugged

Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations
The Other Side Of The Mirror   
Product Description
Few performances in history are as legendary - or as controversial - as Bob Dylan's 1965 appearance at the Newport Folk Festival. In a single, galvanizing instant, Dylan plugged an entire generation in, forever changing not only the way the music was made, but the way it was heard. By putting you in the audience for Dylan's Newport performances from 1963 through that pivotal set in 1965, Academy Award®-winning director Murray Lerner's The Other Side Of The Mirror captures Dylan's metamorphosis from the folk family's best-kept secret to rock's fiercely confrontational poet who would electrify an entire nation and become the voice of his generation. 
1. Intro/All I Really Want To Do (1965) 
2. North Country Blues 
3. With God On Our Side 
4. Talking World War III Blues 
5. Who Killed Davey Moore? 
6. Only A Pawn In Their Game 
7. Blowin' In The Wind 
8. Mr. Tambourine Man 
9. Johnny Cash/Joan Baez 
10. It Ain't Me, Babe 
11. Joan Baez Interview 
12. With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan) 
13. Chimes Of Freedom 
14. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Got To Stay All Night) 
15. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 
16. Idolized/Who Needs Him Anymore? 
17. Rehearsal 
18. Maggie's Farm 
19. Like A Rolling Stone 
20. Mr. Tambourine Man 
21. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
22. End Credits/ Restless Farewell 
23. Interview With Director: Murray Lerner - Part 1 
24. Interview With Director: Murray Lerner - Part 2 
25. Interview With Director: Murray Lerner - Part 3 
26. Interview With Director: Murray Lerner - Part 4 
27. Interview With Director: Murray Lerner - Part 6 
28. Interview With Director: Murray Lerner - Part 6 
29. Intro/All I Really Want To Do (1965) 
30. North Country Blues 
31. With God On Our Side 
32. Talking World War III Blues 
33. Who Killed Davey Moore? 
34. Only A Pawn In Their Game 
35. Blowin' In The Wind 
36. Mr. Tambourine Man 
37. Johnny Cash/Joan Baez 
38. It Ain't Me, Babe 
39. Joan Baez Interview 
40. With God On Our Side (Bob Dylan) 
41. Chimes Of Freedom 
42. If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Or Else You Got To Stay All Night) 
43. Love Minus Zero/No Limit 
44. Idolized/Who Needs Him Anymore? 
45. Rehearsal 
46. Maggie's Farm 
47. Like A Rolling Stone 
48. Mr. Tambourine Man 
49. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 
50. End Credits/ Restless Farewell 
Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations
Bob Dylan - Don't Look Back  Single disc Double disc
A few editions of Don't Look Back to select from. The main ones to look for: 
*The 2007 remastering includes either a single disc or two disc option. 
* 2000 DVD. 
Related: Bootleg Series Vol. 4: 5/17/1966

Product Description
BOB DYLAN: DONT LOOK BACK--65 TOUR DELUXE EDITION is the ultimate look at Bob Dylan’s concert tour of England in the spring of 1965--one of the most intimate profiles of an artist ever put to film. This definitive set includes the remastered classic film by D.A. Pennebaker, a brand-new, hour-long look at Dylan, and the original 168-page companion book to the film. More than just a concert film, DONT LOOK BACK is a window into the spirit of the 60s, and one of the poet-musicians whose words and songs defined it. 
2000 DVD Live CD 1966
Note DVD release of the 1967 motion picture. 
Includes five uncut audio recordings taped during the making of the film, commentary from D.A. Pennebaker and Bob Neuwirth on a separate audio track, the original theatrical trailer, an alternate take of the opening scene and profiles of cast and crew members. 

Contents Subterranean homesick blues -- All I really want to do -- Maggie's farm -- Only a pawn in their game -- Times they are a-changin' -- To Ramona -- Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll -- Percy's song -- Love is just a four letter word -- Lost highway -- I'm so lonesome I could cry -- Family reunion -- Leaning on a lamp post -- Little things -- Don't think twice, it's all right -- To sing for you -- It's all over now, baby blue -- Talkin' World War III blues -- It's alright ma, I'm only bleeding -- Gates of Eden -- Love minus zero/no limit. 

