Peaking at the Beacon
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 Peakin' at the Beacon   
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Peakin' at the Beacon -  Review Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band:
Peakin' at the Beacon 

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Recorded over 13 nights in March 2000, at New York's Beacon Theater--and marking the Allman Brothers Band's 30th anniversary--this disc captures the ABB at a crossroads. Guitarist Jack Pearson embarked on a solo career a year earlier (and was replaced by Derek Trucks) and, three months later, founding member Dickey Betts departed amidst reports of the proverbial "creative differences." You might think this turmoil would seriously detract from the ABB's Southern-rock supremacy, but while this recording can't match the legendary At Fillmore East, it's nevertheless the work of a band that's going strong. The selection of lesser-known tracks dominated by Gregg Allman compositions might leave longstanding fans feeling shortchanged, since some have been better preserved on previous live recordings. Still, there's plenty to recommend, not the least being the rousing, epic jam on Betts's "High Falls" that closes out the disc. And despite the occasional lapse in recording fidelity, you've still got Trucks's stupendous slide, the inclusion of some relative rarities (including "Every Hungry Woman"), and an opening medley of "Don't Want You No More," "It's Not My Cross to Bear," and "Ain't Wastin' Time No More" that plants one foot in the Allmans' illustrious past while pointing toward more years of crowd-pleasing virtuosity. --Jeff Shannon

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Peakin' at the Beacon -  Review Allman Brothers Band
Track List

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1. Don't Want You No More
2. It's Not My Cross to Bear
3. Ain't Wastin' Time No More
4. Every Hungry Woman
5. Please Call Home
6. Stand Back
7. Black Hearted Woman
8. Leave My Blues at Home
9. Seven Turns
10. High Falls

Peakin' at the Beacon -  Review Allman Brothers Band

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Gregg Allman - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals
Derek Trucks Guitar
Dickey Betts - Guitar and vocals
Oteil Burbridge - Bass
Jaimoe  - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums

Marc Quiñones - percussian

Peakin' at the Beacon -  Review Allman Brothers Band

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Recorded March 2000

Peakin' at the Beacon -  Review Allman Brothers Band


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