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Wipe the Windows,  Wipe the Windows,Check the Oil, Dollar Gas_Allman Brothers Band
Check the Oil, Dollar Gas
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Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil - Allman Brothers Band - Review

Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas review

This is not their best Live CD, but it is worthwhile. The band line up is basically the same as on Brothers and Sisters.  It includes some of their best songs live, and only one song, Dickey Betts’ “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” is repeated from their first live CD, Live at Fillmore East. For a change it is nice to hear the complement of Chuck Leavell’s piano in the songs. 

Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil, Dollar Gas was released at a time when the band split up; it was originally a double LP and released as a single CD. by Barry Small
Grade  B + 

Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil - Allman Brothers Band - Track List
Track List

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1. Introduction - 1:05
2. Wasted Words (Allman) - 5:10
3. Southbound (Betts) - 6:03
4. Ramblin' Man (Betts) - 7:09
5. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Betts) - 17:19
6. Ain't Wastin' Time No More (Allman) - 5:41
7. Come and Go Blues (Allman) - 5:05
8. Can't Lose What You Never Had (Waters) - 6:43
9. Don't Want You No More (Davis/Hardin) - 2:48
10. It's Not My Cross to Bear (Allman) - 5:23
11. Jessica (Betts) - 9:05

Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil - Allman Brothers Band - Musicians
Primary Musicians:       

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Gregg Allman - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals
Dickey Betts - Guitar,  Vocals
Jaimoe - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums
Chuck Leavell - Keyboards, Vocals
Lamar Williams - Bass

Wipe the Windows, Check the Oil - Allman Brothers Band - Notes

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Released 1976 - (Recorded 1972 - 1975)
Label - Polydor
This CD was initially a two record set.
Liner notes by Mike Hyland and Mark Pucci.


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