Hittin' The Note
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 Hittin' The Note   
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Hittin' The Note review
Hittin' The Note - Review - Allman Brothers Band

Hittin' The Note review

I heard great things about the Allman Brothers first studio album with the guitar duo of Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks, Hittin' The Note. Upon a listen did it hold up to my expectations? Yes!!!, in fact my expectations were vastly exceeded. In addition to great guitar playing, Gregg Allman's voice sounds alive and enthusiastic, the rhythm section is solid, and perhaps most important, the songwriting is tremendous.

The album doesn't have a radio chart topper. Though, the  third track "Desdemona" would be worthy, beginning as a soft blues ballad driven by the vocals and then on a dime shifting, and adding a jazzy flavor as the instrumental section begins. Gregg Allman singing on this track is excellent, often reminding me of Paul Rodgers of Bad Company at times.

They pull out the acoustic guitars on a few tracks. "Old Friends" is in rural blues tradition featuring Haynes on vocals. Meanwhile, "Old Before My Time" is highlighted by Gregg Allman singing and a melodic slide driven solo.

Some of the guitar passages remind the listener of some of Haynes and Trucks influences, in a good way. Certainly they have the Duane Allman and Dickey Betts riffs down, notably on "High Cost of Low Living"; that songs riff is very reminiscent of Betts' classic "Blue Sky." During "Maydell" you'd think Stevie Ray Vaughan appeared from the grave; in particular, the tone and wah wah. Further, Trucks closes his guitar solo with a classic Garcia riff, handing things off to Haynes, nice. Then "Instrumental Illness" is reminiscent of some of the classic instrumental music from Jeff Beck during the 1970's.

The cover of the Rolling Stones "Heart Of Stone" is well done and thoroughly enjoyable. Not trying to imitate the original, rather putting their own signature on it.

Hittin' The Note is among the top Allman Brothers Band studio albums bar none. Well, maybe not quite as high as any their albums through Brothers and Sisters, but that is a high standard. Truly Hittin' The Note is thoroughly enjoyable throughout running a generous 75 minutes with no filler.

Barry Small  
Grade  A -

Hittin' The Note - Track List - Allman Brothers Band
Track List

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1. Firing Line 
2. High Cost of Low Living 
3. Desdemona 
4. Woman Across the River 
5. Old Before My Time 
6. Who To Believe 
7. Maydell
8. Rockin' Horse 
9. Heart of Stone 
10. Instrumental Illness 
11. Old Friend 

Hittin' The Note - Musicians - Allman Brothers Band

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Gregg Allman - Keyboards, Vocals, Guitar
Warren Haynes - Guitar
Derek Trucks - Guitar
Jaimoe  - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums
Marc Quinones - Percussion
Oteil Burbridge - Bass

Hittin' The Note  - Notes - Allman Brothers Band

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Released March 18, 2003
Label - Sanctuary Records

Hittin' The Note  - Notes - Allman Brothers Band


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