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Desire - Bob Dylan


  Bob Dylan - London 1965
Bob Dylan - London 1965  







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Desire - Bob Dylan


I've heard much of the material from Bob Dylan's Desire in different live formats, six of the songs are on Live 1975. However, those versions would better serve as supplements rather than replacements. 

In the style of Dylan, he selects a new band to back him in the studio, you never quite know what to expect. This album includes the heavyweight country music star Emmylou Harris throughout most of the songs, I believe tracks 3 - 9. Dylan had a country faze, most notable is his classic Nashville Skyline. So is this album going back in that direction, or something along the lines of the music that Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris performed together during her coming out? 

Desire is far from country music. It's most overriding characteristic is the violin playing from Scarlet Rivera, and there isn't much lead guitar on the album. The album starts out with "Hurricane"; Dylan's rage against the jailing of Reuben "Hurricane" Carter for murder. This song features Ronnie Blakely on backing vocals.

The tracks "One More Cup Of Coffee" and "Oh, Sister" are both good showcases of Dylan and Harris singing together. Dylan isn't the easiest singer to vocalize with, but Harris manages to keep up with Dylan and complements him  quite well. Meanwhile, "One More Cup of Coffee" is notable for Dylan and Rivera harmonizing together instrumentally on harmonica and violin. 

"Romance is Durango" is a Latin flavored number, with the violin giving it a unique feel, with an accordion heard at times. It flows directly into "Black Diamond Bay," which showcases Dylan and Harris vocalizing together again.

Desire is a solid collection of Dylan songs. It is a bit light on the guitar to rank among my favorites, but I still consider it essential for other reasons. Being an Emmylou Harris fan, this album has that charm going for it. However, as much as Harris, actually more because of its dominance, the violin is the main instrument used for both soloing and musical line fills throughout the album, giving it haunting feel. 

The three charms of Desire are the songwriting, violin, and Emmylou. Add that up and you have a solid album and unlike any Dylan studio recording before or since. 

by Barry Small  

Desire - Bob Dylan
Track List

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1. Hurricane 
2. Isis 
3. Mozambique 
4. One More Cup Of Coffee 
5. Oh, Sister 
6. Joey 
7. Romance In Durango 
8. Black Diamond Bay 
9. Sara 
Desire - Bob Dylan

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Bob Dylan Guitar, Harmonica, Piano, Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
Emmylou Harris Background Vocals
Rob Stoner Bass, Background Vocals
Scarlet Rivera Violin
Howie Wyeth Piano, Drums
Vincent Bell Bass, Bellzouki
Dom Cortese Mandolin, Accordion

On "Hurricane"
Ronee Blakley Vocals, Background Vocals
Steven Soles Guitar, Background Vocals
Luther Rix Congas

On "Romance In Durango" 
Eric Clapton Guitar

Above is not a complete list, of credits.

Desire - Bob Dylan

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Label - Sony

Desire - Bob Dylan


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