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First Set - An Evening With 


The Allman Brothers Band


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First Set - Review - Allman Brothers Band

First Set - An Evening With the ABB review

Another live album! The Allman Brothers Band are famous for their live performances and fans like to hear their favorite songs with all the different line-ups. This band is among the best two guitar line-up best since Duane Allman.  The song list is clearly outstanding and the performance renditions are too. The CD includes two acoustic songs that are fantastic. In particular, the rendition of "Melissa" is gorgeous with an incredible duel guitar melodic conclusion. Further, this CD includes great versions of “Blue Sky,” “Dreams,” “Revival,” and more. 

First Set is from concerts performed in 1991. by Barry Small © 

First Set - Track List - Allman Brothers Band
Track List

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1. End of the Line (Allman/Haynes/Jaworowicz/Woody) - 5:43
2. Blue Sky (Betts) - 8:39
3. Get on With Your Life (Allman) - 7:58
4. Southbound (Betts) - 7:52
5. Midnight Blues (Betts/McTell) - 5:14
6. Melissa (Alaimo/Allman) - 5:28
7. Nobody Knows (Betts) - 15:37
8. Dreams (Allman) - 11:36
9. Revival (Betts) - 5:56

First Set - Musicians - Allman Brothers Band

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Gregg Allman - Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Dickey Betts -Guitar, Vocals,
Warren Haynes - Guitar, Background vocals 
Allen Woody - Bass, 18-String Bass, Background vocals 
Jaimoe  - Percussion, Drums
Butch Trucks - Percussion, Drums
Marc Quiñones - Percussion, Conga
Thom Doucette - Harmonica

First Set - Notes - Allman Brothers Band

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Released 1992 
Label - Epic


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