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Live American Univ.
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Live at American University   
 Washington D.C.
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Live at American University -   Review Allman Brothers Band

The Allman Brothers Band:
Live at American University  

Live at American University, Washington D.C. is the first release of the Allman Brothers archival series and was issued in 2002 and sold only by mail order. Then in 2005, it was later released on Sanctuary records and distributed through regular retail outlets.

The performance is exceptional throughout. The show took place on December 13, 1970, and the first five tracks are taken from the second set, and the first five from the second set. The tracks are sequenced to represent the actual set list. 

The show starts with three fairly short blues numbers that are fiery, two covers and an original. The only live version of "Leave My Blues At Home" in my collection is the fourth track and makes one yearn for more renditions as it features some tasty guitar solo trade offs between Duane and Dickey. Sadly, "Stormy Monday" cuts as the tape ran out after only five minutes. Personally, I think they should have spliced a different version or substituted a different venue. Two extended numbers round out the disc featuring one-of-a-kind blues jamming. 

The sound quality is only ok, which is why the grade is low. It is more sonically equivalent to Live at Ludlow Garage rather than the Live at the Atlanta Pop Festival release. I'd certainly recommend Live at American University, Washington D.C. to collectors, but due to sonics, it is not at the top of the list among the live Allman Brothers Band releases with Duane Allman. 
by Barry Small  


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Live at American University -   Review Allman Brothers Band
Track List

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1. Statesboro Blues    
2. Trouble No More    
3. Don't Keep Me Wonderin'    
4. Leave My Blues At Home    
5. Stormy Monday    
6. You Don't Love Me    
7. Whippin' Post   

Live at American University -   Review Allman Brothers Band

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Gregg Allman: Hammond B-3 Organ, Keyboards & Vocals
Duane Allman: Guitar, Slide Guitar
Dickey Betts: Guitar
Berry Oakley: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Butch Trucks: Drums, Tympani
J Johnny Johnson: Drums, Percussion

Live at American University -   Review Allman Brothers Band

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Originally released and distributed as part of the archival mail order only distribution. Later it was distributed and released at retail outlets.
2002 - The Allman Brothers Band Recording Co
2005 - Sanctuary Records 

Live 12/13/1970
Time 60:42
Liner Notes Bert Holman

Live at American University -   Review Allman Brothers Band


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