Moondog Matinee
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Moondog Matinee  



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Moondog Matinee review

Moondog Matinee is an album of cover versions of rhythm and blues, early rock, and related music that The Band recorded primarily between March and June 1973. Robertson describes it as their version of what an ultimate jukebox would include. The collection of songs were not the biggest hits, but as described in liner notes "…fired the sonic juices of one or more member of the group." The album originally included ten tacks, while the remastered edition includes six bonus tracks.

Their version of "Mystery Train" is awesome with a huge vibe. The boogie-woogie rock 'n roll piano is red hot on tracks like Chuck Berry's "Promised Land," and Fat's Domino's "I'm Ready." Robertson has some of his better saved on "Saved" from the original album," and from the bonus tracks "Going Back To Memphis." Rick Danko sings lead vocals on a very pretty version of Sam Cooke's "A Change Is Gonna Come." The ballad has nice dynamics with excellent guitar phrasing and a Garth saxophone that sings joyously and is truly heartfelt.

The versions of "Back to Memphis" and "Endless Highway" are said to be the same ones as on the live album Watkins Glen (audience sounds were over dubbed).

Moondog Matinee has excellent liner notes (generous in length) that provide some historic background and the state of The Band at the time as well as information about all of the songs that they cover. True Moondog Matinee is not filled with classic original material. It does however contain plenty of good music throughout. by Barry Small © 
Grade  B

Track List

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1 Ain't Got No Home  - Henry 3:24
2 Holy Cow - Toussaint 3:22
3 Share Your Love With Me  - Braggs, Malone 2:54
4 Mystery Train - Parker, Phillips 5:40
5 Third Man Theme - Karas, Lord 2:47
6 Promised Land - Berry 3:00
7 The Great Pretender - Ram 3:10
8 I'm Ready - Bradford, Domino, Lewis 3:28
9 Saved - Leiber, Stoller 3:50
10 A Change Is Gonna Come- Cooke 4:19

Bonus Tracks on remastered version

11 Didn't It Rain - Traditional 3:16
12 Crying Heart Blues - Brown 3:29
13 Shakin' - 3:31
14 What Am I Living For - Harris 5:03
15 Going Back to Memphis - Berry 5:02
16 Endless Highway - Robertson 5:08


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Richard Manuel - keyboards, vocals
Rick Danko - bass, vocals, violin
Levon Helm - drums, vocals, guitar
Robbie Robertson - guitar, vocals, keyboards
Garth Hudson - keyboards, saxophone, vocals


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Released - 1973 - Original
Remastered released in 2001


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