Credits Camera and editing, D.A. Pennebaker. 
Cast Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Donovan, Alan Price, Albert Grossman, Bob Neuwirth, Tito Burns, Derroll Adams. 
Summary Documentary filmed during Bob Dylan's 1965 English concert tour. Includes portions of performances. 

From Wikipedia
The film was first shown publicly May 17, 1967, at the Presidio Theater in San Francisco, and opened that September at the 34th Street East Theater in New York.

Dont Look Back has been available on DVD for several years. It was digitally-remastered and re-released on DVD February 27, 2007.[2] The two-disc edition contained the remastered film, five additional audio tracks, commentary by filmmaker D.A. Pennebaker and Tour Road Manager Bob Neuwirth, an alternate version on the video for "Subterranean Homesick Blues", the original companion book edited by D.A. Pennebaker to coincide with the film's release in 1968, a flip-book for a section of the "Subterranean Homesick Blues" video, and a brand new documentary by D.A. Pennebaker and edited by Walker Lamond called Bob Dylan 65 Revisited. The DVD packaging was also given new artwork.

Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations
No Direction Home  DVD Soundtrack
Product Description
Plot Outline A chronicle of Bob Dylan's strange evolution between 1961 and 1966 from folk singer to protest singer to "voice of a generation" to rock star. Plot Synopsis: Portrait of an artist as a young man. Roughly chronological, using archival footage intercut with recent interviews, a story takes shape of Bob Dylan's (b. 1941) coming of age from 1961 to 1966 as a singer, songwriter, performer, and star. He takes from others: singing styles, chord changes, and rare records. He keeps moving: on stage, around New York City and on tour, from Suze Rotolo to Joan Baez and on, from songs of topical witness to songs of raucous independence, from folk to rock. He drops the past. He refuses, usually with humor and charm, to be simplified, classified, categorized, or finalized: always becoming, we see a shapeshifter on a journey with no direction home.

More information about the soundtrack

Press Release
Columbia recording artist Bob Dylan's No Direction Home: The Soundtrack - The Bootleg Series Vol. 7 will arrive in stores August 30th on Columbia/Legacy. This latest edition in the critically acclaimed "Bootleg Series" is the companion soundtrack to the two-part feature-length film, No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, a Martin Scorsese picture. The film will make its U.S. premiere on the Public Broadcasting System's "American Masters Series" over the course of Monday and Tuesday nights, September 26-27th, respectively.

The two-CD chronologically sequenced package contains 28 Bob Dylan tracks -- 26 of them previously unreleased -- comprised of rare private recordings, live concert, television and festival recordings, and 12 alternate takes of songs from his Columbia LP recording sessions in New York and Nashville during this period. The songs range in time from 1959 (a high school recording of "When I Got Troubles," most likely the first original song he ever recorded), to 1966 (alternate takes of "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" and "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again" from the Blonde on Blonde album recording sessions, as well as "Ballad of a Thin Man" and "Like A Rolling Stone" from the legendary 1966 UK tour).

Many of the songs or tracks are introduced in the film for the first time in history, or are representative of times and places covered in the film, while others are alternate takes of classic tracks that were unearthed during the making of the film. For example, the version of Woody Guthrie's "This Land is Your Land" performed in 1961, at the intimate Carnegie Chapter Hall in New York City, was never known to have existed on any tape until now.

On the other hand, the No Direction Home film version of "Mr. Tambourine Man" is taken from the Newport Folk Festival, July 1964; while the CD version presents -- for the first time -- the first complete take of the song with Ramblin' Jack Elliott, recorded at Columbia Studios the month before. The track is then followed on the CD by "Chimes of Freedom" from Newport '64.

Archivists and researchers reviewed more than 400 hours of recordings by Bob Dylan in the preparation of "No Direction Home." The two CDs will be packaged with a 60-page color book housed in a slipcase. The book will include separate liner notes written by Andrew Loog Oldham, and Al Kooper who sheds light on the Highway 61 Revisited and Blonde on Blonde recording sessions in New York and Nashville (for which he played organ and served as musical director). An authoritative track-by-track delineation is also included.

