The Fillmore Concerts
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Fillmore 1970
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Live at Fillmore East
The Fillmore Concerts
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 The  Fillmore Concerts 

 At Fillmore East
 Recorded in 1971
Allman Brother Live At The Fillmore East  
The Fillmore Concerts review - Allman Brothers Band

The  Fillmore Concerts review

This is an expanded version of the original release Live at Fillmore East with an additional five (5) tracks, of which several are repeated from their Eat a Peach CD including the scorching 33 minute Mt. Jam.  If you have Eat a Peach or are a casual Allman Brothers fan you’ll be better off with the original release, Live at Fillmore East. However, if you have the hits from Eat a Peach on a compilation release, buying the expanded release is highly recommended as this release includes three great tracks also on Eat a Peach. Also important is that the song sequence flows better on the re-issue, The Fillmore Concerts, and is closer to the original concert especially the "Whipping Post" and "Mt. Jam."

The version of  "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed" in this reissue is a combination of two different versions spliced together which is divided where Duane Allman's solo comes in; the original Live at Fillmore is a single take.

This CD is split between short songs and long extended jams. Its tone is heavily blues oriented with some of the best guitar dueling ever recorded thanks to Duane Allman and Dickey Betts. Back that up with one of the best rock rhythm sections in history, Gregg Allman’s keyboards, and that add up to a classic.

This is the live Allman Brothers at their best. Recorded live at the Fillmore East, New York, New York on March 12, March 13, and June 27 1971. by Barry Small © 
Grade  A + 

The Allman Brother Fillmore Concerts have been issued several times. 
Originally it was one disc. Then, it was then expanded and called The Fillmore Concerts in 1992 (Polydor label). That is the version I have. Then in 2003, it was reissued, and renamed At Fillmore East that seems to only include one song, "Midnight Rider," more than The Fillmore Concerts

Which one to get? The two in bold are the best choices. Keep in mind that Eat A Peach includes the same version of "Mountain Jam" as what is included on the 2 disc sets.  This music is great, if you can afford the two disc set, more is better.

Live At The Fillmore East - 1 disc, 7 songs - '97
Live At The Fillmore East SACD - 2 discs, 7 songs '04
The Fillmore Concerts  - 2 discs, 12 songs - '91
At Fillmore East - 2 discs, 13 songs -'03 (add M. Rider to F. Concerts)

SACD version
The Fillmore Concerts track list - Allman Brothers Band
Track List

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The Fillmore Concerts - 1991

Disc 1
1. Statesboro Blues (McTell) - 4:15
2. Trouble No More (Waters) - 3:46
3. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' (Allman) - 3:20
4. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (Betts) - 12:59
5. One Way Out (James / Schorn / Williamson) - 4:55
6. Done Somebody Wrong (James / Levy / Lewis) - 4:11
7. Stormy Monday (Walker) - 10:19
8. You Don't Love Me (Cobbs) - 19:24

Disc 2
1. Hot 'Lanta (Allman / Allman / Betts / Johanson / Oakley / Trucks) - 5:11
2. Whipping Post (Allman) - 22:37
3. Mountain Jam (Duane Allman / Gregg Allman /
    Betts / Donovan / Johanson / Oakley / Trucks) - 33:47
4. Drunken Hearted Boy (Bishop) - 7:33

At The Fillmore - 2003
1. Statesboro Blues 
2. Trouble No More 
3. Don't Keep Me Wonderin' 
4. Done Somebody Wrong 
5. Stormy Monday 
6. One Way Out 
7. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed 
8. You Don't Love Me 
9. Midnight Rider 

Disc 2
1. Hot 'Lanta 
2. Whipping Post 
3. Mountain Jam 
4. Drunken Hearted Boy (Bishop) 

The Fillmore Concerts - Musician list - Allman Brothers Band

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Gregg Allman - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dickey Betts - Guitar Vocals,
Duane Allman - Guitar 
Berry Oakley - Bass
Jaimoe  - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums

Thom Doucette: Harmonica

The Fillmore Concerts - Notes- Allman Brothers Band

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Released 1992 - recorded live 1971
Label - Polydor - original | Mercury / Universal - SACD


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