Shades Of Two Worlds
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Shades Of Two Worlds   
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Shades Of Two Worlds - Allman Brothers Band - Notes

Shades Of Two Worlds

I finally got around to listening to Shades of Two Worlds; though, I've heard live renditions of a number of the songs. My expectations weren't high. I was positively surprised. Very.

The music offers a variety of styles including blues, jazz, hard rock, and good old southern rock. The song "Desert Blues" is great, even if the best riffs and overall style sound like they were recycled from their glory days. The two blues tracks are both keepers featuring some searing electric guitar from both guitarists on "Midnight Man," while their rendition of Robert Johnson's "Come On In My Kitchen" is a fine country blues approach with Warren using a national steel body guitar and Dickey on acoustic slide.

The hard rock shows the influence Haynes and Woody on tracks like "Bad Rain;" however, the guitar solo is very reminiscent of Jeff Beck. The most progressive track, "Kind of Bird," starts out with a jazz feel before taking a more rocking feel. 

We'd rank Shades of Two Worlds below albums from their classic years through Brothers and Sisters and below their stunning 2003 release Hittin' the Note. You should be able to find a copy of this excellent recording in Amazon's market place section.  

Shades Of Two Worlds - Allman Brothers Band - Song List
Track List

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1 End of the Line -  Allman, Haynes, Woody, Jaworowicz, 
2 Bad Rain Betts - Haynes
3 Nobody Knows - Betts
4 Desert Blues Betts - Haynes
5 Get on With Your Life - Allman
6 Midnight Man - Betts, Haynes
7 Kind of Bird - Betts, Haynes
8 Come on in My Kitchen - Johnson
Shades Of Two Worlds - Allman Brothers Band - Musicians

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Gregg Allman - Keyboards, Vocals
Dickey Betts -Guitar, Vocals,
Warren Haynes - Guitar, Vocals
Allen Woody - Bass
Jaimoe  - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums

Guest appearance
Mark Quinones - Congas and percussion

Shades Of Two Worlds - Allman Brothers Band - Notes

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Released 1991
Label - Epic


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