The first feature-length film biography ever produced on the artist, "No Direction Home" is narrated in its entirety by Dylan. In addition to hours of black-and-white and color archival footage and photography, it features exclusive interviews with Joan Baez, photographer John Cohen of the New Lost City Ramblers, Allen Ginsberg, Tony Glover, Al Kooper, Bruce Langhorne, Paul Nelson, Suze Rotolo, Pete Seeger, Dave Van Ronk, Izzy Young of the Folklore Center, and many others.
Source: Columbia/Legacy - Press Release 7/13/05   

Order: CD No Direction Home: The Soundtrack 

Editor notes - The CD is called The Soundtrack, but it is not the same material as on the film. As noted in the liner notes, "The  compilers of this collection used the songs in the film as a reference point, finding alternate takes, rare live recordings, and unreleased tracks that amplify the pivotal sequences in the film and avoid duplication with previously released tracks." It is similar in nature to the first edition of The Bootleg Series Vol. 1-3

The flow of the CD offers a good historic flow of Dylan's early career. I enjoy Dylan's post folk material more so I tend listen to the second disc. The renditions included are generally completely different than the released versions, and are quite good. A majority are from Highway 61 Revisited, Blonde on Blonde, and several songs feature The Band.

Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations
MTV Unplugged [Live, 1994] Audio / DVD DVD
CD track list
1. Tombstone Blues 
2. Shooting Star 
3. All Along The Watchtower 
4. The Times They Are A-changin' 
5. John Brown 
6. Rainy Day Women #12 and #35 
7. Desolation Row 
8. Dignity 
9. Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
10. Like A Rolling Stone 
11. With God On Our Side 

Tracks: Tombstone Blues*, Shooting Star, All Along the Watchtower, The Times They Are A-Changin', John Brown*, Desolation Row*, Rainy Day Women #12 & 35, Love Minus Zero/No Limit*, Dignity, Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Like a Rolling Stone, With God on Our Side (* bonus performances not included in original MTV broadcast)

Liner Notes

Executive Producers: Jeff Kramer, Jeff Rosen

Recorded live at The Sony Studios, N.Y.C. by Randy Ezratty
All songs mixed by Ed Cherney & Don Was
Mastered by Greg Calbi & Scott Hull at Masterdisk, N.Y.C.

Tony Garnier-Bass
John Jackson-Guitar
Bucky Baxter-Pedal Steel,Dobro
Winston Watson-Drums
Brendan O'Brien-Hammond Organ

Production Manager-Alan Santos
House Engineer-Ed Wynne
Monitor Engineer-Jules Aerts
Lighting Consultant-Ken Mednick
Stage Technicians-Tom Morrongiello,John Edwards,J.R. Still
Transportation Captain-Harry Smiley

Televised Event: 
Produced by Alex Colletti
Directed by Milton Lage

Art Direction:Alan Weinberg
Photography:Frank Micelotta

Special Thanks: Don Ienner, Michele Anthony, Tom Freston, Judy McGrath, John Ingrassia, James Diener, Don DeVito, Joanna Ifrah, Andy Schom, Van Toffler, Doug Herzog, Rich Kudolla, Mark Ghuneim, Kid Leo ,Jim Delbalzo, Larry Jenkins, Kathy Schenker, Michele Schweitzer, Mark Schwartz, Victor Maymudes, Suzie Pullen, Michael Borofsky.

Very Special Thanks to Brendan O'Brien

"Unplugged is a trademark of MTV Networks" 
Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations
Muddy Waters The Chess Box Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live
Muddy Waters' catalog is vast. There are some early acoustic treasures in the style of Robert Johnson. Though, their output differs in that Muddy's classic early Chess recordings used additional support; bass, piano, etc. Also, Muddy's material included instrumental breaks, but Johnson's generally didn't.

Moving along, there are storied Chess studio electric recordings, his work that Johnny Winter produced, and lots of live treasures, among other gems. 

Muddy Waters' The Chess Box set is highly recommended. I find that his numerous single or the two disc release, The Anthology, leave essential material off due to the length limitations. They do satisfy smaller appetites. Additionally, The Chess Box. has some really good material that is not available elsewhere or is very rare, specifically, some outtakes from the Bill Broonzy sessions on disc 2 and some gems on disc 3 from 1963. This is a really well done release. 

Couple The Chess Box with Muddy "Mississippi" Waters Live, of which there is no overlap.  There are numerous live tracks on the The Chess Box, but a complete live Muddy release is a treasure to be heard.

Visit our Muddy Waters profile

The Anthology: 1947-1972 The Definitive Collection 
Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations

Bob Dylan DVD - Reviews and recommendations

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